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    j240 got a reaction from htetaungxx in What is your goal for October?   
    My goals for this month is to reach silver also if i can,..And to reach a minimum withdrawal and treat myself for a nice meal..Oh and not bust big this month.
    Goodluck man!
  2. Love
    j240 reacted to Giveaway in 🎉[1 BTC] 10 Billionth Bet Challenge|Minimum Reward Guaranteed!   
    10 Billionth Bet Challenge! 
    Ends: with the reach of the 10,000,000,000 bet
    Minimum reward: 100,000 Satoshi!

    Stake is approaching a new milestone of a grand total of 10 billion bets made on the platform. To win this challenge, you must catch the 10 billionth bet on any game whatsoever with a bet amount higher than 0 and win a guaranteed prize of 100,000 satoshi. If you are that lucky a player and your profit (or loss) is higher than 1001 satoshi, than it will be multiplied by 100x and rewarded to you as a win! Max win you can get is 1 BTC award or any other coin that we support in that value. So the higher the bet amount, the bigger the prize you could reach no matter if you win or lose. If the 10 billionth bet does not fulfill one of the requirements, the next one in a row that does, will be awarded. Also, the first 200 posters on this topic will get 10k satoshi bonus at the end of the promotion. Please, do not try to enter with alts, this will be most strictly sanctioned.
    Hit the 10 billionth bet with any bet amount higher than 0. Hidden bets must be disabled (for the 10 billionth bet). Capped payout for winning this challenge is 1 BTC or any other coin that we support in that value. (value accounted on the day of crediting). Valid winner for 10 billionth bet will be paid in the respective currency (currency in which the bet is made). 1 valid entry per household. (for the forum posters). Comment your Stake username below. (for the forum posters). 10+ Post count on the forum (for the forum posters).  
    *We will announce the winner on this topic once it occurs! Good luck everyone! 🍀
    **Note: In the case that the 10 billionth bet is not a valid entry, we will continue forward one bet at a time, until we have a valid winner!
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    j240 got a reaction from BombMagneto in Stake or Real Casino?   
    Hello there brother!, ill choose Stake over the real casino. I can no longer go to a real casino cause i live in the mountains  in Stake you can play on your own time comfortably on your own home and reduce the risk of robbery and hold up hahaha. But yeah sometimes i miss going to a real casino on the pokwer table where they wear shades and has body guards all around them.
    Once again good to see you mate!
  4. Love
    j240 reacted to BombMagneto in Stake or Real Casino?   
    Some of us want to gamble for fun, money, or want that thrill feeling that your in the edge of the cliff but you come straight back up from that and came to the top. So guys which of this two gave you that exhilerating feeling? Stake or real casino?
    In addition what are the pros and cons in playing this two?
    For me being inside a casino, playing poker makes my heart pump faster seeing other players in front of me make me want to beat them and become the champ, real casino gave me that kind of feelin of excitement. While on stake it gives also that kind of vibes when you are betting big wage and also getting high multis, but the feeling the real thing is kinda different thats all.
    Pros and cons
    I want you guys to give a honest answer about this 😎 hoping to make things great for stake
  5. Love
    j240 reacted to SLFJ in Can gambling make you a good future?   
    Do you think that gambling will make your future bright or do you just gamble for fun?
    What are your goals in life that Stake may make them real?
    Is Stake your only Go-To site when you gamble?
    For me I'd say that it might make my life a little bit easier but not make my future bright as it is.
    Stake is my go-to site for gambling, I'm addicted to Stake :D.
    Let me know,
  6. Love
    j240 reacted to Etude in Can gambling make you a good future?   
    I do not think gambling can ever be regarded as a healthy activity overall that can be positively encouraged to everyone to participate but as a recreational fun activity it is certainly fun when managed carefully in terms of financials.
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    j240 reacted to SLFJ in Agressive or Passive gambling?   
    Hey guys,
    There are 2 types of gamblers, those who do it fast and risky - Agressive and people who play slowly and grind it out - Passive.
    Which one do you know or think that you are and why?
    I am kind of both, but I do not like to wait as for I cannot be as passive, because I want my balance to increase faster, so I play riskier.
    Let me know,
  8. Bitcoin
    j240 got a reaction from Hoffguy in Betting in 1 sentence.   
    Hello there brother! , i have the exact same sentence as you! To run from reality and be a kid that i didnt experience years ago,
    Goodluck man love you!
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    j240 reacted to SLFJ in What's the game you won the most at and lost the most ?   
    So all of us have different favorite games we play and different playstyles, but some games are more luckier than the others sometimes.
    What is the game you have won the most at?
    For me it would personally be dice, with dice I have made a lot, and I have lost a lot, but I have won more than I have lost.
    What is the game you lost the most at?
    The game I lost the most at is probably going to be limbo, I never tend to win on 2x there, it's like hitting a 50x in the first roll.
    Let me know,
  10. Love
    j240 reacted to SLFJ in Betting in 1 sentence.   
    Hey guys,
    I have wondered, what is betting in 1 sentence, what do you feel it's like or what do you feel it has to be like, tell me what you think about betting in a sentence.
    My sentence would have to be: I bet for fun, to run from the reality and find other friends here.
    Let me know,
  11. Wow
    j240 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in What is your profit making plan?   
    Hello there , me i set up up a target profit like you , i was targeting 2-3$ a day , and as the time goes by , greediness will come , and before you know it you'll bust , last month and this month i keep busting , time to change my mentality then.
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    j240 reacted to LuckyP in Small time Gambler or a Big time gambler?   
    Hello friends, this is the standard amount, I don't know what level I am, haha. Most of me will play for entertainment.
  13. Wow
    j240 reacted to sugam in Small time Gambler or a Big time gambler?   
    Well I consider myself a small gambler though I lost $600 on other site yesterday haha
  14. Haha
    j240 reacted to josiemar in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    yeas sir! same story, not only you, this story happen to me before. so it you are heated, better to calm down, do other thing that will trnsfer your focus,. like punching yourface, haha just kidding.
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    j240 reacted to sheenazbay in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    indeed sometimes, because it's so easy to get profit in a game with a small bet, then we raise the bet and it makes us destroyed. I also do it in video poker, easily I get 0.5 eth in a short time, and I raise the bet and destroy my balance
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    j240 reacted to Mahdirakib87 in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    Sad to hear it. It was a bad run for you in the end. I busted same way by placing big bet many times. Like I have made 4 ltc from 0.5 ltc then started betting big like 0.3-5 ltc each time on dice low payout. I got unexpected big red streak then lost it all. Sometimes we lose control over our game.
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    j240 reacted to rckbrrnts in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    Indeed sometimes it happens because you think yesterday will be like today, but  its not, everyday is a different day in gambling, you win yesterday but don't think that today will be like yesterday again, be careful, if you lose, keep your cool and watch your bet don't be too greedy.
  18. Sad
    j240 reacted to Futurefarmer in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    Busted 20 eth that way
  19. Thanks
    j240 reacted to barbaris in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    Yes, losers sometimes happen, but these are gambling and we consciously go for it in the hope of winning, but in the subconscious we know that we can lose. Good luck recovering the lost.
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    j240 reacted to zulfandina in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    sometimes the victory at the beginning of the hunt does make a gambler raise the stakes little by little, it's just that they do not understand the meaning of the victory at the beginning of the hunt ... there are times when the victory at the beginning of the hunt is only as an angler when someone makes a rather large deposit ... the point just as anglers, who end in ruin ...
    sometimes it's still better to lose at the beginning of the hunt but reap the victory at the end of the hunt ..
    then, this is also related to the length of time hunting ... everyone knows that hunting for a long time can result in defeat, and that makes many gamblers frustrated and give up on betting, except for those who just have fun in the hunt ...
    stop hunting if you have reached the target ... stop chasing a greater victory if you have reached the target ... because it is better than experiencing destruction afterwards ... 😔😔😔
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    j240 reacted to FotisNt in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    That's a common gambling problem. Once you cannot stop, then it might be over, however, its fun playing like that. Raising basebet is the only reason I get losses nowadays.
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    j240 reacted to StakePay in Too much heat ~Before i knew it i was Busted!   
    Sometime happen thing which not expected.

    I never play with big bankroll.  (always withdraw when having around 50$)
    In last week what happen to me i don't know.
    i got total around 200$ free money from coupons, giveaways and challenges.
    What i need to do is simple withdraw as i always do when i have bigger bankroll than 50$.

    but i try to my fortune and boom all money gone.  
    all 200$ busted.

    After losing 200$ i released i need to happy with free 200$ not to try more at that time.(Greed leads to bust...)
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    j240 got a reaction from Diablo1 in Do you think people with star(Vips,support etc) more chance of rain?   
    Its totally random , when i dont bet much for the day i dont get rains , but when i do bet ill get rain , you will not be instantly eligible for the rain , once you chat i think your eligible for the next 5 minutes without spamming chat , so yeah just wager and hang out in chat.
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    j240 got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in How to stay in profit?   
    I learned my lesson the hard way , better to withdraw as soon as you hit the minimum withdrawal. Never ever get into the feeling that your going to win most of the time . Fiat money is profitable , the more you stay longer in gambling your bank roll or profit you'll most likely lose it in an instant , so withdraw!
  25. Love
    j240 reacted to ozcelik06 in Bad seeds , Good seeds, change for a win!   
    Every seed gived us different winning chance. For example u play dice and u run for 990x an u hit. 
    You probably won't catch it again soon 990x again. But if u change seed may new seed gived u again 990x in 100 rolls or 10 rolls. 
    in short, new seeds = new luck
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