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  1. When i play keno i just stick to the pattern if its 10 tiles and just wait for it , any pattern you do really depends on the random number hit provided by keno , if you got lucky and hit your chosen number first then you profit , sometimes we really have to wait before our numbers shows up.
  2. In this topic i learned something new about crypto today , thank you for sharing this!.
  3. If the price suddenly crash buy crypto currency cause in the following weeks it will pum back up , just like btc 2 weeks ago went to $4000 then back to $6500 profit already if you bought when it crashed down. Now its stable but i feel it will go back up in these following months.
  4. This im also waiting for the price to go back to $7,000 - $8,000 . I believe as soon as the virus is cured and lessen the price will strike back as Btc is halving on the month of May , i hope by April there would be improvements on clearing the virus.
  5. Yep bitcoin absolutely affects all of the alt coins out there , when i was new to crypto currency rely on bitcoin and noticed that when the price of it goes down or up the others follow, bitcoin is the mother of all crypto currency.
  6. I had great first 2 months of gambling in 2020 but just this month i busted all that i won from those. We should really learn to buy things when we already won so we will not be tempted to deposit back and lose it.
  7. Thank you for sharing i was going to try but im afraid.
  8. Hello there! Welcome to the Stake community have fun and goodluck in your games.
  9. j240

    The skipping method.

    Yep skipping method works too but not in the long run , when you skip too much and house edge hits you they come in straight whateever you this just happens to me recently i got K=k as long as 5 bets with skipps and 3-2 too.
  10. Yep those are the best methods to keep crypto safe , lukcily in my country we have a crypto wallet thats regulated by the government and are insured. I had a web wallet before that i store my crypto last year , now even though i have the seeds and private info i can no longer open it, i dont want to disclose the name of the site.
  11. Hello there , Thank you for the list as i was too am wondering who won cause when i was watching the stream i had very slow connection , nice to see familiar names in the list and congratulations to them. Hope the next time we have their luck too.
  12. Yep it really depends on luck and the timing of the bet , there's this time when i was at 8 pins low risk and hunting for 5x and it took me 500 rolls to hit it , there are times when i hit it in 200 rolls , if its 9x i think average is 700 rolls. Im not too sure try it on a new seed and see what happens.
  13. Hello there guys, I tried Diamonds game with my doge coins and i felt that it easier to win their than the previous version , i dont know if its me but due to the new interface i appreciate it more and feel lucky than the previous version , what do you guys think?. I usually dont play it but now im into it with small bets and enjoy myself.
  14. j240

    New Slots is Coming!

    I saw in chat a trivia about New Slots is Coming. I'm excited about this. Is this real or just for April fools day?. What do you guys think?. Are you guys going to play with Slots more because of this?. I hope the Slots thats coming is unique to Stake only as i really love how Stake make their games.
  15. Hello there, As for me im long retired going to gambling halls , i play on Stake just to satisfy my itch for the gambling feeling. I joined last year and since there im only playing online on Stake , what i like the most is i can play in the own comfort of my home instead of going to those halls , too much time and gas money , sometimes unexpected expenses like alcohol.