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  1. Crash... it has some nice animations and is exciting...
  2. You and you're big multipliers Congratulations!!
  3. If the house edge is 1% (= 1/100) then you're likely to lose 1 additional bet for every 100 bets you place. On a coin flip statistically you'll get 50x tails and 50x heads. With 1% house edge that's 49.5x tails (you) and 50.5x heads (house). Difference of 1 coinflip. Since 49.5 is not a full number, it can be 49 or 50: 49 ==> you're unlucky 50 ==> you're lucky You can always beat the statistical chances, but you need to be lucky or apply some sort of strategy. Most strategies (if not all) work only on short term.
  4. There are bad strategies, poor strategies, mediocre strategies and lucky strategies... Everyone who is in the green used the last strategy, the ones who lost most used the first or the last one.
  5. My first goal would be to increase your first deposit with 50% and then play with the profit... How much that would be is totally up to you, depends on how much you're willing to lose.
  6. Yes and no... it does make a difference, but you will not know what difference it makes on forehand... therefore any seed is as good as the other (theoretically speaking)
  7. I don't see the problem... it should not be a goal to get to 2,500 and cash out, but more to have some nice talks here and, with great joy, get rewarded for doing so. 2,500 / 10,000 / 100,000 I don't care so much
  8. More reason to get my bronze star soon!
  9. hunt for 990x in dice (above 99.90) increase 1.0011x (or 0.11%) on loss in the end it's just a martingale, but one that gives you more chances I think no autobet will really work, but I'm still trying to find one. Nice question!
  10. DICE: 10,079,185,358 placed by cryptonesiac on 14/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 95.19229888916016x Profit 2.82576923 DICE: 10,079,185,816 placed by cryptonesiac on 14/10/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 95.19229888916016x Profit 2.82576923 Hooray!
  11. You make the impossible possible!!
  12. I would try it, but I know that in real life I'm not a slot machine fan, so I'll probably not play it that often...
  13. I drink coffee whatever I do (except for sitting in rollercoasters), so yeah I do drink coffee while playing here!
  14. You really like big multipliers, don't you?! Congrats on the wagered amount