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  1. Hello Jeazelle! Thanks for information about that. Do you have contact with Eddie on telegram? because he don't check on mail always. If you have and please give on pm to me with @nickname on telegram to Eddie Keep it up! Greetings!
  2. Hello all dear users on forum I heard they added new boost but where is info about boost? i don't have clue about boost I think for new users and 7 days to end. Right? If you have more info and please comment to me with quote Greetings, staker vip Tomki 🌟
  3. Hello all dear users on forum! @Bojana unfortunately, i don't will share my favourite music, so disqualifies me because i am deaf. I'm sorry about that. I wait for next other giveaway on discord. Keep it up! Greetings, Tomki
  4. Hello all dear users on forum! After 3 years old, we will have many games with slots and bet sporting. New and added cryptocurrency to game on site stake.com New idea on stream Eddie with support? maybe On live casino with dealer? we'll see in the future 😛 Regards!
  5. Hello, dear forum users! A very perfect proposition really! I accept and agree with this! I really like your idea and good proposition! ❤️ I didn't think about it. We'll see what happens next and everyone will comment on your thread if they like it and you can report about that to chat support. Maybe they'll update. We can try it. Keep it up mate! Greetings!
  6. Hello all dear users on forum! We can say that we will lose money after the game, it is possible that this is a donation? i don't know. They have special and programmed on casino. It's interesting game with auto bet with math but manual is lame. This is my opinion. Greetings.
  7. Tomki

    Lucky number?

    Hello dear friend on forum! It's seems me, it's my number luck are 15, 35 and 0. I don't play with number on roulette always. I bet on odds or even or whatever too. Sometimes i use auto roll for lazy Greetings, Tomki!
  8. Hello user @suga! This is casino. So you used at your own risk! We don't see your screenshot, you didn't share it. I can't trust it because we don't want talk with troll. We need proof but not possible 12 streak losses with 1.10x payout Maybe sometimes 12 streak lossess, it's casino so you know.. Greetings!
  9. Hello dear friend on forum, Hard to say.. all is worse cryptocurrence or good cryptocurrence. Imagine they ride a rollercoaster from amusement park so i perfect play btc, because it's my main and it's very important cryptocurrency on all the world. I see what is situatuon all cryptocurrency followed BTC but not all. I like play eth too, it's cool cryptocurrency. Worse cryptocurrency? I haven't met it yet. Greetings.
  10. Hello all dear users on forum! I did all in bet 150000 satoshi BTC on wheel and what happened? 3x payout! WHEEL: 8,054,060,239 placed by Tomki on 17/08/2019 Wagered 0.00150000 Multiplier 3x Profit 0.00300000 It could be better 5x payout I had very good luck from game wheel yesterday. Regards!
  11. Tomki

    When you cashout?

    Hello all dear users on forum... hmm... It depends on the situation - i click the button "payout" after from start to 3 cards. For safe, i'm sure but sometimes i want try more payout or other strategy. Sometimes my friendbest HighDamage try hunt A-A-A-A and after A-A-A-A he payout hehe. Regards!
  12. Hello all folks, @Edward saw it! amazing! falchionMan should be proud and stay king casino because he/she deserve it! I didn't expect that with many posts on my thread. I'm glad hehe, i didn't know that. "The best Stake and amazing on forever" Greetings, Tomki!
  13. No problem, because when people don't have time to play. When they work or studying so that why they don't play on stake.com so they don't will know about that. It's very big payout today. No, i don't will beg him/her. He/she deserve on it. Nothing more.