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  1. j240 Long time no see Eddie ❤️ Stake gets bigger and bigger every year!!!! Good day to our Mods , Supports and everyone of our Stake Staff. Stake is the best!
  2. I tried this on 1 mine and i can win 3 out of 10 rolls , better to have a decent bankroll and go higher number of mines like 6-10mines just like what he does. It really depends on how big your bankroll is , sometimes you hit it in a few rolls .
  3. Stake is the only gambling site out there thats generous on their bonuses , some bonuses are even unexpected like the reload this last week of march. Instead of playing in other gambling sites i stay in Stake , there's no minimum bet and you can play if bored with zero bets. Rakebacks , weekly , monthly bonuses what more can i ask?.
  4. Bronze Bonus from Support in currency of your choice (duration and frequency)? - You will be given one time rakeback bonus from the total wagered in reaching bronze. Rakeback enabled (this is ok understandable) - Rakeback is given, a percentage of your wager will be available to claim. Weekly bonuses (Boost) (any day or time specific for it) - A percentage of your total wagered for the week and claimed during the mega race as a coupon. Monthly bonuses( frequency given but not clear about quantity) - Mostly at the 3rd week of the month mostly 20th , a percentage of your total wagered for the month. VIP Telegram channel access - It is where the coupon is posted for the weekly and some head ups if theres anything new in Stake
  5. I love mines!. Do or die. I really love the feeling of being anxious when opening the box to avoid the mines while picking the gems and the sound of the mines when you trigger it but as time passes i played all the games of Stake and its fun , most of my games are on Mines though.
  6. In my experience i usually hit 130x when im at a new seed after abusing my previous seed with 200k + rolls combination of the other games, there was only one time when i hit 1000x when i was new to Stake , i hit it in less than 1000 rolls with 1 sat bet.
  7. I usuall skip 6-8 card in Hilo , i tried skipping 2 , 3 and K Q but the next card bust you. I take my risk with 2 - 3 and Q K cause theres a lower chance that it is against the odds. But when i do skip those i do it 2 - 3 times in row in the same roll.
  8. Same here nicole , my muscle memory of checking the reload every 10min is still there , even when i sleep i automatically snap out of it and check to claim. Now that the reload is gone im going to miss it. Hope Stake do this again in the future!.
  9. Same here i think Poker game will be added to Stake in the future. Stake is full of surprises to keep us busy with their games. There are also polls for texas poker game and i love the pvp battles on the table.
  10. I like this idea and it will be easier to do bet verification when you are curious , i tried the bet validation and i cant understand a thing as im not a techie guy , that extension plus video tutorial can make it way easier. Hope your release a beta version soon!.
  11. I'll choose family first before gambling , gambling is for entertainment and fun. If you choose gambling over your family your done.
  12. In years of experience in gambling it is simply for entertainment and fun. I do Stake gambling because of it.
  13. Yep skipping method works too but not in the long run , when you skip too much and house edge hits you they come in straight whateever you this just happens to me recently i got K=k as long as 5 bets with skipps and 3-2 too.
  14. I saw in chat a trivia about New Slots is Coming. I'm excited about this. Is this real or just for April fools day?. What do you guys think?. Are you guys going to play with Slots more because of this?. I hope the Slots thats coming is unique to Stake only as i really love how Stake make their games.
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