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  1. we know it taybro, youre never beg to anyone youre always depo no matter howmuch or maybe 1$ atleast youre not beg to anyone Respect!
  2. well brother so many people do that ofcourse new account or alt, Theyre be friends for only money not your self most of them get muted but they comeback with another account and repeat if they got muted and i hope begar in stake is gone thats impawsible
  3. Mistake


    Thats risky man, I preffer bet small and hit big multiplayer
  4. Depend how you play auto or manual, if manual maybe skills and if automated bet maybe luck
  5. Bom! Really in 5roll 😮 thats was biggest one i Havent see in limbo games
  6. Mistake


    I only play stake when i deposit , so i play pubg when out of funds
  7. Mistake


    Hello everyone,Who wanted to play squad with me add My pubgMobile name , Mistakes512 lets have fun
  8. Ahh basketball thats was need a tall body lol im short person
  9. My hobby is playing game videogames like PubgMobile dota 2, and spend money in food
  10. Im not alone in here... I cant even open 5 card in hilo
  11. I just want going to enjoying nature thats will be fun
  12. Well maybe greenland i like thats island so nature so beautiful
  13. Makasih coeg infonya, Baru kena 1 points dikumpulin dulu baru nyoba trick diatas
  14. I can't drive car lol well I like bike
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