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  1. Thanks
    Tomki got a reaction from Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    My nickname is in hidden name and surname in real.
  2. Wow
    Tomki got a reaction from Thepug in What phone do you own?   
    Hi all dear users on forum!  
    My phone model is Samsung Galaxy Tab A6!
    If anyone is interested in the parameters, please my info here!
    LTE Cat.4
    255.4mm (10.1") WUXGA (1920x1200) TFT LCD
    1.6 GHz Octa Core Processor
    2 GB RAM
    Full HD (1080p) Playback & Full HD(1080p) Recording
    8.0MP AF + 2.0MP Camera
    7.300mAh Battery
    System Android
    Disk 16 GB
    I use TAB for the rest of my life, I don't like a small phone. I love TAB than small phone or normal.
  3. Bitcoin
    Tomki reacted to Maja in Favorite song?   
    The song which I listen from the day it was released. Never tired of this one 😄
  4. Lame
    Tomki reacted to mpouniastileto in Chips or nuggets? xD   
    chips or nuggets xD?
  5. Thanks
    Tomki reacted to Maja in What are your hobbies?   
    Watching TV shows is my favourite hobby. I'm not playing any sport (and I should do that) because it's important for everyone's health. I also like to read books but since I don't have much time I don't read that often  
  6. Love
    Tomki reacted to Katarina in [0.002 BTC] Best Conversation Starter 🗣| Discord chatting   
    Hey Discordians!
    I apologize for the delayed payout of this challenge. 🙈
    You've all been wonderful so it was not that easy too pick, to be honest.  Keep it up in making life harder for us in choosing winners!  
    Here is my top pick:
    Best Discord chatter: @Tomki
    2nd best: @GKD09
    3rd best: @SLFJ
    4th-10th place: @SOrfiano @Wildmonkeylv @Enzo  @Talos @Tokyo06 @nopjegang
    Best conversation starter: @HighDamage
    Wish you all a wonderful day and good luck with the future ones! 
  7. Love
    Tomki got a reaction from Maja in Real Life Pictures   
    📢Hey Dusan! 📢
    @Dusan cool that you shared real picture with Maja :D ❤️ you look sympathic, awesome dude!  
    @Maja with glasses so beatiful.  
    Greetings from Poland 👋
  8. Love
    Tomki reacted to JelenaR in Real Life Pictures   
    Say cheese
  9. Love
    Tomki reacted to Paecga129 in Real Life Pictures   
    Dusan looking good!!!!! ♥️ 
  10. Love
    Tomki reacted to winzkie in Real Life Pictures   
    Hi I’m manilyn

  11. Bitcoin
    Tomki reacted to Dusan in Real Life Pictures   
    Thanks Tomki!
  12. Thanks
    Tomki got a reaction from barbaris in "All in" bet   
    All in bet on stake? it's very risk - maybe you will lose and fell very bad that what do you did it, but you must decide alone - luck or no luck  
    Play smartest on casino, and stay postive.
  13. Haha
    Tomki got a reaction from mydicebot in ★MyDiceBot★ - Ultimate Bitcoin Dice Bot. Bet more, earn more!   
    Nice and new site. I hope that mydicebot will increase the best. You work on programmer and create new program. It's cool really!
    I respect your work, I wish you the best programmer on the world
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