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  1. Gentlemen’s Singles - Wimbledon - ‎Novak Djokovic Ladies Singles - Wimbledon - Garbiñe Muguruza ICC Cricket World Cup - England FIFA Women’s World Cup - USA
  2. Hello all people, i am new here. I'm JohnTravel from Brazil. I hope for make great game and acquire good results in the next days. Cheers, good luck for all.
  3. Have a good game, cheers! User: JohnTravel
  4. I hope to get more involved with the forum activities and improve my reputation here by doing my best.
  5. I do not know how to play poker very well, I will try some new plays, if I can, I will return here to share my results.
  6. Hello Maverick! I love this strategy, I have heard many people speak ill of this type of play, but I am happy because this game mode has given me great results. I'm going to look at your notes since I'm an adept like this type of game. Thank you, cheers.
  7. I'm not addicted, I have casino life as a job and an alternative way to make money. If I lose, I give myself time, I wait for my head to cool down and then I'll come back to start over. I do not stay so much in the game, when I reach a limit I stop and do other things.
  8. I am not receiving rains in much quantity. From time to time I get some, but I'm a long way from doing well with the rainfall system. Maybe I should get more involved, play more, and do more things to increase the chances of getting more rains.
  9. Playing has to be lucky, calm and a strategy. I believe that playing is going well for me and I will continue to play as long as I can play.
  10. Very important. I have used the world of coins like my real job.
  11. I dont buy cryptocoins i take coins in casinos and faucets and turn this in money. This is my routine. Here in stake i not have luck yet. I hope change this soon.
  12. I always like to play manual, not have luck with bot
  13. I do not have much to bet or try now, my balances are very low, but this is my best attempt with 3 legs at the moment. I have already won anyway, I have learned the technique of multipayout, I will test this more as I increase my earnings. Many thanks, hits! Cheers
  14. Thanks for shared this information. This make me think a lot i new strategy.
  15. I not see my name in this list. I have disqualified?
  16. Losing is always very bad, especially when the amounts of coins are large. I lost a good amount twice in bitcoins, and I was very sad. I tried after my loss to recover right away, but I did not succeed. After this situation I took 28 days to recover what I had lost. The lesson I have with this is do not try to recover then after the loss, because the mind, the head, and your feelings are very hot and confused and can further worsen the loss. Some are lucky and manage to recover after the loss, minutes later, others take many days as it was in my case. One issue with that is: cursing, offending people is not good, not nice, and you're proving to be unbalanced, and worse still you're on the verge of being banned from the casino depending on the level of behavior and aggressiveness you is uttering in the moment of sadness and fury with loss. Do not do this ever again, as this may make your situation worse. When the loss situation, you have to be prepared to accept the loss because whether you want it or not, one day the loss will come, and if you are not prepared, you will suffer a lot from it. Based on this statement, what do you do when you lose a lot? All these losses have made me succeed in casino life, do not panic, stay calm. Good luck. 😎
  17. I think that the people say much bad words in the chat, wast time, and have lost much chance for make good results here. If the command have causing problem, remove this command this better option.
  18. Hi, here in Stake i'm new yet, i make more profit in Primedice, cheers
  19. Thanks for more this option for us, cheers!
  20. I'm new here, but from what I know from other old friends of stake, that's been replaced by the challenges.
  21. I always do tip and I rarely do rains. I do not like to ask and I do not like beggars. Good Luck
  22. I play with dice, and use multiple strategies combined.