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  1. Novak Djokovic Serena Williams India USA
  2. 0.02800000 eth so far but long time ago when eth was worth something.
  3. I regret it sometimes but I remember which people I met and since I got away from active gambling I can look back at the time and tell me it was a funny and nice time.
  4. Its cold so to a warm and fluffy hoodie I wouldent say no.
  5. My only idea is something like a capcher that pops up on the site random and people can claim it and get something. So only active people get it.
  6. Right now I read the original Peter Pan and Wendy not the Disney version but as far this is a really dark story and definitely worth reading.
  7. I did not invest much only money I had left over so I dont really care but people who invested a lot probably are shaking right now.
  8. I never had a big lose streak in keno I think the biggest is 5
  9. I keep it short and quick "cash the fuck out" and have a good time.
  10. I think my highest was 300x but never things like 400k^^
  11. I cashout often enough problem sometimes you just want to gamble and redeposit thats why you should take a break after a big win and just take out your investment + some profit and keep some balance on the site so you dont need to redeposit and invest more.
  12. KiritoCS

    100x Dice

    Hit it often what im suprised but hey dice and chartbet are my favorite games and in dice I only "hunt" high x.
  13. Everything is possible its just a matter of luck
  14. Its your opinion how much you want to risk in my opinion 1.01 - 1.35 are to low to bring the risk of profit.
  15. I guess not so often most likely when I gamble or I want to go in the forum^^
  16. KiritoCS

    Favorite song?

    I dont really have a favorite song I mix it up but if I need to choose from the songs right now it would be Sum 41 - Still Waiting.
  17. Im for stake because primedice is just dice and gets boring fast. I like dice and chartbet the most but still I like to play other games here and there.
  18. My reaction damn never was so lucky by myself^^
  19. I never really enjoyed both shows I can understand people like it but it’s not my genre. Some of my favorite animes are: Log Horizon Shokugeki no Souma I though cooking anime ehm no! But it was way better than I expected God Eater Guilty Crown Nanatsu no Taizai
  20. Didnt happend to me so far. I only get tons of friend requests when you gamble, I get the flame and chat but I never had just any random friendrequest.
  21. I would say back in the days I were addicted but now days I really can control it and max. gamble once a month.