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  1. Hello there , me is to have fun and at least profit a little , Stake is a stress reliever to me. Goodluck!
  2. I saw that too , the high roller tab is so fast that my computer almost broke , my browser even hangs after i restarted it , whenever i look at the HR it was so so so fast!. They are like faster than a bullet and speed of light . The last seconds of the race was breath taking! ..Anyways Congrats to the winners hopefully they didnt bust! Long live Stake!
  3. Even though i didn't win anything ill admit the way he handles things is awesome! . I waited for hours to watch the race and Eddies stream and it didn't disappoint me , i actually enjoyed myself today. I couldn't even believe that time was fast and the stream and race was ending! I had laughs and adrenaline pumps for the top 10 of the Mega Race. been a long time since i feel this way , Stake makes me happy even though im a small time gambler , kudos and Long live Stake! Goodluck and Take care Fellow Stakers!
  4. Me yes! always 10% of my bankroll for the day..i really control my self cause i learned my lessons for busting , me i separate at least 1% of my bankroll for busting , i mean i will play care free with the 1% to satisfy my urge on gambling , the 10% of my bankroll i have to be very very careful , and avoid rage betting , so far so good for me , just now i just bust my 1% allocated bank roll for rage betting and it feels good , the winnings of the 10% is safe in my wallet. Goodluck playing!
  5. 🎁 Happy birthday Stake , the most memorable for me is when i joined Stake on 4/18/2019. Never have expected that it was the best gambling site out there , You can get special coupons for events , everyday giveaways , challenges and races! , what can i ask for more? but for Stake to continue forever!..Thank you and more power! Happy birthday !
  6. Goodluck to all of us! Thank yo uStake