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  1. j240 Long time no see Eddie ❤️ Stake gets bigger and bigger every year!!!! Good day to our Mods , Supports and everyone of our Stake Staff. Stake is the best!
  2. I just noticed this post and im really excited about the new slots , it looks even better.
  3. I agree with @Seoulmate. Some people that gamble in Stake tends to vent out their frustation in chat especially those who lost big. Some people that win share their coins because they are happy with their recovery or profit.
  4. This recipe is similar to mine. I use cassava or sweet potatoes. Squash is definetly a pair for those ingredients. Gotta try it on Wednesday at it is the schedule of my community for market day during this lockdown. If you want it to be ice cream like you can remove the cornstarch and put cream. I love your recipe sis!.
  5. I'm randomly browsing the forum and saw this , this strategy is good but not on the long run , thank you for this and i added this to my set of strategies. Once in a while i change strategies , i do a strategy with higher pay out for an hour then after ill change to a lower payout. Nothing is safe though sooner or later long reds will come , better set a target withdrawal and once in a while withdraw the profits. It will bust sooner or later.
  6. Nope i dont believe in magic seeds , i only believe in the right timing you place your bet in a roll in any games and hit a high multiplier. All the outcome is random and really depends on your luck at the right moment.
  7. I tried this on 1 mine and i can win 3 out of 10 rolls , better to have a decent bankroll and go higher number of mines like 6-10mines just like what he does. It really depends on how big your bankroll is , sometimes you hit it in a few rolls .
  8. Longest i got from dice 1.91x is 16 reds in a row automatic betting , if i do manual and doesnt switch sides the max i got is 8 reds in a row. I asuallu bust when my increase on loss cant handle my balance, in another game like hilo i got 7 reds in a row with 90% chance. In mines 2 bombs , i get 1 tapped 4 times in a row. Those reds comes when i have an unlucky day.
  9. Stake is the only gambling site out there thats generous on their bonuses , some bonuses are even unexpected like the reload this last week of march. Instead of playing in other gambling sites i stay in Stake , there's no minimum bet and you can play if bored with zero bets. Rakebacks , weekly , monthly bonuses what more can i ask?.
  10. Hello there, The weekly bonus for silver is slightly higher than the bronze , i agree with @Ali saherwith 1 btc total wagered for the week 100k sats weekly , last week i wagered almost 2 btc and got 190k sats as a weekly bonus.
  11. Bronze Bonus from Support in currency of your choice (duration and frequency)? - You will be given one time rakeback bonus from the total wagered in reaching bronze. Rakeback enabled (this is ok understandable) - Rakeback is given, a percentage of your wager will be available to claim. Weekly bonuses (Boost) (any day or time specific for it) - A percentage of your total wagered for the week and claimed during the mega race as a coupon. Monthly bonuses( frequency given but not clear about quantity) - Mostly at the 3rd week of the month mostly 20th , a percentage of your total wagered for the month. VIP Telegram channel access - It is where the coupon is posted for the weekly and some head ups if theres anything new in Stake
  12. Hello there guys , Due to the lockdown I stay at home as i can't get to work. Stake is the other home i can get to where i can communicate and have fun with others. Because there's nothing to do were tempted to deposit and Play , considering that the money your going to deposit to play is extra and can afford to lose. I wanted to know if you guys have self control or can't handle the itch to gamble and your ways on keeping your funds on green while on lockdown. Or did you guys already busted your extra and food money. As for me i already busted my extra money a few days ago and the itch was gone as i was disciplining myself not to touch my food money cause there's a possibility of lockdown extension. Goodluck to all of us and happy gaming.
  13. I love mines!. Do or die. I really love the feeling of being anxious when opening the box to avoid the mines while picking the gems and the sound of the mines when you trigger it but as time passes i played all the games of Stake and its fun , most of my games are on Mines though.
  14. j240

    Decision making

    I got addicted to Hilo. The hesitation and regret that i feel when the next card shows up, if it was on my favour without cashing out regret, hesitation when your'e at a decent multiplier and cashout. Nowadays if im in the mood i bet 1 sat and see if ican get three or four A or K in a row.
  15. Hello there bro evet! When im in the mood and wanted high multipliers i go low bet and aim for higher multiplier of at least 5x and above, but during recovery i do high bets and low payout like 1.5x to 1.8x , both of them works for me. It just depends if your seed is destined to lose 10 reds in a row and thats where you bust if you keep going high bets, cause whatever you do it turns out red.
  16. In my experience i usually hit 130x when im at a new seed after abusing my previous seed with 200k + rolls combination of the other games, there was only one time when i hit 1000x when i was new to Stake , i hit it in less than 1000 rolls with 1 sat bet.
  17. j240

    20k rolls already.

    Sooner or later you'll hit that bro . In my experience on limbo if it doesnt show in that long time either it wants me to lower the multiplier or increase it, there are times when i did this and hit 10,000 x when i was hunting 4000x , i tried to increase it and hit it in less than 100 rolls.
  18. Yep the new Diamonds is much better than the old one , they made the payouts much higher than the previous one. It's easier to bet if you can see how much payout you can get with each roll.
  19. Hello there , Vip status is given when you hit the total wager requirement , the first VIP would be bronze which require $10,000 total wager to VIP. Dont chase it and just play on your own pace and sooner or later you will achieve the tier. As for being a moderator i have no idea.
  20. Before the lockdown in my place i play Stake in between my rest time or when im idle during work. As for now i had a significant increase on gambling and staying at Stake as i cant go outside and work. Hope everything goes back to normal so we can move on with our lives.
  21. Hello there, I really miss the 2 hours race , i'm really glad they're putting it back and this is a good news for me. I'm really used to play during those 2 hours of race everyday.
  22. When i do bets just for wagering i use dice 1.01x or limbo 1.01x with a fix bet depending on what balance i have. Turn the instant bet too to make it faster , regardless if its fast or slow they have the same results, instabet RNG faster and wont waste your time for wagering.
  23. Yep it really depends on timing of your bet, if you got lucky and got the perfect time you'll streak win of course . But when you're having a bad streak and kept increases your bets without cooling down every decision you make will be affected and you'll bust sooner or later.
  24. I usuall skip 6-8 card in Hilo , i tried skipping 2 , 3 and K Q but the next card bust you. I take my risk with 2 - 3 and Q K cause theres a lower chance that it is against the odds. But when i do skip those i do it 2 - 3 times in row in the same roll.
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