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  1. I dont know either but whenever I see an update I think it would be the release of slots or something else new stake has said they will release soon.😀
  2. You can now see your progress showing the percentage you have left until you reach the next level for vip. Must of been added in during the last update about 2 hours ago when I visited the site to claim my boost. Nice job stake on this addition to make it clearer now on where we are in getting to the next level.
  3. username: rdbase good luck everyone to getting the 100 billionth bet!
  4. The first bet I would place will be on Crystal palace staying in 4th on the table above Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United for the rest of the season.😁 English premier bets are the best!
  5. Its because we cant live in the past. There are no time machines and crypto is a volatile commodity so it is bound to either rise or fall. Lately it has shown its true colors with the release of bakkt and those futures securities with where cryptocurrenies stand in real world conditions. And it dont look like its doing so great.
  6. At first when ripple was introduced onto the site I treated it as less than satoshis so I placed bets 10x more then I usually would if I were betting in bitcoin. This did work at first but I was thinking I won alot in the value of xrp but it was not what I thought it would been. So I ended up doubling my bets until eventually they busted the entire ripple balance. Then when I went to calculate how much I had wagered in total in those bets it was alot more then what I thought they would be. So you need to becareful with how much you wager with xrp as well as you would with satoshis.
  7. That is very lucky of you to win all those bets on teams you dont even know or researched on. There are many people who analyse games and matches all day long and still cant win their bets 100% of the time. So you are very good at doing those sports bets. So you will love it when they unveil their sportsbook here then.
  8. Shutting down wow. So they just put a law in place to forbid gambling there. Might I ask which country is that cause if they all the sudden stopped then there must of been a change in government to allow that law to be put into place all the sudden.😕
  9. I dont know yet as this was the only week where I wagered more than I ever did on stake. I started wagering heavily right after the last megarace and was only at 10-15% of the silver vip progress bar. Received gold status membership two days ago. Am at around 25-27% of the progress bar until reaching platinum vip membership. So I expect to receive a large megaboost this weekend and not the regular one given to me every other week where I only bet $250-300 in those weeks. I've bet 1000x as much in the last week alone and just in the last 48 hours deposited 0.275btc, over 5eth and 2775 xrp. And those are not including total wagered amounts either.
  10. Never understood what hunting was and never put any thought into it when gambling. I thought it was what people do when there are challenges so to find a number or complete a task given. This is what I thought when people say they were hunting in gambling.
  11. Just noticed the new button for rakeback was added to the vip page around 25 hours ago and it is nice feature. I did mention the percentage would be a great addition to the page when they first released it. But there is a way to see it from what a member above posted on how this is acquired.
  12. This would be a good feature to have as I mentioned this to the owner yesterday because I went by what I approxiately remember what the total wagered amount was before starting to bet a day before. Having it show you wagered per day would take out any guess work and would reflect on your time spent gambling per day. Which can help a player/owner out in determining this unknown statistic.
  13. I been playing seriously for a week and from roughly 10% of the beginning of the progress vip bar on the tab at the start of last week and now is a week ago. It took alot of patience to get it since I joined stake in April this year. So I hope it is well worth it. Looking forward to the new benefits like the boosts everybody is talking about which are given every hour to gold and platinum vip members only. Which is the reason why I did it so quickly. I like the few days I had it last week so rushed to get it so I can get to use them again during the races. It isnt on the cashier tab so when does it appear so I can use it?
  14. I think this is a correct assessment on a gamblers point of view on losses. Thinking they could of spent that money on things they could of actually used instead of throwing it away on a silly bet made after its done. But this is why they started gambling in the first place. So to be able to buy more of these things and stuff. So it is a double edged sword really. 😕
  15. Greed is what fuels the gambler or else there wouldnt be any problem with them playing and then losing because then they would always be in profit. It is what kills everyones balance at a casino. Just that one more hit can make all their problems go away.. but usually doesnt and they fall into that trap of wanting to keep playing so to try to win back what they just lost. This is called chasing your losses and most certainly digs the problem gambler further and further into debt.