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  1. I am not much a HiLo enthusiast, I am more a DICE or a Plink kind of a user, as I think HiLo does not have the best multipliers as compared to the games I mentioned earlier. I may be wrong, If yes then please do correct me. If by chance I am playing HiLo the max I went was for 8x multiplier, that also should happen within 5 levels. HiLo is a game of probability, if you can guess what next mathematicaly then you are the Winner.
  2. No way 😟 why Ripple, can't call it a Cryptocurrency. I thought they will go for a Privacy coin like Zcash or Pivx, to keep every user anoymous. I never thought they will add Ripple, anyways I am not the owner here. They should consider once about adding a Privacy coin.
  3. Hello and welcome to Stake 😀 If you haven't Joined Stake Discord channel. Do join for daily Giveaways. Join - https://discord.gg/N8DyVcw
  4. Litecoin has gained more than 2% in the last 24 hours. Till 1st of August it will rise, since the halving date is 6th of August. After 1st it will fall back due to selling pressure, happens in most cases. Today Bitcoin has gained more than 10%, Alts are still holding but not for long if Bitcoin keeps on gaining like it did today alts will start bleeding. I think Litcoin will reach more than $150k before August. Still, you can never know what happens next in Crypto universe.
  5. Bitcoin surpassed the $12k mark today. Comparing 2013-17 and price current cycle. 1 - In previous cycle, it started with 1200 usd as ath. 2 - It went down to 330, people thought it's bottom. 3 - It's rocketed to 640(half of ath), so people were convinced that 330 was bottom. 4 - But, it crashed to 160 from 640!!! 1 - in this cycle, ath started 20k usd. 2 - we went to 3500, many say this was bottom 3 - it has rocketed to 10k (half of ath), so people convinced that 3500 was bottom. 4 - ??? 🙂 Please let me know if I did some mistake P.S - ath is all time high
  6. Reputation points are basically reaction given by other user on either your reply or on a new topic created by you. In simple words they are just Likes. The more you have reputation point, the more is your trust score. The reputation score might have a use in forum's internal algorithm, which is used to calculate your earnings in Satoshi. I have seen a gradual increase in my earnings whenever someone reacts on my reply or topic using Bitcoin reaction.
  7. I have been using Stake on my laptop, tablet and my mobile without any lagging or speed issue. I think it might be a browser issue. The best thing you can do is to delete the cookies and cache from the browser and then try it. Try using Brave browser, stake's website works smooth on this browser.
  8. This is great News for Bitcoin lovers, Hotel.com is one of the biggest online Hotel Booking website. In my country they are known as trivago. It is a part of Expedia group. It is Btcback (cashback) offer. I am not sure whether the Btcback offer is available globally as you have not mentioned it in your post. It would be nice and helpful for everyone, if you could add the Blog link in your existing post.
  9. Anyone but the owner, I know that is the opposite of what you all want to be here 😀. I do not want to take a load of work for a day. I would be happy to enjoy any position that doesn't make my life hell as I am sure the owner of every startup goes through every day.😁
  10. I would like to add a privacy coin and a stable coin. Privacy to keep everything anoymous and stable coin only for withdrawal purpose. Privacy coin will encourage a lot of new users and stable coin will give an actual Fiat value to the user. The coins that can be used for Privacy are PIVX and Zcash. The coin that can be used as stable coin would be Tether. If Stake can implement these changes, then it will be the first Bitcoin Casino providing such features.
  11. It is too hard to get 1000x on Plinko. All I can say to you is to be patient and keep on trying. You can try Dice if you are frustrated with Plinko. I did hit 1000x in auto mode, that happened only once. But, it was fast. Try for small multipliers in the meantime and once in a while go after 1000x. Otherwise you will loose more than you anticipated.
  12. Bitcoin was supposed to reach $11k in the month of June. This mainly because of Halving (due next year), Facebook entry into cryptocurrency business and a lot of investment coming in from Institutional Investors. The price of Bitcoin can reach beyond $25k by the end of this year is next prediction. At the moment price of Bitcoin is going Sideways. There is a strong resistance at $11.5k level. If it is able to break this level then expect the price to go up to $15k by next month. There are a lot individual investors who had bought Bitcoin at $10k and $17k in 2017. They have been waiting for about 2 years now for the price to reach this level. They are the one who are most interested in selling their Bitcoins. That is why there is a strong resistance at $11.5k level.
  13. It will be always Bitcoin 👍 Fundamentally, Bitcoin is way strong than all other cryptocurrency. Remember it was invented solely for peer to peer payment network. With the implementation of Bitcoin lightning network it has evolved a lot. Now you can transfer 1 Satoshi with no extra cost. You can read more about it here - https://cointelegraph.com/lightning-network-101/what-is-lightning-network-and-how-it-works Price wise Bitcoin is way above any other cryptocurrency and if you had invested $135 in 2010 the return on investment today would have been approximately 7,797.19%. I doubt any other cryptocurrency will ever give you that kind of a return. I am not saying Bitcoin is the best, there are others like Ethereum, EOS, XRP who are way more better than Bitcoin technically. But, you cannot replace the Father with the Sons. Bitcoin is and will always be my favorite cryptocurrency.