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  1. I also love the new Sportsbook and am betting like crazy
  2. I'll never be diamond in my life... but I hope to reach bronze soon I think diamond is relatively new, isn't it? are some platinum automatically renamed to diamond, or do they have to push harder to get there?
  3. Mine was dice, because I knew it from other sites and thought it's the most straight forward game... Now I've tried all of them (thanks to the weekly challenges), and I have several favorites. However, since a couple of weeks I spend way more time on the sportsbook than the casino
  4. LIMBO: 12,263,005,581 placed by cryptonesiac on 04/12/2019 Wagered 0.00004900 Multiplier 2500x Profit 0.12245100 LIMBO: 12,265,220,260 placed by cryptonesiac on 04/12/2019 Wagered 0.00004900 Multiplier 5000x Profit 0.24495100 Hooray
  5. a dime of difference is a bet worth a dime... and then the 10 above me might have a dollar difference, so I bet a dollar... and then 10.... 20.... 100?
  6. It's really interesting to know who is winning the race, but not so much if you're in position #614 as I am... What's more interesting would be how much I need to wager to gain +/- 10 places or what the 10 people below me are doing... I think this would help people in the lower regions bet more as well, so certainly a win for Stake!
  7. I like small bets more, bigger bets give me heart attacks
  8. Cricket and Snooker? I mostly bet on Football (the real one, not the American Rugby version), but sometimes I find a good bet on Basketball or Tennis...
  9. Woah! can't wait for sport betting on Stake... any idea when it will be released to everyone?
  10. HILO: 11,690,415,396 placed by cryptonesiac on 19/11/2019 Wagered 3.20000000 Multiplier 40.74580001831055x Profit 127.18652883 Hooray!
  11. I feel good playing blackjack, doubling a couple of times and then hit a 21!
  12. I think Plinko is definitely better, just because the house edge is lower than slots... an almost 3% might be small for normal casinos, but once you're used to the 1% house edge, it's 3 times as much!