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    Alkoholic got a reaction from provablefair in AMAZING thecryptofaucet new and direct   
    I've been using this its pretty good and low withdrawals unlike other faucets it lets you withdraw couple of cents i've gotten like 25 cents of altcoins.
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Haha
    Alkoholic reacted to nattekut in Nattekut insane poker giveaway FREE 1 MILLION USD ENTRY TICKETS!!!!!!   
    not necessary bro. im not a pro myself. 
    lol im doing the same every Friday. 
  4. Wow
    Alkoholic reacted to neich in How about Merch?   
    How about Stake and PD Merch?
    Mousepads, shirts, etc. was something like that in conversation or maybe even planning?
    and what do the others think about it?
    I personally would be totally for it! Of course, I would also put some things myself: D
  5. Payday
    Alkoholic got a reaction from Kinou in Kinou's Giveaways [10k Ethoshis]   
  6. Thanks
    Alkoholic reacted to nattekut in NatteKut's insane poker giveaways. Grab a share of 634,500$!!!!!   
    As you all know I am a huge poker fan beside spending time in the stake community. After chatting with Eddie a couple days I decided to do something special for the stake community. There are no guarantees but this giveaways can be huge if I have some luck in my poker games.
    To keep it stake related I will also attach a challenge to my (possible) giveaways.
    How does it work?
    I will be playing poker regularly and when I do I give away 25% of my action, which means I will share 25% of the profits I make with the stake players that complete the  challenge attached to my giveaway. Mostly the attached challenges will be diamond and or videopoker to keep it in the same area 😁.
    First 20 persons that complete my challenge will each get 1% of my action. So if my attached poker event ends in profit challenge winners will each get 1% of the profit I made in the event. The remaining 5% will be distributed through rains or trivia's.
    To stay compliant with stake rules :
    -the stake challenges are attached to my poker giveaways and all profits made for winners will be paid through stakes tipping system.
    -I will never mention or promote other platforms in my posts. If someone has questions I will answer them in personal chat.
    -all screenshots of results or good hands will never include the name of other platforms.
    -I will never ever promote another platform.
    -This giveaways do not guarantee you any winnings. This type of giveaways entirely depend on the results of my poker events. If I do not make any profits in my poker games of course I will not be able share profits. However I will try to at least tip every challenge winner 1000 satoshi if my event does not end in profit.
    - If an event ends in profit do not expect instant profit sharing. If I make profits in an event I need to withdraw - convert to crypto and then transfer to stake. So depending on the speed of the withdrawal from the poker platform it can take up to 48 hours before I will be able to share the profits. If there is a huge cash and profits are insanely high it can even take up to 96 hours.
    First 20 people with a valid bet will receive a 1% share of my winnings. Remaining 5% will be randomly shared through rain and trivia's. Don't blame me if there are no winnings. I am human and can't win or cash in every event. '0' bets are allowed to join the challenge. 1 valid bet per person Do not beg or ask for loan in PM. people doing that will be permanently banned from my giveaways!!!!!!  
    First giveaway!!!!!!
    Hit a full house in videopoker or diamond poker. '0' bets are allowed. 
    First 20 people who complete the challenge will receive a 1% share in the poker event mentioned below.
    Poker event:
    100$ total buyins in following events
    5.5$ SCOOP 36L progressive KO               100,000$ guaranteed  55$ SCOOP 36M progressive KO               500,000$ guaranteed 7.5$ progressive ko Hyperturbo                  12,000$ guaranteed 16.5$ progressive total ko HU zoom          15,000$ guaranteed 7.5$ progressive total ko HU zoom              7,500$ guaranteed Remaining 8$ is reserved for a potential re entry in SCOOP 36L event
    Total guaranteed prize pool of this event is 634,500$
    Good luck for all participants........and me of course to hit big in the poker events!!!!