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  1. The house is better, so the neighbors will never disturb you, there is always access to a barbecue, and you can have a lot of animals
  2. I work in an anime shop Game designer Community Assitant Team (online game)
  3. Well .. I listen to almost everything
  4. A very difficult question ... I think that I am proud of my work, I have achieved a lot, and they recommend me to many places as an excellent employee.
  5. modern problems require modern solutions
  6. VR in Gambling....That's cool
  7. Pretty quickly, I was taught this World of Warcraft
  8. But seriously, for example, you want something unreal cool, I can advise: Dororo, Made in Abyss, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fairy Gone. Some of them are in the status of Ongoing but already have a lot of released series
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean 🏴
  10. Doctor Who - Best of the best.