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  1. The house is better, so the neighbors will never disturb you, there is always access to a barbecue, and you can have a lot of animals
  2. I work in an anime shop Game designer Community Assitant Team (online game)
  3. Well .. I listen to almost everything
  4. A very difficult question ... I think that I am proud of my work, I have achieved a lot, and they recommend me to many places as an excellent employee.
  5. From the situation, I love to be on the street when there are very very few people there, not because I am an introvert, but just in the city, very atmospheric when it seems extinct, but if it’s in nature, then at least in the rain at least in the snow
  6. modern problems require modern solutions
  7. VR in Gambling....That's cool
  8. Pretty quickly, I was taught this World of Warcraft
  9. But seriously, for example, you want something unreal cool, I can advise: Dororo, Made in Abyss, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fairy Gone. Some of them are in the status of Ongoing but already have a lot of released series
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean 🏴
  11. Doctor Who - Best of the best.