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  1. Moving on and having a friend to comfort you plus playing games might help you do it.
  2. I think I made like 100+ rolls and still not getting the Royal flush.
  3. r1a2y3m4

    fun days on keno

    Probably this goes not for you only. Also for me.
  4. This is how I compensate for my loss in gambling: I gamble again but this time I do it in full control. Full control means I will be more careful than before that made me lose that much. I'll consider playing another game. Since there are a lot of games in stake.com, what if your luck resides on other games? Accept your loss and try to get out of gambling for a little bit. Try to make yourself happy. Being depressed for a long time kills you.
  5. Hello rdbase, as promise I join this forum . I think my best coin this 2019 would be matic. Recently it got a wonderful pump but before it got its pump, I invested at that. So it's a win to me.