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  1. Bitcoin
    aofdonwai reacted to Steve in Forever Winning! Up to $585 in Prizes! (CLOSED)   
    Stake has updated to where this giveaway can no longer be fully completed as intended. If there's enough requests for a really hard giveaway like this again I can make a new one.

    Who has what it takes to complete the challenge of all challenges and win a prize? In this giveaway we're going to win every game on Stake in a row without losing! The first 3 people to post a video on this thread will win!
    💰 Prizes with bets ($0.10 min per game, 10 cents)
    1st - $175
    2nd - $175
    3rd - $175
    💸 Prizes for no bets (0 bets)
    1st - $75
    2nd - $75
    3rd - $75
    🏆 Winners
    Win every mini challenge listed below in a row without losing and in order. Record the win in a video and post it here. The first 3 people to complete this challenge win. 1 win per person. At least 10 post count to enter. Commentate your video and win an extra $5 Use your video camera and win another extra $5  
    The challenges
    Game 1: Dice
    Settings: Payout 9.9x, 10% win chance. Roll under or over is up to you.

    Game 2: Limbo
    Settings: 5x payout and 19.8% win chance.

    Game 3: Hilo
    Settings: Win at least 3x

    Game 4: Keno
    Settings: Win at least 4x on Keno, medium risk.

    Game 5: Mines
    Settings: Win at least 6x

    Games 6: Plinko
    Settings: High risk, 16 Rows. Don't hit 0.2x

    Game 7: Blackjack
    Settings: Just win!

    Game 8: Roulette
    Settings: Win with a chip on any of the follow numbers: 0, 3, 1, 14, 17, 20, 32, 34, 36

    Game 9: Video Poker
    Settings: You've come far. Now win at least 2x!

    Game 10: Wheel
    Settings: Let's take it easy now. Win 1.20x. Simple right?

    Game 11: Diamond Poker
    Setting: Beat the diamond dealer. No ties  

    Game 12: Baccarat
    Settings: Win 2x! Don't lose here! 

    Game 13: Crash
    Settings: You & at least 2 others must win 2x or higher at the same time! Win yet another extra $10
    You do not have to complete this Crash challenge to win. It's just something extra to go for after you've already won.

    I'll be trying to make a winning video for this too. Good luck because you'll need it  
    If you're commentating feel free to post any funny reactions!
  2. Payday
    aofdonwai reacted to Jeazelle in [ 2019/2020 ] Fantasy Premier League Giveaway!   
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