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  1. I have been playing Limbo a lot for the past 15 days as this has become my favourite game on Stake. I start with 1.5 multiplier and slowly go upto 200. It is sometime not worth it, when you wager small. But, it works. It is awesome when you wager big amount. I found it more profitable using Bitcoin. It may be different for you guys. I have to say that this is my game and I think most of you would agree about it. It is smooth, fast and easy to use. You have more option available to use while trying the multiplier. Peace✌️
  2. Yes you are right they really can manipulate the market. They are in groups and do this quiet often. That being said there is also a high risk involved. If two groups decide they want to sell their share of Bitcoin and if another group sell their share after the first one did then they both will suffer losses. It is not possible to do it everyday. They have to come into an understanding and then only they can do it. Generally it is done to either create a panic or boost the confidence of small Investors.
  3. In 2015 while searching the internet I came to know about the term Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I did not know at that time what a brilliant revolution has started. I was working on a website that was based on tech news and everyday I need something new. I did ignored this term at that time as for me Bitcoin was too much information in just one day. This website that I am talking about is still one of my projects that I am proud of. As I said it was too much information and technology that I can grasp, I thought that it was another Scam that the Internet was going crazy about. If you remember back in 2012 people were going crazy about a term that was most searched, " How to make money online". By the way I also stumbled upon this term which searching on the internet and lost a some money investing in their concept. I will not say that everything related to this keyword was a Scam but, most of them were indeed Scam. Still, as a confused and idiot individual, I kept on searching for more information till I ended on a mining website related to altcoins like Ethereum. As ETH was far much cheaper and profitable to mine at that time. I and two of my friends with whom I was discussing about cryptocurrency at that time invested in a small setup to mine cryptocurrency and the rest is a History What do you think was your invitation to invest in Bitcoin? Do share your comments
  4. When I started reading your post, I clearly understood your intentions for posting this topic. I totally disagree with your point of view. I think you have not understood the concept of a gambling website or in general any website. They earn because user/visitor are visiting or using their website. Anyone out these many user/visitor can be a scammer, spammer and a fraudster. It is you who has to decide and take a decision whether you want to have a business or friendship with them 🙂. Criminals are everywhere your job is to avoid them and not participate in their criminal activity. Let the website owner and the team decide what measure they can put in place to stop such individuals. Your job is to report them and avoid them 🙂
  5. Never ever had a dream of winning in gambling. Been not so lucky in gambling. You are a lucky person from my point of view 🙂. You were lucky enough to win such a huge amount in your dream. May your dream come true in reality too 👍. Whatever games I play on stake I alway get to see more of red than green. I have tried everything possible, like staying calm, avoiding auto bet and even changing the seed but, I always end up in red 😠. I guess it is a bad time for me 😀
  6. Certainly Fiat value of Bitcoin has increased considerably. But, I do not think price of Bitcoin is directly linked to the increase in giveaway BTC value. I somehow believe it is to attract more user on Stake. As higer giveaway at this stage means higher Fiat value, which will attract more players and increase Stake' s revenue.
  7. I also have been trying different time zone to bet and have recently found that in night I am making more profits than in day. This might because I am not too much stressed out at that time. I felt my combination works far much better when I am relaxed. So, yeah timing does matter.
  8. Never thought about withdrawing. Only one month old now on Stake and in this forum. I think my withdrawal will depend on my financial requirement, which is doing okay for now. I do not plan to withdraw until I reach my target. Which I have not decided yet. After reading all the answers here, I think I need to set a target. Hopefully somewhere above 500k sats will be a good idea 😀
  9. Hey @GKD09 I assume you know, how Gambling works? 😐. But, still I would like to again make you aware of the fact. Normally you play against a casino with 1% house edge and you hope to win big and walk away before you lose your money. What you are asking is rather than having 100 shots you want 1000 shots to reach your target with auto bet stop loss. In the end I will again rephrase my words, It is possible in manual not on auto bet logically😏. Just ask a question why will they do it? and you will get your answer😥.
  10. Faucets are not bad, if you find the right one and if you have a plan/strategy in place. I found a good Faucet for Doge coin, where I am getting paid 5 DOGE every 2 to 3 days and the best part is you can withdraw when you have minimum 3 DOGE. I do know that this is very less at the moment considering the price of Doge coin. My goal is to use this Faucet till it stops giving me the present amount of 3 to 5 DOGE. This would take a year time, If I am correct on how Faucet operates. Now considering I get 4 DOGE in every 2 days, after paying the fee of 1 DOGE, I will have 3. If I am correct that will be 45 DOGE in a month. Which will be 540 DOGE in a year. Current Fiat value is $0.003239, which means if the value of Doge remains the same through out the year the amount I made will be more than $1. Now considering the Fiat value of Dogecoin goes up as it did in 2017, when it was $0.01 (which I think this time will be more than that) and it goes to $0.1, my free earning will be $54.00. If not then I will use it on Stake and enjoy. P.S - I have already started to use another faucet for BNB. Please do remember this is my Job I get payed to experiment things in Crypto universe.😁
  11. Absolutely correct. Bitcoin price should reach $14000 by next month, there is no doubt about it. Historically Bitcoin prices have always gone up starting third quarter, whereas it has always gone down beginning of the year. Still, it will be correct to say anything can happen. If the price dips, I think it will go down till $10000 first and if there is a lot of selling pressure then it might hit $8000. I personally do not think it will happen as their are a lot of positive news in the market.
  12. If you have been HODLing Alts then keep them HODLing. If you planning to buy more than avoid doing so as Alts will start bleeding starting next month on wards. This will be primarily because of Bitcoin price rise. Historically August, September, October and November are the months when Bitcoin price has always gained the upward momentum. This is the right time to invest in Bitcoin and find the right entry point in your favorite Altcoins. My favorite is Alt's are Ethereum and Binance Coin. Recently I have invested in KCS (Kucoin).
  13. Cannot understand a bit what you wrote my friend as I do not play plinko. It is one of the slowest game in stake. As per the my understanding there are multiple multipliers on the same screen of Plinko and on auto bet multiple balls come one by one and fall under different multipliers. It is logically not possible to add a Stop loss feature. It would be possible on a manual interface, I guess. Which can be only answered by the developers.
  14. I found about Gambling through one of my Friend, who always had beer money and was always eager to throw party. This was about 6 years back. I had once asked him while partying, from where he was able to get the money everyday for partying. As we both were working in the same organization, I was always struggling with Beer money, as most of my salary was utilized paying house hold expenses. I am sure most of you would relate it. So, let's go back to my story, he told me he made money through Betting as the Book Keeper was his friend. At that time only one thing was going through my head and that was calculation of Investment and returns I started from there and I am still into it I was not aware of Bitcoin Casino then. I came to know about it one year. I came to know about Stake through an Advertisement on Youtube. But, joined one month back.
  15. This is the best way to start a Passive income stream. I have been earning interest for quite sometime now and it is good. Kucoin exchange as we know is a legit exchange. They were in the news few months back because they were reportedly caught for fake volumes on their exchange. I know many of you do not like this exchange. But, for the last month or so I have been holding their native token KCS and earning daily interest from it. As per them the minimum amount required to earn Interest is 6 KCS. Interest is paid in KCS every day depending on the amount of business they have generated. As an example let's assume you Invest $231 with the present price in mind you will get 150 KCS. Roughly what I am earning is near about 10% per day. This may go down and up depending on the revenue generated by them. The amount that you will earn daily will be $2.30 daily. Isn't it Good? Plus if the price of KCS increases, you have another amount in hand after selling them. Price of KCS - $1.54 as of today. KYC - Not required until you withdraw more than 14 Bitcoin. Verification - Email verification required Google Authenticator - Required Join using Referal Link - https://www.kucoin.com/?rcode=NM4wey Join Direct Link - https://www.kucoin.com