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    KiritoCS got a reaction from carolwebd in Why low payout multipiers are a mistake   
    Its your opinion how much you want to risk in my opinion 1.01 - 1.35 are to low to bring the risk of profit.
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from bmc001 in Good players vs Bad players   
    I cashout often enough problem sometimes you just want to gamble and redeposit thats why you should take a break after a big win and just take out your investment + some profit and keep some balance on the site so you dont need to redeposit and invest more.
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    KiritoCS reacted to Marrcos1337 in Which is the best game in the world? (poll)   
    Hah fortnite really sucks, I thought there will be fortnite kids  
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from adressent in My accidental win with automated Mines   
    My reaction damn never was so lucky by myself^^
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Carollzinha in How addicted are you really?   
    I would say back in the days I were addicted but now days I really can control it and max. gamble once a month.