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  1. I havent tried to play diamond poker yet. First got to learn to play the game of poker first then i would attempt to spend any funds on it.
  2. This is right William. That is why Eddie was getting upset in the original coupon giveaway for the birthday one a week ago with those who were saying they didnt get much. Because they didnt deposit anything to the site and just basically ruining it for those who do and actually play on the site with a lot of crypto on the site. And those are the ones who deserve to get them in the first place not the ones who just expect them and not play as much as the others do who are vip members.
  3. It must of alrady started before I got there because $10,000 is about 1 btc and I got there when he was 0.88btc in his balance. He was just in the process of giving some one 0.088btc to their balance on stake for winning the giveaway. 😮 It seems to be a successful stream for the stakers who managed to get those giveaways during the live stream of this mega race dedicated to the second anniversary of the site. Congratulations to all who won those!
  4. rdbase. Congrats on the first $1000 giveaway for KinAkik on the win!
  5. Being in top 50 will be very hard to do since the prize amounts are larger there will be more high rollers trying to get those prizes.
  6. Yes. I see the bets are getting there so it might happen on the birthday megarace because there are two more races to go and when they are happening alot of bet are being processed along with the challenges from telegram afterwards. So we can all watch the stream to find out!
  7. I am hoping to stake has an extra special live stream for their 2nd anniversary live stream with someone hitting the big prize amount of the 7.77 billionth bet on the betting platform. What do you think? Will Eddie be that lucky member to hit the jackpot? That would be a surprise nobody would forget. It would be one for the ages.
  8. I think doing those 0 wagered bets are a waste of time and never do them unless testing on a game is needed. I think is this why during the 7.77 billionth bet they are saying you need to bet something more then 0 to win the prize amount.
  9. Well I thought last weekends megarace was the one for the 2nd anniversary party but with those coupons being so low it was a big disappointment to those who actually put in quite a bit of money playing on the site for the last week. So hopefully they can makeup for this flub with their marketing department on that one. Cause that got alot of vip members angry and was saying they thought it would be like 10x more than what they were expecting since their regular coupons were worth that much. Let alone for a once in a year event like this one happening for their birthday bash.
  10. I think if they keep up with their promotions and let the player feel they are having a fair shot on their gambling site and not sufficated by too many of them by splitting up the prize amounts given with too many of them offered all at one time. This is collective criticism and not knocking on the site whatsoever. It is more of a growth period for the site with it coming up on 2 years now.
  11. Is this even allowed to do on the forums by posting ref. links up on here?
  12. rdbase


    I rarely change the games I play so I am consistent in the way I play. I do however change the amounts I wager in almost all of those bets over time. Sort of a martingale strategy. Sort of like what another player does during his livestream and has had marginal success in their bets as well.
  13. I'm a campaigner! Rofl. Yeah. Just as I thought so.
  14. Cricket match: Australia Hungarian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton EPL match ManU vs Chelsea: Draw EPL match: Liverpool
  15. Was hearing this talk on shinjos stream last night and it sounds as if it was confirmed it has passed as law now which is not good for cryptocurrency whatsoever. Who wants to risk 10 years in jail if this is a law which is backed by courts?