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  1. Wow, my thoughts exactly. I couldn't have said this better. Cheers! 🍸🍸
  2. Ya, it could easily hit 20k by Christmas time or a month or so after that. This will be exciting for sure. 🍸
  3. Yes, I think easily it can reach 11k+ in June .. Will be exciting to watch the value go up in June and the months to follow. 🍸
  4. Anyone that complains in chat via cursing, kill thyself, wish I wasn't born, etc, etc... They do this to get attention; probably just to get a tip or loan (god forbid) haha. Personally the Mods should mute these users with a kind warning or not so kind. 😎
  5. I think forget the bulky graph, like get rid of it and use Numbers Stats EX: Maximum bet made .. / Maximum profit, etc. Like use the Vitals in Auto rolling. Another great thing would be to Add the Live stats UNDER! where the [Payout] [Roll Under/Over] [Win Chance] is. Can't be that hard to do. Also imagine how wonderful this would be on Mobile devices using a sleek compact system. Cheers! 😎
  6. I totally agree. I think if they get rid of the Graph crap and use Numbers is better. Like add Live stats under the betting part of the screen. Like [Maximum bet made] and other vitals. 😎
  7. I like btc but even to deposit the wallet fees are kinda high. Even to withdraw same. Probably best to withdraw it as Doge by exchanging btc to doge. Also to deposit, best to use doge than exchange some to btc. Right now I usually only Deposit Ltc or Doge to any gambling site. Cheers! 😎
  8. Me... I'm usually here every day but less on Saturday nights and Sunday as I'm out of town. I still usually chat here when I can on my phone. I guess breaks are not an option really for me haha
  9. I think it's a lot of fun. My favorite game is Auto Dice. Basically I have fun chatting to.
  10. A very good question. I would walk away, like just to cool down. rip out a few hairs. Swear a bit. Than, if I feel reasonably good. I'd look at my game and figure out how to not make same mistake again. Play safe is the only way to go! 😎
  11. I'm glad you asked. Well I was born in Penticton. B.C. So, I may go stay there for about 1 month or if I get rich on Crypto... I'll than go to Mexico! Have a great summer everyone! 😎
  12. I would prefer NOT have the graph thing for stats. Rather why not have info like [Maximum Bet] [Maximum Profit]. Just have the most important info when using Auto rolling.
  13. I like to read yes but not books. I read online stuff when I can. I like Science discovery stuff and Alien discoveries about abductions. Have fun! πŸ‘½
  14. Hello all.. Me, I like the t.v. series Colony and the 100 .. Both are Sci-Fi type t.v. series. I think which are quite good. πŸ‘½