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    KiritoCS got a reaction from carolwebd in Why low payout multipiers are a mistake   
    Its your opinion how much you want to risk in my opinion 1.01 - 1.35 are to low to bring the risk of profit.
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Flansca in Keno 10th tile lags to get picked, love it or hate it?   
    Noticed it^^ Its like Got talent the final lmao 
    and the winner is....
    after the ad 
    So the winner is ...
    Are you ready???
    The winner is .....
    Not you!
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Lillyflow in Do you ever feel like you can't lose- almost can call the next one ?   
    Not really I always feel that I will lose even if I win all the time. 
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Lillyflow in My List -The People I Owe- A Note to You All   
    Damn thats a lot but I respect you a lot right now that you are honest to talk about such a topic.
    Hope everything gets sorted!
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Eugene265 in The End.   
    I understand it I got away from investing in gambling for months now and i'm really happy with it. Good luck and stay strong! Dont look back and get going I wish you the best
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Cheetos1337 in Please remove the comma   
    Hmm okay now that I see that I cant overs ee it any more
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    KiritoCS reacted to Lillyflow in My List -The People I Owe- A Note to You All   
    There is not a section anymore for lending/borrowing.  I need to speak to all of the people I owe money to, at once. 
    Some of you I owe in an informal agreement. Some of you I made specific deals with - and am defaulted now. = ( 
    First I will be putting the person I owe- then the amount I think I owe. If I have forgotten someone please comment below.  If I named you and you wish that I would not publicly have done this, I will delete names, let me know. 
    KinAniK-  .15 btc  ( this is adding in recent amount you sent for mutual friend) 
    Anonnep-  10 litecoin .2 bitcoin   ( I lost track - and never added all the payments I sent to you  - where are we on this? ) 
    Athena2007- 2.5 litecoin
    Gougou- 2 or is it 3 litecoin
    WilliamShennie - .004 btc 
    protected by request  .25 btc
    Levt211- .1 btc   (rounded number- may be slightly less) 
    DarkBlood - .002 btc or .003 btc - I am not sure please reply with what I owe you. 
    Lovetogamble29- 10 litecoin  (none of the funds sent to me were ever given to me as a loan, however... I feel I owe this much to lovetogamble.) 
    Tic Tac Toe-  Do I owe you any money?  I cant tell because your tips and my tips are vast. 
    Stake/Dan/Shin -  .007 or I owe at least 1 Stream that would equal as much, since I was advanced this much. Not sure who fronted that to me. I have not had any funds to stream- and when I do have funds I owe it to everyone. Otherwise I would stream daily. = ( 
      external loans owed: 
    .2 btc to zaz from btc talk 
    2.1 btc to Rob from long ago favor
    3 btc to Vincent P. that I have made payments to monthly
    external expenses currently in default: 
    $1015 - rent
    $600 - utilities 
    $1300- Fines to clean up w tickets and DMV
    I earn a lot of money for the work I do, so while this all looks very big in total- it is usually affordable for me- in a monthly payment system. However, one of my sources of income suddenly, without warning, stopped paying me and I am in legal battle to get what they owe me - in excess of $40,000 usd.  
    I relied on that money - which is stupid of me. Normally, I earn enough with my line of work to cover EVERYTHING and more - but I cleared my schedule for the work I did in November and December- for 3 companies- and 1 of them was the biggest payer who I am not in court with. The other two are stable- but one of these pays in a coin that won't be tradable until January 1st. That one, however will be the one that pays for the next 10 years - as they are already in contract to be exchanged on Bittrex, Cryptopia and a dozen other exchanges.  The amount I will be making- and have already earned in going to bring me the equivalent to $12,000 usd on January 10th and $3000- $7500 usd monthly for the next 5 years.  They have a huge user base waiting now to mine this coin, and they successfully launched PIVX - and that has been on the top 100 coinmarketcap for 2 years now. The creators self funded over a million bucks and there was no ICO - that is the ultimate investment along with a team of developers and professionals that have worked on it full time for months- without yet receiving compensation because we all know - we will be very very fortunate when January 1 launch comes.
    Learn more about this coin -if you want to-  here:  http://Veil-Project.com I wrote all the clickable bios on the team page and about 25 percent of all the website static text too. Plus I write for their blogs, press and other stuff. 
    Anyway. I sell press releases and do freelance writing and publishing for many teams - but the team that bailed on me that  I mentioned above - I had given my time to them - which is why I am broke right now. Totally broke.  I already filled in the gaps with work that easily replaces them - so it won't be a problem for long - because in my line of work I get paid very well. Pay day is not soon enough though and I am hungry and drowning and all my debts in the list above are needing their funds too.  Ideally I would wish for someone who would like to earn large interest on a consolidation loan- a lump sum used to pay off all these other debts- in order to create one loan- with One payment plus interest - to one lender. That is like wishing to find a lump of gold in a bucket of shit though. Nobody out there will do this when the payment would be crypto. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Whatever. If you are thinking to yourself "I could actually do that" then immediately contact me please. I am a generous and timely (usually) repayment girl. I have verifiable income that supports a payback plan that would be highly beneficial to the lender.  I should mention that the income I bring in amounts to this: $2009.00 usd monthly + .5 bitcoin monthly from writing gigs and many hundreds here and there for odd jobs ( they come to me a couple times a week- I just fell behind).  My average income monthly in USA is minimum $5,000 usd and it swings all the way up past $30,000 usd in certain months. 
    The intention here was not to ask for this consolidation loan - as I imagine nobody here could truly deliver the amount that would make sense. Again- if you exist and you want to do this- I would be enormously relieved and so would the people I owe. It would be like being a hero to 15 people.  And I would make first payment on Jan, 15th and thereafter upon agreed terms. 
    My goal was to show my friends and lenders here - that I am trying very hard - but Have been sort of run over this month - and it was not expected or I would not have been gambling so frivolously.  I love to gamble. I can usually afford it though. I have nada. Zero. nothing now. 
    I am starving - for no reason. I need to figure it out, for my family and for my friends. 
    Just wanted to come clean and explain here- to all of you
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Carollzinha in Writing letter to Santa   
    My message to senta is...
    let every crypto I invest in goes up 50% so I can chill the rest of my life and have a great time.
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Carollzinha in Finding bugs.. What would you do?   
    If i'm honest I don't really know what I would do most of the people here say they would do the good dude and report it but are they honest? If you have the chance I bet every second or third person would try to abuse the bug. I dont give my opinion what I would do since I dont really know what I would do.
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from bitman007 in Bitcoin to $2500 or Jan 2019   
    I think it stays stable maybe with a little drop of another 20% until new year and down to $2.75k.
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from bmc001 in Good players vs Bad players   
    I cashout often enough problem sometimes you just want to gamble and redeposit thats why you should take a break after a big win and just take out your investment + some profit and keep some balance on the site so you dont need to redeposit and invest more.
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    KiritoCS reacted to Marrcos1337 in Which is the best game in the world? (poll)   
    Hah fortnite really sucks, I thought there will be fortnite kids  
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Mirela in 🥇 2018 Stake Awards   
    Not so active here but to the staffs: 
    Best Moderator: @ThugStream
    Funniest Support: @Mirela
    Favourite Support: @Mirela
    Favourite Staff: @Mirela
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from ThugStream in 🥇 2018 Stake Awards   
    Not so active here but to the staffs: 
    Best Moderator: @ThugStream
    Funniest Support: @Mirela
    Favourite Support: @Mirela
    Favourite Staff: @Mirela
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from adressent in My accidental win with automated Mines   
    My reaction damn never was so lucky by myself^^
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    KiritoCS got a reaction from Carollzinha in How addicted are you really?   
    I would say back in the days I were addicted but now days I really can control it and max. gamble once a month.
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    KiritoCS reacted to Edward in 🎉 [1.5 BTC] Big Christmas Challenge!   
    Big Christmas Challenge!

    We are happy to announce that our team has prepared a special set of challenges for the following month. As Christmas is approaching, Stake is in the mood to award its faithful and new players equally and more than ever by organizing a seasonal set of events. Stay tuned and follow the Challenges board so you do not miss the beginning of the Advent Calendar event. The prize pool will go up to 1.5 BTC and all those who fulfill 25 days challenge will receive a small Christmas bonus too🎄