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  1. Hello there , yes everyday im mostly online and betting , lucky my work is at home selling burgers and fries , i'm also the cashier thats why im on the computer , this is where i input all i sell and receipt for the day , Whenever there's no customer tabbed out then on the app for orders, after the orders tapped back to stake and chat to people . Even at night when im making my ingredients whenever i take a break i sit in front of this computer and chat at stake hahaha what a routine i have.
  2. Yes i always go slow and i swear it works for me , sometimes i get a little bit greedy and lose everything .. Better go for slow and steady profit unless you have a big balance that you wont care to lose.Build up your balance , set up a target profit depending on what balance you have , after that do it again the other day, dont be greedy even though you feel your lucky that day, that always happens to me and gets bust every time, i'm doing my old strategy again of doing it slowly and steady even though my fingers itch to do high bets. Goodluck man
  3. Cool profit indeed , you were lucky , i did that with half of your initial deposit and bang , well ripped lmao..Never did that again
  4. Worst thing i did was almost down a whole bottle of vodka , next thing i know im at the side of the road sleeping..lucky i live in an urban place ..
  5. Experienced that too but a little extreme , he accused of something and told me he was going to call the authorities cause i hacked him? lmao..Then after a day someone messaged me again saying he had an emergency and need cash badly ,. happens everyday..i just ignore and move on..I'm only a small time gambler and play for fun :D.
  6. Yep people say they get more from affiliates than their actual wager in bets . Hmm i think i would try this affiliate commission too.
  7. Some experts say bitcoin will reach $40,000 next year and bitcoin being mined rewards will be halved , yep i think bitcoin will rise more but not above 100k, its just me
  8. I tried at mines 1.03x and bust..better go dice or limbo 1.01x , there's also a strat at baccarat that you only lose 0.2 of your bet i dont remember though
  9. Hello there Lilly :D, Everyday scammers evolves , they have new tactics every now and then , hope we have more rules or something like one account per ip/computer instead? i received pm's before that they know me and they wanted to give me coins , scammers and impersonators everywhere, oh btw even if i dont win giveaways im still happy watching streams from stake, they make my day and puts a smile on my face , Take care always Lilly and be happy , See ya .
  10. Hello there, Most i'm only at stake maybe 5-12hrs a day , but in between i work lucky i dont have to go far to work so yeah, my computer or my cellphone is online and im at stake or forums lurking . Goodluck to yall
  11. 16th place for my beloved rainbow sheep j240
  12. My bravest bet is 1ltc coin in 1 mine for 1.03x payout , never did it again i almost had a heart attack , now i only go for small bets high multipliers , that guy that bet 5btc must have a high paying job or rich maybe. But yeah lucky he didnt bust
  13. Hello there eddie , i also made an honest review now. 5 stars from us because Stake truly deserved it . Keep up the goodwork !