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  1. Idk, about two weeks or so. But everything depends on your network speed and time you keep honeygain opened. Yep, I only use my home network.
  2. its called honeygain. it shares your unused net traffic and pays you for that. basically when this app works on the background of your phone, it makes you money
  3. last week made my first honeygain $20 cashhh out. idk about $50, guess I wount make it. probably my net speed is not so fast as I expected
  4. I use honeygain as well. I have pretty fast internet at my home so before going to sleep I turn on honeygain and each day it uses about 8GB so it's equal to $0.80
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    Clash Royales and Angry Birds
  6. You should definitely visit Vietnam if you want to travel very cheap. Very worth it!