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  1. From the day I joined till now I have not made a single withdrawl. Still waiting for my luck to shine.😜
  2. Yes, I also feel the same. But, hey! This is gambling it is you who is here to take the risk 😄 My advise to you is stay away from gambling for few days and comeback with a fresh mind.
  3. That is why the Bitcoin community always recommends using hard wallet to store Bitcoin. Hardware wallet are also known as cold storage as they are not connected to the internet 24/7. The also store their private keys within themselves. You only need to keep a backup of it.
  4. I came to know about stake from Bitcointalk forum. At that time I was not aware of the forum. After playing for few days on stake with the free tokens, I found out about the forum.
  5. Every new game automatically gets the hype on stake because of the game interface. I have not seen such designs on any of the other Bitcoin casino website. I think the same will be for slots and that is why the hype is there. Furthermore if you see daily coming soon, you will have the urge to see the complete product.
  6. There is nothing like "Best time to buy Bitcoin". Anytime is good as long as you are in for long term. Do not enter for quick profit, chances are you will have a quick loss. Always do your own research before entering the market. Never follow anyone blindly. Follow the above rules to earn profit😄
  7. The only Bitcoin casino that I love to play is Stake. I am registered on most of the other but, I think they lack something that stake has been giving me from day one and that is this wonderful community. Therefore I am a big loyal fan of stake.
  8. I do not think that will be a good idea. People are here because they want to stay anonymous. Stake uses Cryptocurrency because it wants to promote anonymity. While will they jeopardise the whole business concept. I would never prefer a physical stake. I am happy with what they are doing. I would surely love to have an android app😄
  9. 😄😂 Never happened to me cause I never had the chance to WIN. I feel sometime that someday I will win big. Till then you enjoy the shake😂😄
  10. Patience my friend. Wait for the announcement. It will happen soon. Most probably beginning of the last quarter or by the end of this year. I think so.
  11. I am a big fan of privacy coin but, it seems that regulators are not. This is why individuals like me do not want any regulations in cryptocurrency. This is how they will start controlling this space.
  12. How can the forum member know about email coupons, we are not part of the team. If you want to know about them then contact one of the admins as they will only have that information. Email coupons are meant for promotion purpose, so wait for the next one.
  13. I did not understand what you meant with 50 k Satoshi. My biggest mistake was when I start wining I start taking more risk and eventually lose what I had won. I think I most of the time get over confident and make mistake.
  14. I played the dice almost everytime I logged into stake and I lost the most😂
  15. I have been playing Limbo a lot for the past 15 days as this has become my favourite game on Stake. I start with 1.5 multiplier and slowly go upto 200. It is sometime not worth it, when you wager small. But, it works. It is awesome when you wager big amount. I found it more profitable using Bitcoin. It may be different for you guys. I have to say that this is my game and I think most of you would agree about it. It is smooth, fast and easy to use. You have more option available to use while trying the multiplier. Peace✌️