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  1. Got this same message this morning. It was due to the update done last night since I didnt log in since then. But yeah it is a clue of what is to come.
  2. Seems that their was an update last night and bronze star is back on the VIP system now as I receive it and many others. You just need to clear cache or make a new bet so to have it appear. Well this is what support was telling everyone to do on the chat when I logged in this morning and see silver is gone from my name.
  3. Didnt know they totally removed bronze stars from the vip system. Then silver is the lower star level then. Hmm.
  4. I would agree vaping is the more healthy choice as it doesnt have tobacco involved and is just vapor air you are consuming.
  5. Didnt know they had a time limit so to reply to them so to collect your prize. But maybe they made this rule as there are people who create multiple of these twitter accounts so to try and win so it is their way of filtering out the ones who do this. But yes, if you are an honest one participating in there and you actually are selected then you do deserve to not lose your prize due to not replying in time.
  6. Not just this for its build up lately in price and exposure of it being a good altcoin to invest in. But because of the halving happening very soon in less than a month and two weeks time. So its value will continue to rise as more and more people are accumulating it so to build up their portfolio and get ready for this event.
  7. I am one who is looking forward to giving this game a try since I heard good things about it when it was available to play back before I joined up with stake.
  8. Have been waiting for the return of this game ever since I heard about it on another medium but never saw it come back. So good to hear it is coming back and in a live format.
  9. I like the idea of documenting personal records so you can try and beat your own attempts and trying to reach a better position in the races for next time. But the the suggestion for the three top spots above and below you wouldnt be necessary as it can just be a filter added if they wanted to cater to this option in the future. So not as important to racers.
  10. It is just hype. As kiki messenger just tried to do this and with an ico and they failed because almost all their customers who bought into it cant receive these tokens they bought because they are considered a security and US customers arent allowed to hold any of them.
  11. I've seen this message there in the past when trying to access some other parts of the site. I just do a reload of the site and it fixes itself right up. It might be from a slight overload on the site due to a high level of traffic all the sudden. It should pass.
  12. Novak Djokovic Serena Williams India USA
  13. Yes agree with you willams. If they give coupons for the first set of new stars being introduced to the VIP system starting tomorrow then this will encourage more people to want to join stake and try and get the VIP level as well so to receive these little kick backs in the form of coupons given out to the VIP star members.
  14. Wishing you the best of luck in the poker tournament Nattekut!