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  1. This is exactly the reason why I refuse to use this way to exchange my coins. It charges way to much to get your coins exchanged this way. There were some talk from one of the support staff about a way to exchange your coins directly going thru the cashier tab on the way soon. This would be the best way to do it and if they can charge less than 0.5% per exchange then they will have a winner. Because another site I use to go be a member on had an in-site exchanger and they were able to charge 1.5% per exchange done and it was quite popular. This was the lowest they were able to do it at because of the constant change in these altcoin vs bitcoin price.
  2. I have received this very same error and not even playing so I was thinking they were updating the site. But have received other errors as well. Mostly when I was in the sportsbook part of the site. So I instantly related it to that. It does cause high amount of CPU usage on my end of the computer when ever I go to this part of the site. These random error started ever since the sportsbook officially launched so it probably is related to it and affecting the entire site with them showing up more frequently now.
  3. I have always thought of signatures on a forum as a means of adding revenue for whatever is being shown there. Cause to be honest it is advertising space for the forum member who uses this place to put up something there. Maybe putting up your stake affiliate link would be the only thing they allow to be used there. This I dont know and best to ask support on this one so to verify what is allowed and what is not.
  4. I didnt even know there was a support member of the year awards going on until I saw someone post about it on chat yesterday. Will be putting in my vote and hope to get them to throw a celebration party after the votes have been tallied.
  5. The forum post rewards are weird. When the price of bitcoin goes down significantly the amount given per post as the reward does not change. Shouldnt they be going up instead of just staying the same amount?🤨
  6. I was thinking the same thing when I first started using stake and ran into losing streak after losing streak all the time. Everytime I would raise my bet this would happen. I do not believe it is a string of bad luck. Cause if it is then that is really bad. I think it is the way the system has been created so to make the player lose and the casino win. It is their system after all. You do not control when it wins or loses. They do! : /
  7. I dont know but someone hit five scatters and its payout was more than having the pharaoh's symbol on one line. 😮
  8. Unfortunatley this players bet was lost in the dying minutes of the game. It was a good run up until the officials took the game over and did not call holding nor a touchdown which was not counted due to another referee calling it out of bounds when it obviously wasn't. The diving play I am referring to which would of got them 7 points and into overtime causing the game to go over the points needed for the player to win his bet. This was for shame on the entire football league for such things to happen. I feel sorry for preditable on this one.
  9. The bet on this one game was a bust and ended in favor of stake in having the player at a loss. Tragic turn of events in the last 3 minutes of the game.
  10. 1000 posts is an incredible feat. Especially now when the forum moderators have clamped down on users who are posting alot in a short amount of time just to collect on the rewards.
  11. I would imagine this would be disastrous to stake seeing an increase in alot of accounts just to gain this feature and with most of them defaulting and thus being discarded. This would not work out at any angle.
  12. A 12 btc bet he put on the new sportsbook just to show you all who are betting satoshis how it is done! I was watching it until half time. He changed the giveaway for every time they had a score of 7 points on the ground he would do a $100.
  13. When I logged in 30 minutes ago I saw a splash page for VIP benefits some being offered like a choice of iphone, bonuses or a first class trip to macau! Now that I log back in I dont see that splash page anymore. Was it just a test for what is coming up offered as VIP bonuses or was it real?
  14. Addiction in any form is never profitable in ones life. Even if they win they will eventually lose because no one I mean no one wins all the time. Only the house wins. Everybody knows this when getting into gambling they only try their luck.