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  1. wopsow Orange hope it will be lucky after 137261 years
  2. wopsow fawn hope it'll be lucy with plat 5 lol cuz not be lucky about 5-6 months lol
  3. wopsow hope first giveaway with plat V will be lucky lol orange
  4. wopsow "blue" can you be lucky color pls lol I'm trying to to get plat 5 with reloads 32341341 weeks unpicked
  5. wopsow BluE I hope it will be lucky after millions week lol
  6. wopsow Indigo hope my page will picked lol
  7. wopsow "yellow" will be lucky hope
  8. Happy birthday and hope will have more bday with all us
  9. wopsow it was hardest post I have post
  10. wopsow magenta hope it will be lucky
  11. I can post orginal one just made b/w but I can't understand so much noice happened lol just mac photo viewer I use
  12. Finally I post something at this topic lol
  13. wopsow bring me luck hope "banan"
  14. wopsow Razzmatazz willl give luck hope
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