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    j240 got a reaction from sugam in 5 Days Reload   
    Hello there bro,
    Yep i enjoyed mine and claimed the five days, it looked 4 days but have to considered the first day you claim. Im already happy with the monthly coupon as reload. Stake never ever ceases to amaze me with their generosity as i was expecting to get a very low monthly, to my surprise it was decent that i got back what i lost in that 5 days.
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    j240 got a reaction from EarnFree in Did Hilo get on update???   
    Hello there,
    Based on my experience on Hilo its 50-50 per bet on each card either going lower or higher , there are times when it spike and whatever you decide you end up losing the bet. Like when you have 2 decide to go hi and its lower than 2 , even with Q and K . But once you got past the spiking red streak 60% up youll get the multiplier. There are times when i go against the odds and it give it to me, but only on one or two rolls. Most of the time when you go with the odds it wont get past 1.30x , Try different strategies man, hope youll get yours. Goodluck.
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    j240 got a reaction from cryptonesiac in Sports bets for progress   
    Hello there bro,
    I think the progress still counts even if its a draw because you wagered . Like in Casino , if you get draw with black jack the progress still counts. I tried it and my progress bar moved . Three times is a great progress multiplier in sportsbet.
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    j240 got a reaction from Hoffguy in Do you guys take breaks while gambling?   
    Hello there,
    I always take a break from time to time while gambling. I do this when im beginning to get pressured when i lose and almost make stupid mistakes, taking a breather and reorganizing oneself will calm you down and avoid going all in. There are times when i really want to take revenge after a huge lose but luckily i always bear in mind the consequence , i take a break and decided to change strats on how to get something back . Taking breaks is a must!.Goodluck.
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    j240 got a reaction from Hoffguy in Does anyone else bet stupidly? wager dumb just for for VIP points?   
    Hello there my brother hoffguy!
    Sometimes i do that too but with small bets for my known team. I'm currently wagering for the VIP points and raffle tickets using my own method with low key bets safetly , whether we like it or not our VIP progress will increase in every bet we do in Stake . I tried rushing and dumb betting and i got bad results , so now i take it slow and steady cause sooner or later my VIP rank will increase. Good to see you around brother and morel uck to you!.
  6. Haha
    j240 reacted to Hoffguy in Does anyone else bet stupidly? wager dumb just for for VIP points?   
    I've never really bothered much about being a VIP in stake, I usually just like chatting placing the odd wager etc, but always just having more fun in chat. 
    But with sports book I find I'm coming in a bit more often just to use the site what it's really here for (bet) lol and not just chat. 
    When I was looking at the VIP page the other day I noticed that we get 3x VIP points for sportsbook bets, vs casino. 
    So for instance if we wager 100k in sportsbook it's like we wagered 300k in casino as far as the VIP system is concerned. 
    So I was betting the other day and ended up with a balance of like 2ml sats. Then I thought I'll take a really safe bet with my balance to boost my VIP status. 
    so I bet 700k sats on a 1.03 shot , well what do you know... lol, that 1.03 shot went all the way to 1.3 as the super favorite started to lose... luckily they came back and won in the end. 

    Then... if I hadn't learned my lesson I bet again another bet later on a 1.02 just for VIP points lol. When my balance was up to 4ml. 

    This also swung out at one point all the way up to about 1.2 I think, but eventually it won lol. 
    Afterwards I thought this is so dumb. Why do I want to risk 2ml sats just to get a bit closer to a bronze graphic in chat lol. 
    So it got me thinking... does anyone else do that? I don't think I'll be doing it again lol but...
    Have you ever bet on sports or wagered in casino more than you would usually? Because of the VIP system to try to get a boost up it?
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    j240 got a reaction from paddyspub in Good things can still happen   
    Thats some crazy wins there man. Anything is possible because each and everyone of us has their own luck and good things are bound to happen in every second in our lives. Even for me sometimes i win giveaways when i least expect it. And im so happy with it. I have one raffle ticket for the Christmass raffle , lets see what will happen maybe i can to ahve a crazy win. Goodluck !.
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    j240 got a reaction from AndreB69 in When you lose   
    This is somewhat tricky , there are times when i lose i deposit little by little until i satisfy myself with a certain single win . It really depends on how you feel at that moment , sometimes i just stop playing when i lose if the coins are from bonuses and extra money . But when i lose due to poor decision making i deposit back a little until i get them back , sometimes when i lose my self chasing back the losses and deposit past my threes hold thats where things gets more worst . 
  9. Bitcoin
    j240 got a reaction from ubbey04 in What if you won the first prize in Christmas Raffle?   
    Hello there,
    If i ever win the first ptize in christmas raffle from Stake i would certainly put it to good use. The 50% of the winning ill use it as additional capital for my Fishball stall , the 20% percent i would certainly buy present for my family members and utensils for the house , the 30% would be used for street children feeding program. Thats what i do if i ever win that prize.Goodluck to all of us and i hope my 1 lucky raffle ticket will land a place in those top 10.
  10. Haha
    j240 got a reaction from Paigeturner in When do you expect the monthly bonus?   
    As long its free its fine by me. I really love that Stake has these kinds of bonuses though so its okay with me if its delayed or something. i'm already happy for the freebies they are giving to us everyday , i couldnt ask for more. Stake is the best though . Goodluck!
  11. Love
    j240 got a reaction from peel1 in Sportsbet fanatic!   
    I'm so happy that i got to try beta of sportsbets! The owner our beloved Eddie had granted me access to it . I really love sports in real life and im very supportive to athletes as i was once an athlete before back in my days! . As i tried the sportsbet i fell in love with it suddenly , all the kinds of  sports are listed there and all the on going or live games are shown. It is very easy to bet and you can cash out any time! . You dont even have to bet very big as the minimum bet is very low . Im a small time gambler that is looking for fun in the internet , i heard about sportsbet in many other sites but this is the first time that i actually taken part of . I do bet in real life but only with my drinking buddies . Im so happy that Stake , the only online casino i fell in love with has this feature. To small time gamblers like me that love sports and love to bet on them this is for you . There a screen shot below of my previous bet ❤️ .
    To Stake , thank you so much ! Goodluck to everyone!

  12. Wow
    j240 got a reaction from Babagucci in Review from the heart rejected..Honest Review   
    I did my honest review , and i dont know why that site removed my review , that came from my heart. I spent a lot of time doing that review , closed my eyes reminiscing all my sad and happy experiences in Stake. I dont know what i did wrong as i tried to share all my good experiences at Stake. This crushes my heart as they dont respect what i feel about Stake . Im so sad about this , i wont be doing this types of review anymore .

  13. Bitcoin
    j240 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Different confidence in different game?   
    Hello there ,
    I have different confidence of winning in different games in Stake , i usually play Hilo thats where my winning is and im used to the game , other games like baccarat , keno , video poker , wheel and Blackjack i dont play with them usually cause i dont know much about them and i dont have the confidence to win in them , Its so true it really depends on the game that your experienced with , the more your at that game the higher your confidence and chances of winning in it.
    Have a wonderful day!
  14. Love
    j240 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Do you ever buy anything with your gambling profit?   
    Hello there , 
    If i profit unexpectedly in gambling of course i would buy anything with it , my first big win in Stake is from 0.01 Ltc to 1 Ltc , withdrew it and and bought an android phone which im using right now , that was i think last June when Crypto has higher value. Ill be so happy with profit that hit the minimum withdrawal.I wont be greedy as long as i can get a profit and not lose.
    Goodluck to you.
  15. Bitcoin
    j240 got a reaction from Alyem in What is your highest multiplier on HILO?   
    Hello there friend,
    My highest multiplier in Hilo is 167x with 30k ethoshi bet i played with that set of cards with no skips , i was one of the most fun set i ever played with , i diditn bust that and cash out at 167x , i never get 5x past hilo as i always play safe that was my greatest achievement in Hilo , im so envious many people get high multipliers in Hilo i hope i can do that again in the future.
    Have a nice day!
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    j240 got a reaction from htetaungxx in How to recover your balance?   
    Hello there,
    Mine i do it steady and slowly . After i bust and accept the lose i build up my balance bit by bit , i also go with very low basebets.Patience to build up and recover ,dont do all in or deposit big as you'll end up busting more without reorganizing your strategy and realising your mistake on the losses.
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    j240 got a reaction from cukup2 in What is your best strategy for playing slots?   
    Hello there!
    I agree with barbaris and artizykristy , choose the line you want, bet certain amount that you can afford to lose and catch three to five scatters for free spins , Even for me im not expert in Slots , but as i play it longer realized that its random and really depends on your balance to catch the free spins , its all about getting many bet session to increase the chances of the scatter to show up , the paylines are just a bonus , try a strategy for you to play moe at slots while waiting for the scatter to show up.
    Goodluck buddy!
  18. Love
    j240 reacted to Shinjo in Shinjo Streaming Live Now - Giveaway & Fun #Stream 244   
    Hello Everyone ,
    Rainbowsheep is back beaaaa !!!
    Streaming in few min 
    Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/pdshinjo
    Join us for Giveaway. Leave your Stake Username
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    j240 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Wrong setup but hit early green?   
    Yep i once made a wrong set up with dice , i was aiming for 2x with a basebet of 300 sats, i accidentaly placed two extra zeroes as i was using the  number keyboard , and that 30k sats was my savings for a week, fortunately it went to the left side and doubled it , i was so nervous and happy . After that experience i always check my bets no to do the same mistake again .
  20. Love
    j240 reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in Rock Bottom   
    So it's actually possible to 'recover' slowly? 
    Congrats! as 0.5 - 1 % is quite an attainable target, now you just need time and many sessions before you can recover that amount, good luck! 
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    j240 got a reaction from Xarv in Rock Bottom   
    Hello there friend Xarv , 
    Me too i hit rock bottoom last August we have the same bank roll but mine was on Eth , i couldnt sleep for days. It was really hard to recover.But i accepted the lose , day per day i try to recover at least 0.5-1% of it , so far now i recovered 25% of it , i changed my mindset not to chase after it anymore and play at my own pace. Been feeling good now and my lose dont affect me much anymore , there are regrets but i believe we can reach our dreams soon~
    Goodluck man and hope you can recover~
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    j240 got a reaction from Xarv in How many strategies did you go through before settling ?   
    Hello there , 
    At the moment im still trying all strategies i can think of in limbo auto play , so far mostly strategies that i  tried are good for short term run only with low base bets . And right now im using a strat 1.91x with almost lowest base bet using doge , its working but very low profit , tried increasing the basebet but need higher bankroll. Finding out strategies that works for you is a great thing .
    Goodluck mate~
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    j240 reacted to Aiza824 in Experiment Dr. Martingale   
    Martingale will never work no matter what variation you try to use...
    1. You bet astronomically small and you are fine with winning $0.00001 per roll;
    2. You deposit a large bankroll that's enough to withstand an odds of losing equal to 1/(any number approaching infinity); or,
    3. You play it on a short run.
    1. Even if you stop while you are ahead, those that you've earned is still equal to an expected value (which is negative for any of the games) [Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optional_stopping_theorem ] so if you keep on running longer you will end up being inevitably broke;
    2. Any variation you make cannot avoid any "x" amount of losing streak [Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_walk ] which will ultimately lead to being bankrupt (exception, read "unless, #1 condition" above);
    3. There is no "known" pattern of occurrence of a target number within a set number of rolls of time [Refutation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_fallacy ]; and,
    4. The system has just been reinforced by its "lucky" users with optimism [Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_conceit ].
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    j240 got a reaction from BombMagneto in Changing seeds or sticking to the old seed?   
    Heyya there Bomb!
    In my experience its the same , tried changing seeds, no good, because your expecting to have a better streaks and forgot to be careful when betting , as of now i rarely change seeds instead i change the way i bet , been effective for me. Before been changing seeds often got losses more. We just have to take the loss and reorganize our strategies.
    Goodluck man~
  25. Love
    j240 got a reaction from mitsume in Most Challenging Stake Game you ever Played   
    Most challenging for me is Keno too , patience and proper timing what tiles to bet . Unfortunately i didnt win any single high multiplier past 5x  in playing keno cause i im bad at choosing tiles , but when i watch the streams im so amazed on how they choose those tiles, they gotta have a lot of patience,.
    Goodluck sis!
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