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  1. KENO: 8,288,637,368 placed by Holovv on 25/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 67x Profit 0.00006600
  2. KENO: 6,634,751,599 placed by Holovv on 24/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 63x Profit 0.00006200
  3. Yes I noticed that update but didn't realze chatbot no longer receives rain! That's certainly a bug fix XD
  4. I prefer online, I think even if I was in LV that still would apply! I don't like that sort of crowds, there's always risk of getting conned/mugged/pickpocketed in or near them. And it's time consuming. Why do that when you can sit on your comfy couch at home and play some dice on stake!?
  5. As a user trying not to choose sides , I'd say I'm sorry about ur losses, but also say that a person can't complain about losing money in a place that's designed for it! I don't believe stake is purposely or even unintentionally rigging the games. And there's always provably fair which as long as it exists renders your complains useless.
  6. In a way your question is irrelevant! Firstly, because this is gambling, and there does not exist a single strategy that works %100 for you, or anyone else. Also, it's a matter of your luck too! A certain strategy might make constant crazy wins for a cetain pair of seeds, but be another's nightmare! So I suggest you use your playing style at your own discretion!
  7. I'm an addict in the sense that I visit stake daily (or hourly, or few-minutely!) bc it really is addicting...but i'm not a gambling addict? LOL it sounds weird! I'm addicted to stake games. But i may get addicted to gambling too!
  8. Thank u @ceastem ! This is certainly useful to likes of me haha. Yet may I add another section to your list? I believe news topics are essential as well! Thank u @ceastem ! This is certainly useful to likes of me haha. Yet may I add another section to your list? I believe news topics are essential as well!
  9. man you have 700+ posts and 100 rep! Joined almost a year ago, conrats on that by the way, you have had around 2 posts per day on average? personally I'm fine with the current 10-20 post limit, as a noob!
  10. hahhahha no bro u just unlucky af! XD No hate but ur accusing stake of cheating when the btc price is about to rise, basically. Those are not one, but two impossible events combined! If eddie knew the changes in price before they happen, he'd be the best crypto trader in the whole crypto universe and wouldnt need stake I wish u better luck...
  11. When on mobile, which is where i play the most, I use the "desktop site" view, makes using stake more comfortable, because there's more space
  12. Keno is actually one of my favourite games on stake. well, after dice! now don't get me wrong I love everything about keno more than dice even, the concept, the sounds. But It's a bit difficult for me to comprehend! Unlike dice, which is very easy to understand and get the gist of. Idk maybe it's just me!
  13. Yes indeed, this is the case with all types of gambling, u get greedy, u lose it all. Thanks admin! Will keep that in mind
  14. The higher the better! Means the demand is high and proves that bitcoin is doing great! On the other hand I am worreid that btc might be facing a 'bubble' and collapses at some point in the distant future, a total disasterous nightmare!