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  1. This would be a good thing to witness as I am curious about how much becoming platinum III would land you in a bonus. 🤨
  2. Yes the higher your ranking meaning the amount of + points (forgot what they are called) when you receive from giving emojiis per your posts, the more you will receive from every post done but on only certain sections. Those are listed from a forum post by a moderator a long time ago when the rules were imposed here on forum etiquette. As mine is also 1000 satoshi per post as well. I liked it when they were 2000 satoshi per post as this would be the normal value for one of high post quality on any other forum on the internet with advertisement attached to it. So maybe they will put into consideration of rising the price per post based on the rank of members upgrading it through their system and of post quality someday.
  3. Reaching out to people in this time of crisis where going outside is not allowed in their country is a big spotlight on what using cryptocurrency can do for all of them. This is time for bitcoin to shine and show the old arcane banking system how the new world is going to evolve in time of need for cryptocurrency to take over the old ways of the financial system now.
  4. Not just on sports betting but during the stream today eddie mentioned someone won alot of ripple this week on the site with a small deposit. It equated to $300,000 in xrp. But unfortunately they busted all by being alittle to greedy. But atleast they reached platinum level in less than a few days with their bets starting with a little amount of xrp to begin with.
  5. It was created so people will have something to do while in lockdown if they are in affected areas due to the covid-19 virus going around the world. I think it is a perfect time on their part to do it and good timing on their part to test out how a 24 hour race would do instead of having two races per day for smaller prizes.
  6. sport:710583 21 goals Looks like the Lazio game is not available to bet on for this weekend's promotion. Must of been cancelled just like the Juventus game was for the last one since they are in Italy with covid-19 causing matches to be suspended at some venues.
  7. I dont and never will trust in the culprits who have created ripple. They seem to scammy to be trusted with any money what so ever.