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  1. Win sometinhg at least after long time
  2. lol Brother It can't be normal congrats
  3. SLOTS: 10,559,113,205 placed by wopsow on 25/10/2019 Wagered 4.00000000 Multiplier 151.1999969482422x Profit 600.80000000
  4. LIMBO: 9,910,924,626 placed by wopsow on 10/10/2019 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 5000x Profit 0.04999000 LIMBO: 9,917,005,087 placed by wopsow on 10/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000250 Multiplier 10000x Profit 0.02499750
  5. dragon king is good slot for big win congrats
  6. I always forgot promo to bets closly target bet id lol user: wopsow
  7. I nevr play roullette I feel addict my self If I play roulette :)
  8. I believe all seed(%1 house edge) at the end give back %99, seeds change how game share. for example some seed give high payout rearly or mostly low pay out. If you increase bet payout probably lower, If you decrease bet payout higher. it's not static, It's always interacting and change your winnings. your luck is enter here in this case. If you're lucky your seed gives earlier higher payout. but at the end seed give back %99 your bets.
  9. I give %3 commission after use dinabot 5-6 times and give free exchange coupon sometimes but I use 10-15 times in a day generally
  10. Virtual betting game is so unnecessary I think
  11. everyday probably more than 3 times:)