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  1. I spend nice time, true. Possible your the biggest the win will come soon! i wish you that. Keep it up mate!
  2. Joke: I spend free time in the jail, 8 days ban on my account already, see you in 5 october I'm glad really, i spend my free and great time. Greetings from jail.
  3. Ok ok. You have 10 years old bye In 5 october. See you! I don't know about rn, what is rn? If you win and i will tip 1000 satoshi btc for you. ❀️ I will comment durning the race, never ends expires Casino is casino but you can invest if you can. There is a value bank. You're welcome πŸ“’ Who will commentrator on 6 october? So we'll see in the future, dear lickcharmieeeeeeeeeeee πŸ“’
  4. Also I play and earn bitcoin no casino. I don't will play without earn because it's no sense. Greetings
  5. Ohh another jealous, haha. I wagered much and earned more than 100k by tip Eddie. I don't care Your comment is bad really and you made a mistake. @Edward I will tip you 100k back soon people are stupid really. Have a nice day and night.
  6. Soon in 5 october. See you all.
  7. Hello! πŸ‘‹ There are half bad people and half good people in the community stake ❗ I spit on bad people because they are bad. I will prepare suprise in the future ❀️ None suprise for bad people 🚫 See you. Greetings, Tomki 🌻
  8. Hello all. The end stake.com offical. Bye all.
  9. Hello mate! Binance has upgraded Referral Program! inviters can now choose to share a portion of the commissions ... 40%, and they can choose to share 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% with the friends they invite. Binance have vip users too, but better register and let's go check it Binance is the best wallet on world than all wallet. Regards, Tomki!
  10. Hello all dear user on forum! You can bet satoshi with ball (200 satoshi) and he go to with payout, nothing more.. it's very bored but video poker you can choose what card. You can't touch ball or vibrate on game plinko. It's best video poker game than plinko. We can play normal on video poker but plinko... you watch on plinko only or you can go to afk. I don't like plinko, maybe i will like with new strategy but i know strategy but slow profit. I don't want waste my time. Greetings, Tomki.
  11. Hello all dear and lovely folks on forum. Blockchain develop all time, never expires. Binance is the best wallet but have more require because you can withdraw 200k satoshi btc so binance for rich people I wonder, blokchain will do new casino site? but small probability πŸ˜› Sometimes blockchain give airdrop too. Greetings from Poland, Tomki.
  12. Hello wise and lovely on forum! I got 190k satoshi from coupon boost durning mega race! I didn't expect but i wagered a lot, result: 1.7 BTC so crazy! I try fight and get star silver, you will see my star silver soon! I can't wait for it ❀️ Congratz everyone for who get many satoshi btc because they deserve it. They wagered many, you should play more too! I wish you good luck! Regards!
  13. Hello all dear and lovely folks When user is able to put his own seed it actualy does not matter whether server seed is fair (pure random) The important thing is the server seed must have been generated (and has not changed) before you provide your seed and make the roll. So during verification process you need to check: - Server seed used to generate roll result was given before the roll and has not changed: most probably you were provided with hash of the seed (usually its a daily seed which is published next day) - Your seed was used to generate the roll output - Any other
  14. Aloha people! I didn't see who did 1000x payout on keno with risk normal or high yet. It's very hard hit, similiar when you buy ticket lottery 10 numbers so very hard... 0.00000012% change. Very rare but possible you hit it if you fight and play looooong spam! We can test with 0 satoshi bet and you will see 1000x payout after 1 month but waste time haha. Regards!
  15. Hello all dear users on forum! I like watch Elif (TV Series 2014-2019) Description: Melek once worked as a maid to the wealthy Emiroğlu family. She fell in love with reciprocity in Kenan, the eldest son of her employers. However, Kenan's mother did not accept the young couple's relationship and dismissed the pregnant maid. Melek left leaving her beloved in the belief that she was him after installation. I don't share about the child either. When little Elif is born, her unknown father marries another woman. Meanwhile, the disease forces Melek to give
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