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  1. I just noticed this post and im really excited about the new slots , it looks even better.
  2. Woohoo hooray Sportsbets username: j240
  3. I agree with @Seoulmate. Some people that gamble in Stake tends to vent out their frustation in chat especially those who lost big. Some people that win share their coins because they are happy with their recovery or profit.
  4. This recipe is similar to mine. I use cassava or sweet potatoes. Squash is definetly a pair for those ingredients. Gotta try it on Wednesday at it is the schedule of my community for market day during this lockdown. If you want it to be ice cream like you can remove the cornstarch and put cream. I love your recipe sis!.
  5. Ethereum is on of the currencies i've invested on , considering that Tron is on Eth platform it is good to invest in it. I actually have Tron coins invested on Atomic Wallet.
  6. Same here , when im gambling big time i do bet on Sports but not online. Often i bet on sports in my local community sports bet manager. So true you can't complain of it being rigged cause the whole world knows the result.
  7. I'm randomly browsing the forum and saw this , this strategy is good but not on the long run , thank you for this and i added this to my set of strategies. Once in a while i change strategies , i do a strategy with higher pay out for an hour then after ill change to a lower payout. Nothing is safe though sooner or later long reds will come , better set a target withdrawal and once in a while withdraw the profits. It will bust sooner or later.
  8. Nope i dont believe in magic seeds , i only believe in the right timing you place your bet in a roll in any games and hit a high multiplier. All the outcome is random and really depends on your luck at the right moment.
  9. The raffle is event is a bonus from Stake , a single raffle ticket has the potential to win something from the pot rewards. I think Stake will continue these raffle event this following months.The last raffle i had fun wagering and earning tickets and tried my luck if ican win something from the event. Maybe the next raggle event we can win!.
  10. I tried this on 1 mine and i can win 3 out of 10 rolls , better to have a decent bankroll and go higher number of mines like 6-10mines just like what he does. It really depends on how big your bankroll is , sometimes you hit it in a few rolls .
  11. Longest i got from dice 1.91x is 16 reds in a row automatic betting , if i do manual and doesnt switch sides the max i got is 8 reds in a row. I asuallu bust when my increase on loss cant handle my balance, in another game like hilo i got 7 reds in a row with 90% chance. In mines 2 bombs , i get 1 tapped 4 times in a row. Those reds comes when i have an unlucky day.
  12. Stake is the only gambling site out there thats generous on their bonuses , some bonuses are even unexpected like the reload this last week of march. Instead of playing in other gambling sites i stay in Stake , there's no minimum bet and you can play if bored with zero bets. Rakebacks , weekly , monthly bonuses what more can i ask?.
  13. Yep it really depends on the 50 - 50 luck , try to wager low and aim for high multipliers. Unlike other sites that when you adjust your bet they manipulate it. Stake and primedice is fair and legit. You can actually make money here in Stake as long as you dont push your luck too far with high wager . Low bet wagering plus cashing out when profit in a small multiplier is also good.
  14. Silver VIP has slightly higher minimum benefits than the bronze , i was bronze for many months and Silver for 4 months. The more higher your VIP the higher your reward multiplier for the rakebacks , weekly and monthly is.
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