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    j240 got a reaction from ozcelik06 in Bad seeds , Good seeds, change for a win!   
    Hello there guys , is there really an effect in your winnings if you change seeds both the client seed and server seed? , if you change and the bets will reset will the chance of winning a 1000x in a 0.099 chance change too? I'm confused too, i see people changing their client seeds and they hit 300x in keno , i tried changing mine and rolled for about 12k rolls and cant win anything past x2 , it still feels the same . Does anyone have any idea if it is worth it to change seed ? or better let it be and chase a million number of bets maybe in that time you can hit a high multiplier?.Can you guys share your experiences with me here? i want to know more about this client seed and server seed.
    Thank you guys and Good luck to all of you!
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    j240 got a reaction from powerup1 in Stake Online Store   
    Yep very good idea , i also want one souvenir from stake. Like a t-shirt or mug from their design team if ever. I also want a plushie of eddie ❤️ .
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    j240 got a reaction from Jakubb in What are your hobbies?   
    My hobbies are cooking , im the #1 cook in the house lol, #2 watching movies / documentaries - i lvoe historical facts , #3 Crypto! i love crypto
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