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  1. Limbo: 6666397694 Limbo: 6666397767 I did it! edit: can't use the Bet tag... hope it works out this way
  2. You can type in a multiplier up to 1,000,000x
  3. I'm still an API-noob... this code is giving an error ({u'isSafeError': True, u'message': u'unknown'}) , not sure what I'm doing wrong... Trying to include the query in a Python script by the way... data = '{ bet(betId: "d2f7e317-9848-471b-b0d8-b4902b8a4c5b") { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout payoutMultiplier createdAt currency user { name } } } } } ' Too bad we don't have a sandbox to play around with anymore
  4. Thanks for the update! How can I find the bet ID number (iid)? Right now the only output (on dice) is something like "d2f7e317-9848-471b-b0d8-b4902b8a4c5b"
  5. Can you confirm that https://api.stake.com/ is broken?
  6. I can't use my scripts since the site maintenance this morning... can't visit https://api.stake.com/graphql either Something wrong?!
  7. Had it only once... I would report them. They might annoy you a little bit, but they may annoy a lot of people a little bit, which makes the total annoyance unbearable!
  8. I don't completely follow you there... if you lose more, you can win less?
  9. Would be nice for the players, but less profit for Stake probably
  10. To make the race more fun for those with a lower balance, it should show the 3 people above and below you, so you can see what they are doing and how much you'd need to wager to gain a spot in the list... And maybe set personal records (for example #268 all time high), so you have a personal challenge!
  11. I started using Stake quite agnostic (just another site I want to make a profit on), but now I think Stake is something different. Community, Support, interesting games, Eddie... I'm pretty hooked on the total concept now I also love: the statistics the vault the challenges the API
  12. With (direct) Martingale, you'll always lose in the end, unless you quit with profit and never come back...
  13. I think it's very random... I also like to hit high multipliers by the way
  14. Not all strategies can be done with big coins like BTC though