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  1. Can you please provide examples for queries, bet on roulette? Thank you
  2. I can not even pick up the balance
  3. Thanks for the tips, but i really wish that someday, Stake could allow betting in the ways already mentioned in posts back. My favorite games are Blackjack and Roulette. To be more objective what i mean, i will post a print: In the example below, you can see that there are four numbers selected at a time, with a single stake. This is what i would like to see analyzed. My bankroll is not big enough to put 4 stakes on a bet. If i do, i would surely break my bank, because my emotional would not work that way, it does not work for me without my having a bankroll that i consider great.
  4. Yes, but in that case, it would not be a single bet. Understand? As @Bagagucci had already mentioned, it would be interesting an update on roulette in these molds
  5. Yes, exactly what I meant.
  6. Hello! Are you going to create other ways to bet on roulette, like in other bookmakers? I usually bet on four numbers in roulette, but unfortunately, you do not have the option here. Could you please see that question? Thank you!