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  1. Keeping it? It's not worth the effort in my opinion. We're giving up our security for the so called privacy here. Scammers can be on every corner sizing you up with alts. I'd say remove it. Nothing happens if users aren't able to say hi to each other in pv.
  2. Online. We were a group of friends , always hanging out and doing stuff , hand of fate draw thousands of miles of distance between us , but we can still do this online stuff(like G. of poker and stake) together .
  3. Yes I believe that would make wheel more self explanatory, but less fancy and unattractive too! Better stick to legend for that
  4. 1- HiLo 2- Limbo 3- Dice others I don't care
  5. WoW thats big... Highest population , Biggest economy in near future ... actually looking to increase its influence by trade and not military, great for now
  6. yea... facebook definitely went down hill in last couple of years its very possible they use it as a bait and hook the masses rushing in for freeBs.
  7. I'm fairly new here idk much about promotions or stuff, but merging ur replies is something weird I have never seen before ,and it doesn't have a good feeling to it . make them not merge , and have a world limit on post count idk anything other than this. it makes forums less interactive.
  8. Thank you very much sir , though i think some of the answers dont are not clear or effective regarding peoples concerns but thanks you again for your answers hey friend , as I voiced my own concern in the post,"These things alienate and scare people , and that not only Decelerate Cc's grow , it might lead to bills or laws against it,its possible .", like from the things that i've seen recently , like how they wanted to violate Net Neutrality(remember the whole fiesta last year? ) , promoting racism and different kinds of phobia and hatred against peo
  9. So , about 2years ago , I watched a TED video on cryptocurrencies and I was like , cool ! Great Idea ! A way to end Governments like US' monopoly on currencies and trade , specially today that this being a threat should be clear for everyone (Mainly 2 Event : 1-Wrong people's presidency, starting trade wars which destabilized Many businesses and everything, And hurt many people including Americans because he doesnt have a good understanding of how things work . Then targeting people's welfare ,even medicine, to pressure their governments because , you know , exchanging gifts . 2
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