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  1. Username: j240 Goodluck and have a good day to all!
  2. Hello there, As for me everytime i hit the minimum withdrawal i do it .I like it more in Stake cause the minimum withdrawal is low comparing to the other casino sites i have been before. Sometimes i convert my other coins to reach the minimum withdrawal of the coin that i was going to take. Goodluck mate.
  3. Hello there , If im taking a break in the casino tab i go to sportsbet and check if i have teams or athletes that im familiar with i bet 4 doge sometimes for fun. I had this win with 6x pauout in NBA . If your taking a break from a certain lose or win do sportsbet it helps relax. No need for big balance there :).
  4. Hello there , For me i deposit small amounts at a time cause i only play for fun and a little bit of profit , there are times when i deposit big and lose in a second lol. So yeah its better to deposit amounts where you are comfortable and accept to lose cause its always risky.If youre a person that has cool head you can deposit big and bet small at a time. Some people do this , they deposit amounts that they budget for the month , days or weeks. Same for me if i bust my budget for the week i stop.
  5. Hello there, Most of my games are from hilo , and i do admit what happens to you happens to me everytime . I did have the chance to withdraw most of the time as withdrawal minimum is already low comparing to others. Greed oh Greed always comes to me when im playing , at first i just target the minimum withdrawal then decided a little bit more, then again..again..and again..because of intense concentration to win we forget that the house edge will hit sooner or later. Then there we go we bust and realize before it that we already got past the target profit we aim for, with bonus too.
  6. Hello there, I always take a break from time to time while gambling. I do this when im beginning to get pressured when i lose and almost make stupid mistakes, taking a breather and reorganizing oneself will calm you down and avoid going all in. There are times when i really want to take revenge after a huge lose but luckily i always bear in mind the consequence , i take a break and decided to change strats on how to get something back . Taking breaks is a must!.Goodluck.
  7. Hello there mate , Me in Stake mostly im sober when gambling. Years ago alcohol is part of me whenever i gamble . I lay low drinking and im good now , i have more fun gambling now than before. Hope you continue fighting the addiction mate . Goodluck and have fun.
  8. Yep better play while having fun because gambling is for entertainment. I mostly play when im in a good mood and prepared to lose cause thats how gamling is , no use if we rage get angry or annoyed , so yeah i go with Play and have fun.
  9. Hello there Sped, Ive also tried racing and dont make profit a lot of time , there are times in race where you just wager safely and get a place from 80th to 100th place , and dont forget the rakeback too. When i have a decent balance i do the race but on my own pace and sometiems land a place in race . Race is sometimes worth it.
  10. Hello there tae40127, Same here bro im staying at Stake for new year cause i just hiked last Christmas , i came home early yesterday because its so hard to commute during the holidays. Im idle till New year and back to work on the 2nd , hope to see you guys in Chat and may we all have a wonderful time.
  11. Hello there , Me not that long as i hit the minimum withdrawal i do it.Sometimes if i have the balance even with the minimum withdrawal i tend to bust it fast . So i stack up all the coins and bet another day.This has been going good for me though. Bch has low minimum so i tend to use it.
  12. hello there , The games that makes me rage are Keno and wheel . I've never won on keno and wheel, i mostly rip at them when i play them. When i see people palce bets they instantly win something there . Maybe i just pick unlucky numbers though.
  13. Same here i want the profit back. Before i rely on the profits tab to control what i wager and the profits i want to make.But its kinda good thats its hidden so not much people can see what you lose and profit to avoid beggars. Keep rolling and goodluck!.
  14. Hello there paige, My weekly boost is more lucky than my month boost . If i got 5k sats on my weekly boost i dont know why i can make it to 20k-30k sats while playing casually but when i use monthly boost i cant even make it 1/4 of its total. I saw fellow players that win big using their weekly boost too in just one roll , lucky them!. But im still happy with it though free coins to all which they are not obliged to do so. I love you Stake. More luck to you Paige and happy rolling.
  15. Hello there, I also remembered my first bonus and i was very happy with it , i thought only VIP's or high rollers are the only ones given . I am a very small time gambler but im active in playing to have fun and got a surprise from mail every month. Stake loves us small rollers too thats why i sticked to Stake until now. Enjoy your bonus and happy rolling.