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    JohnTravel got a reaction from Asscorn in Is your reputation here important?   
    I hope to get more involved with the forum activities and improve my reputation here by doing my best.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from lupandina in ***CryptoGamblersPub*** Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    I believe this was a great initiative and an excellent tool. I recommend using this site for everyone. Thank you!
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    JohnTravel reacted to Steve in Stake Lottery #5!   
    Current Pot: .0624 BTC 
    The Stake Lottery is back and better than ever!
    Why is it better you ask? Because this one will have the most winners yet!
    Tickets 🎫
    Normal Ticket - 0.0001 btc 
    Golden Ticket (G) - 0.0002 btc
    Stake Ticket (S) - 0.0003 btc
    What does each ticket do?
    Normal Ticket - 1 entry into the Stake Lottery
    Golden Ticket - 1 entry but if you win any prize you win an additional $10!
    Stake Ticket - 1 entry but if you win any prize you win an additional $20!
    How does it work?
    Buy an entry ticket, 100% of this BTC will be added into the total pot. Send a tip to "StakeLottery" to enter. Do NOT send tips to "Steve" or any other account under any circumstance for entries. 10 winners will be drawn! Everyone is allowed 1 entry only. Trying to submit multiple entries will result in being disqualified. Don't tip any currency other than BTC. After you send a tip I will update the list of entries below and assign you a number. The only account to send tips to: StakeLottery
    Prizes! 🎁
    1st - 40% of the pot
    2nd - 30% of the pot
    3rd -  20% of the pot
    4th - 10% of the pot
    5th - $10
    6th - $10
    7th - $5
    8th - $5
    9th - $5
    10th - $5 & gets to help make a Telegram challenge! 
    Winners will be drawn on June 3rd at 11 pm GMT
    How winners will be chosen (provably fair)
    This is not part of entering the giveaway. The following is an explanation of how winners will be fairly chosen randomly.
    Click this link: https://stake.com/provably-fair/calculation
    Fill in this information: http://bit.ly/2MgQCtt
    The server seed will be the first Bitcoin block hash after 11pm GMT on June 3rd.
    When all of the information is filled in a number will be displayed under bytes to numbers. The number we'll be looking at is the 5th decimal down, in the example picture it would read "=  0.852061322192" This number will change with every new Bitcoin blockhash substituted in. We take this number and multiply it by the total number of people who entered +1 and the product will be our first winning number. For example, if 500 people enter we would multiply 501 by 0.852061322192 and get 426 (we're only looking at the whole number) so whoever is 426 would be our first winner. These steps will be repeated with the next 9 Bitcoin block hashes after 11 pm GMT on June 3rd to find the remaining winners.
    Entry list
    1) AlphaStorm (G)
    2) yololife222
    3)  sankasanka
    4) barbaris
    5) firenine (S)
    6) Denildan (S)
    7) Owly (S)
    8 ) davinmark (G)
    9) kamukamu
    10) williamshennie9 (S)
    11) artizykristy (S)
    12) AlvinFahriza (S)
    13) ahmeddz (S)
    14) MisterLuck (S)
    15) Kinou
    16) Peckatopbank (S)
    17) pcservis
    18) flansca (S)
    19) Menang (S)
    20) nuuuitsjdragon (S)
    21) Koljascha (S)
    22) elyxdelrey (S)
    23) slasher555 (S)
    24) Sraboni (S)
    25) Zoltan (S)
    26) draksul81 (S)
    27) questik (S)
    28) KinAniK (S)
    29) dolphinpuke (S)
    30) Tamaco (G)
    31) alexandre12 (S)
    32) pfodo (S)
    33) ceastem (S)
    34) Dasya321 (S)
    35) Kylor (S)
    36) Milan944
    37) Bitsler (S)
    38) martianarmy (S)
    39) JohnTravel
    40) Lexus19 (S)
    41) Kiran232 (S)
    42) borebonka (G)
    43) DariusBrasov (S)
    44) DanielRandomDude
    45) Axel99 (G)
    46) btcheck
    47) Dress
    48) sasor (S)
    49) absentt (S)
    50) 777seven (S)
    51) txtpocar (S)
    52) SammyA123 (S)
    53) paito (S)
    54) Yushee
    55) Caroll
    56) jinz (S)
    57) thunes49 (S)
    58) trader
    59) jualid (S)
    60) Krezi777 (S)
    61) Lelle (S)
    62) anonnep (S)
    63) Mangjali26 (S)
    64) GKD09
    65) 4fun2me
    66) Viksen (S)
    67) cryptonesiac (S)
    68) Eugene265 (S)
    69) luizoruivo (S)
    70) chicotripa (S)
    71) Omikam
    72) HeaVySustem (S)
    73) neich (S)
    74) kyzja2000 (G)
    75) Shinjo (S)
    76) iamsheikhadil (S)
    77) Demarkus89 (S)
    78) jullifit (S)
    79) OlegBarca (S)
    80) Dogecoinbrot
    81) Waves (S)
    82) jkd123 (S)
    83) Faris (S)
    84) Alamar (S)
    85) CaptainLorca (S)
    86) Leshak841 (G)
    87) Elguardado
    88) anirml
    89) coeghacked (S)
    90) nikowin88 (S)
    91) Demetrius1 (S)
    92) Cornass01 (G)
    93) PARANORMAL (S)
    94) TestB
    95) LlumiCoin
    96) Byteking (S)
    97) bonet777
    98) Raziel
    99) 1MerKieva1 (S)
    100) FrolovKirill (S)
    101) Dimka27 (S)
    102) ludmilka59
    103) MrJoker777 (S)
    104) Etude (S)
    105) Vanyaok
    106) EternalRed (S)
    107) dostlashaman
    108) Microminig
    109) TeenTitan
    110) Northy
    111) Josenete
    112) Wayland
    113) Cuba777
    114) XLEB
    115) Robinel
    116) 8Bit
    117) Hotmacron
    118) Buuren
    119) allisonn
    120) hamato (S)
    121) kitkat865
    122) Xumus
    123) BetHoven
    124) Macov
    125) Schrodinger
    126) Carrow
    127) NinjaSnail
    128) VvP32
    129) Chimichanga
    130) Holovv (S)
    131) Creepers
    132) zaynabshah (S)
    133) Shutin
    134) Icefrog
    135) PikaDetected
    136) Crazyqwa
    137) St4rF1re
    138) Brainimaini
    139) Eglesias
    140) BrianFix
    141) MrNice23 (S)
    142) bnd007 (S)
    143) FotisNt (S)
    (Final list)
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    JohnTravel reacted to Paigeturner in If you could change or improve stake in one way???????   
    What, if any, changes, features, or improvements would you make to stake if you could change 1 thing. Remember to answer 1 thing only.......
    Please do not answer "never bust or always win" we all know that's impossible so please answer realistically.
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    JohnTravel reacted to lupandina in ***CryptoGamblersPub*** Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    Supported sites:
    Stake.com    Primedice.com    Windice.io        

    Supported coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, XRP

    Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites

    Transfer your funds inside/between all supported sites and coins instantly 24/7.
    No waiting for transactions, small minimum amounts, works through sending/receiving tips to/from Dinabot.

    More info in our FAQ.

    Video tutorials, how to use exchange
    Calendar of our events, streams, giveaways and more

    Find us in:
    Telegram (english)
    Telegram (russian)
    Primedice forum
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