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  1. They have already started struggling with Bitcoin. Suddenly I do not see a lot post coming up because of the issue they had. I mean what were they thinking? Without the Bitcoin incentive I am sure many members will leave.
  2. It would be a good idea to add a stable coin in such situation. The fiat value of all cryptocurrencies have just gone down the roof and it will take time to recover, considering the amount of manipulation being done by the whales to create panic. Gamblers cannot wait that long and I support your Idea.
  3. Congratulation!!! Good to hear that. Keep on helping other with good and informative reply. Ask and Suggest brilliant questions and Solution by creating topics. That is all you need to do to get more rewards. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
  4. I do not have any plans for 31st. Therefore I will be playing from 10pm till 1pm. I have no idea whether there will be a bonus on that day or anything special planned by Stake team. I simply want to check whether I will be lucky or not. I have that crazy feeling or you can say an intuition that If I play on that night I will WIN more then what I am winning now. What do you think will my luck favor me or will your luck be on your side. I would love to hear that from you guys. Cheers!
  5. So, I was checking articles on crypto Staking few weeks back and found how much fees these staking pools are charging now days? How much initial investment is required to start Staking business? and thought it was very risky to start a passive income stream with Staking rewards. But, I came across this new feature that was launched by Binance exchange recently in the month of September known as Binance Staking. Has anyone checked out this feature. Wrote an articles for you all, you can read it here - https://cointikka.com/earn-cryptocurrency-with-binance/ The coolest features are zer
  6. I never got a tip from anybody, so there is no question of returning it. I still do not have a clue how it is done and how much you need to wager to get tips from Rainbot. Anyways I am not interested in tips, this attitude helps me in controlling my spending.
  7. Congratulations. My best year is yet to come, still one month left for this year to end. If my luck shines I will edit this post and share it here. Until then keep on Staking. Actually, I like the work Staking 😀
  8. I never participated so never knew the worth of those useless coins. The thing is nothing is free in this world, that airdrop or you can call joining bonus was meant to be a trap. Now they have revealed it and many for the sake of earning $10 will pass the KYC test and fall under the surveillance list. For $10 I will never submit my KYC documents.
  9. Cryptocurrency trading is legit as per the law. The problem is withdrawing or converting the sold cryptos into the local currency as Banks do not allow it. This problem has been solved by P2P withdrawal. Although this kind of withdrawal can lead to closure of your bank account, if you do not follow the guidelines of Indian exchange. It is still the best way to make money and earn a livelihood in India. You need to follow the instruction and you will have your money in your account within 24 hours. Most of my Indian friends as doing it. You can also try.
  10. I am here because I love gambling. I do not play a lot but still I like being here. Mostly it would be the community and the gaming Interface that drives me back whenever I am free after a hectic day at work. I would like to know the reason for you to be here? Almost everyone here will say they love Stake or are addicted to gambling. I understand addiction but, what about those who claim they are not? Just a question no hard feelings 😉
  11. I love this game more than any other games present on Stake. The best part about Crash is that to a certain extent you can control it. Do you guys also feel the same? What is the maximum multiplier that you got from it? I was able to get the 36% once and still trying to get another 😀
  12. It is mostly about luck and you cannot be lucky everyday, so yes I do suck in gambling. Strategy is helpful but if your luck does not supports you nothing works. I have tried multiple probability to overcome this issue. In the end luck always wins 😀
  13. Vault is free no charges are applicable for deposit or withdrawal. In my opinion it is a good option to store your coins in the vault. You will lose them if you keep them in the main wallet because we love to gamble 😀 I have been using the vault and did not find any issue with it. I will recommend you to use it. I think Stake is the only casino that provides this feature to all its users for free of cost.
  14. Your post sounds more like a demand than a question 😀 It is good that they are releasing coupons for us every month, that does not means we should be dependent on them. I think everytime there is a new game release they are releasing coupons, which means that it is not mandatory for them to release every month. Wait for the next release.
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