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  1. I dont know either. I think it might be because they dont normally use it or maybe they just dont trust in Justin Sun's creation to actually hold any of it at any certain time so to actually use it. I think they rather just use doge instead because there isnt any alternative motive behind this coin and nobody has horded it enough to be a doge whale like sun is of his own coin. He is known as megaTRON! 🤖
  2. Wait. Is this CME futures or that Bakkt thing everyone was talking about earlier on? Cause if it was the latter than you know why they are calling it Rekkt instead.
  3. It will be out of place on the site because all other games on the site are in a cartoonish form and having one game as a live version will be just weird. Maybe some will like it some wont.
  4. rdbase


    Didnt even know you won this much as I saw you complaining everyday that you hated stake so much for stealing from u. But from the looks of it you finally got your day of luck. I hope you took the money and ran because u know how all casinos are. They give and they always take it back!
  5. This is what wikipedia says is considered gambling: Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. Gambling thus requires three elements to be present: consideration, risk, and a prize. The definition of gambling: 1. play games of chance for money; bet. 2. take risky action in the hope of a desired result. So as you can see for yourself when there is a risk involved it is a gamble. Even with money, skill and anything else involved. As I like to say: "Life is a gamble." 🤠
  6. I saw this going around the internet and though it might be good to post it here for everybody who hasnt seen it circulating yet to have a look. [url=https://ibb.co/685dfVW][/url]
  7. Made two posts before this one and no rewards given so the system has been reverted back. They did stop giving double rewards now since it is no longer 2019.
  8. True that point reyvan. You will have new friends even if you do not win on stake.
  9. Silly. They got even the wrong team. He isnt in blue maybe they were wanting to match all their jerseys for this picture.😇
  10. Happy new years to you Nicol3! It is just a couple more hours to go here that is why I am on the forum before the new years ball drops. And yes I will give baccarat a try when I have enough of a balance as part of my new plan for the new year!
  11. I was getting really frustrated with stake lately. I mean for the whole month I have seen nothing but losses on all my bets. Not even a winning bet on the new sportsbook. And it has gotten me very frustrated to the point of not wanting to use the site anymore. Since it is a new year I was saying to myself I will try a new way in betting if there is any which can turn my bad bets into profits. It will take me a while to figure out what this new plan of action would be.😊 So I was wondering do you have the same game plan of action coming into a new year and coming out a winner in 2020!? List them here so to share your plan of action to make more profit and not just have all your currencies on the site in the red.
  12. I also hope for some kind of update to bring in the new year right. Slots you say are getting an upgrade? Well if they have fireworks instead of the egyptian theme that would be a very nice change and help celebrate the new year more I would think.
  13. They can also limit you if they see you are posting too much just to collect the rewards and not saying anything to contribute to the discussion. There was one user who said they had their rewards cut in half for a certain amount of time.
  14. This player was very risky with over 1 ltc to win but it paid out alot to him! Very good of him to spread the love on the chat with a rain right after.
  15. Calculation is always good when it comes to numbering the cards so it might be more logical to guess the multiplier with your brain rather then just let it fly on a whim.