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  1. j240 Hello there viewers have fun and good luck during the Mega Stream! Eddie~ hugs! And to all the Supports and Moderators <3
  2. j240 Hello there Stakers! Goodluck to all of us and enjoy the stream. Stake is ❤️
  3. j240 Hello there Stakers! Goodluck to all of us , Stake going strong year by year! We love you Eddie!
  4. j240 Happy birthday Stake! , the best gambling crypto site is having it's 3rd birthday today!.
  5. j240 Hello there once again viewers! This day is the beginning of countdown for our nearing Stake birthday . Goodluck to ya'll , enjoy the race and have a great weekend. Eddie we love you <3!
  6. j240 Hello there viewers! Another great Mega race to watch on Eddies Stream!. Goodluck to yall.
  7. j240 Hello there Eddie! , and all to the viewers out there all hail Stake!
  8. j240 Hello Eddie and to the viewers , i hope i can see the post live on stream <3. Stake is the best!.
  9. j240 Hello there Eddie ❤️ , have a good day !
  10. j240 Have a wonderful day Eddie ❤️
  11. j240 If you see this i just want to say All hail Stake and love you Eddie and Supports!
  12. My Stake Name is : j240 If you see this Eddie i just want to say Have a good day!
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