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  1. j240 Hello there viewers! Let's have a wonderful time again this mega race, as usual Stake is big at these events again! Dont miss out Eddie's mega race giveaways , anyone of us might be one of the lucky winners ❤️ Eddie welcome back ❤️ !! Hello to our wonderful Supports , Moderators and Staffs. ❤️ Stake!
  2. j240 Hello there viewers! We have yet another generous Mega race today and it's big !! unlike last year, this year is so much better!!. Stake is getting bigger and bigger each year many perks to enjoy! Come and check out Eddie's Stream to see what's this all about. Hi Eddie Merry Christmas! To our hard working Supports , Moderators , Developers and Community Managers Merry Christmas to you all too. Merry Christmas to all of us and enjoy the holidays!!
  3. j240 Another Mega race is coming and its big too! Stake is getting bigger each year! To the viewers out there goodluck and have fun! Hi Eddie ! ❤️ Hi to the supports and mods too ! ❤️
  4. j240 Here we go the long awaited biggest raffle of Stake!!! , lets get ready and we might be one of the lucky winners!. Hello to the viewers! Eddie! and the Supports and mods! Goodluck to all of us!
  5. j240 Hello there Stakers! Goodluck for the Mega race and Happy halloween! Hi Eddie!~<3
  6. j240 Hello there viewers have fun and good luck during the Mega Stream! Eddie~ hugs! And to all the Supports and Moderators <3
  7. j240 Hello there Stakers! Goodluck to all of us and enjoy the stream. Stake is ❤️
  8. j240 Hello there Stakers! Goodluck to all of us , Stake going strong year by year! We love you Eddie!
  9. j240 Happy birthday Stake! , the best gambling crypto site is having it's 3rd birthday today!.
  10. j240 Hello there once again viewers! This day is the beginning of countdown for our nearing Stake birthday . Goodluck to ya'll , enjoy the race and have a great weekend. Eddie we love you <3!
  11. j240 Hello there viewers! Another great Mega race to watch on Eddies Stream!. Goodluck to yall.
  12. j240 Hello there Eddie! , and all to the viewers out there all hail Stake!
  13. j240 Hello Eddie and to the viewers , i hope i can see the post live on stream <3. Stake is the best!.
  14. j240 Hello there Eddie ❤️ , have a good day !
  15. j240 Have a wonderful day Eddie ❤️
  16. j240 If you see this i just want to say All hail Stake and love you Eddie and Supports!
  17. My Stake Name is : j240 If you see this Eddie i just want to say Have a good day!
  18. I just noticed this post and im really excited about the new slots , it looks even better.
  19. Woohoo hooray Sportsbets username: j240
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