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  1. Hello there, Mine i do it steady and slowly . After i bust and accept the lose i build up my balance bit by bit , i also go with very low basebets.Patience to build up and recover ,dont do all in or deposit big as you'll end up busting more without reorganizing your strategy and realising your mistake on the losses.
  2. Hello there , For me Hilo and Mines , i tried the other games and i dont have luck with them and cant get those high multipliers, In Hilo and Mines i can get high multipliers , as Slots is released i think it is the new game that gives high multipliers , i saw people posting their bet ID getting high multipliers.I also tried Slots as it went live and got high multipliers of 90x , sometimes 30-50x but with small base bet of doge coin , so yeah i think i would stick for Slots at this time and switch to Hilo or Mines when i get bored. Any games can give you high multipliers except baccarat and blackjack with the right timing and right bet and of course green seed. Hit that High multiplier buddy , goodluck!
  3. Hello there , Nope im never quit gambling its been part of life. I do gambling for entertainment though , if i win big then i would be very grateful and buy myself a meal or some stuff in real life . Im just a small time gambler with a very small bank roll to use for some fun . If people lives are starting to deteroriate because of gambling addiction it is advised for them to stop before further damage is done . But for me i have a very good control on what to deposit and expect lose , luckily i only depo very small and i jsut think of the fun it will give me on the day. Goodluck to yall and i hope you treat gambling as an entertainment to avoid unecessary losses.
  4. Wow that is certainly a nice great hit!. Happens to me a lot when i use doge coins , but i dont get past 10x , would be happy if i was using btc though, even though yours is ltc it is still a very nice profit.Im a little bit envious as you can hit those kind of multipliers , hope you win the next hit with btc! have fun and Goodluck mate.
  5. Hello there Ornie, I had similar story like yours, so true this. Whenever your not expecting something they come in batches. Like in gambling sometimes , i just roll to have fun and look at the balls that drops and before i know it it hits 620x..This always happens to me the least i expect it the more luck comes , theres even this time when i played Hilo , looked at my balance saw 30k ethosi, just all in it cause i have to work , then unexpectedly it went to 167x without skipping i was like wow. And was happy with it to get that high multiplier. Such is life full of surprises and fun.
  6. Hello there, This is absolutely possible i tried that before , with a 1$ made it to 200$ that was my biggest catch at Stake , that was before i became a bronze VIP , just played casually with the rain i received and before i knew it i built up big balance , with the right strategy and mindset you can do it.Until today i dont lose hope that i can win big even though i have a very low bank roll. I keep trying and have fun , im just careful not to bust all so i can have a starting balance if ever i get unlucky . Hope you win big too Zulfandina. Goodluck!
  7. Hello there, If i remember correctly it was year 2010 or 2011 that i was introduced to Bitcoin cryptocurrency by a neighbour , i didnt believe it because it was so good to be true , he was telling me to invest there cause he had already invested and can get a little profit day by day of trading , i didnt understand any of that as im a country bumpkin. As i worked at the capital i encountered people talking about cryptocurrency thats where i started to research and knew more about bitcoins, i was impressed by that invention of a man for the people . 4 years passed went back to the mountains and here i am at Stake gambling for fun.By the way the neighbour who had invested millions for the bitcoin was one of the victims of a trading site that shuts down and didnt pay back a single cent back to their members , it was a popular site.He told me the site was hacked 2014 i think and shuts down..Now my neighbour is with me planting potatoes.. Hope we have a goodluck today!
  8. Hi there , This totally happens to me a lot , even though i bet very carefully and monitor my lose and profit. If we stay at one game it will bust you sooner or later , tease you with a high multiplier so you wont leave , and then you try your luck more and before you know it no more balance and bust.Also tried depositing to recover that balance went up and down, up and down for a few hours, it wont let me recover until you lose patience and increase your bet , thats the time it will instantly bust you even though youve been through many reds. Hope we can recover soon Goodluck!
  9. Hello there Pug, I agree with Martingale , i almost use it everyday for very long time and i always end up almost busting my whole wallet , i think martingale is best played shortly between sessions and change the basebet and inc loss, or play martingale on manual and bet randomly. So yeah it is my least favourite gambling method but it is my most used method to try the red streaks. Goodluck man.
  10. Hello friend , I agree with this , of all the Casino sites i have been and tried , Stake is the only one thats generous enough to have this kinds of giveaways and bonuses , saw the other sites and they are beginning to copy Stake's giveaways. I also want to thank Stake for these wonderful giveaways and bonuses . This for sure ill be sticking to Stake for a very very long time. Goodluck buddy.
  11. Hello there, 6 years ago i experienced the same thing , i was one of the escorts of a wealth man that plays at a casino , stand guard near the mobile and some guy tried to make a deal with me , he begged me to introduce him to my boss so he could collateral his Van and continue to gamble , he told me if he wins i get a cut. I told him nope you better go and rest try your luck tomorrow, and what do you know he threw a tantrum and threatens me .He didnt have a good day after that . I never beeged to gamble when i was active of going to gambling houses before. Have a great day mate.
  12. Hello there, I'm very disappointed in myself after a huge lose , i always lose when im nearing the minimum withdrawal that i save for many days , when this happens i go out to the balcony open youtube and look for a relaxing music that calms me like raindrops of water with piano or sound of a river. It calms me but the regret wil ltake a few hours before i can be my normal self again .
  13. Hello there, For me it will be a long time before i leave gambling as it is one of the remaining soruce of entertainment i can have, especially Stake and Primedice they wont require players to deposit big amount of money . As i said ,for me gambling is entertainment and my pass time, even if its 1 sat as long as i can bet and feel the thrill im happy , no need for me to deposit big and wish to get rich cause in gambling we dont always win and theres always big risk. Hope you guys find your goals~Goodluck
  14. Hello there , Same here as much as possible i want my Personal Information to be private, in the internet i dont want that KYC thing as there are numerous times where those datas are used to illegal things , i had encountered cases like that , they used the information and ID of the person to access government owned website. Better be safe than some authorithies knocking at your door with warrant that says you infiltrated/ tried to hack sensitive informations.
  15. Hello , Unfortunately for me this is very true, i bet patiently with small base bets and win small profits each day , and when i reach a certain bankroll of what i save , i increase my bets like i have unlimited balance , greed comes to me every time , sometimes i x10 my basebets and lose instantly , this is so true. Now im back to very small basebets once again and hopefully greed wont come to me when i build a decent balance once again. After i lose everything thats the time i always realize that i was too greedy. Hope we can stop being greedy and be satisfied of what we profit even though its small.