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  1. Wow i can t belive this gg
  2. kongfu

    1000000.00x in 5 rolls

    Wow it is crazy men wow
  3. Hahahahah i hate bonzo fy bonzo i muted my self sow meny time mistake
  4. Hello I registered here in 2017 after watching a YouTuber playing stake from my contry.Then I register for first time.In thet time I remember my first 1500 satoshi i was sow happy i was thinking i was ritch hahahahha.Then i was being pro end more pro after sow meny time here in stake like 14 hours here in summer all day . I don forgot my first money made from this site it was nadiya14 she tiped me like 10k end i maked like 250k from thet tip end my dream it was to be hight roller end I started to play plinko 12 pin hight after some rolls i hot 170x my heart it was sow crayzy. After thet i tiped nadiya14 like 50k end share a lot in chat.After 2 moths i maked like 1 eth 300$ proce thet ime end lose all i was sow sad i diden t sleep like 5 days after sow meny tryes again i wined 500k tip end i was thinking i need to make a little risk i try to bet 10k bets in plinko 1000x but not win after some me y time no win All thet left it was 50k end i was thinking it was the end but it was not can you belive i hit 1000x i can t belive my eyes i was sow happy 3500€ profit i tryed like 1500€ more i loset end cashout 2000€ i bayed a good mobile end help my family end here i em again 0 trying to win somthing again thenks for reading have a good day hahahahha ❤️
  5. I hate bonzo men sow mutch hahahahah i mutetd 2 times my self