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  1. Mistake

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    Looks amazing edward Limbo is new games?
  2. Omg its is true i always see the balls drop i never get bored of this
  3. Mistake

    0.10 BTC win on Plinko? Perhaps ...

    Congrats Darkblood! thats amazing win double 130x
  4. Mistake

    Playing with other people's money?

    i be friends not for the money never wanted for get tips also. so yeah i dont play on my friends money
  5. Mistake

    Has anyone hit 100x?

    I never see people hit 100x on keno thats so hard
  6. Mistake

    What big mistake you've made it to the stake?

    Beeging to neverever and get perma muted....
  7. Mistake

    Why most people loss in gambling?

    I never lose big when thats enough for withdraw i go withdraw
  8. yeah not all people can we trust even thats we friends, i aggre with what you mean, my life also like that if they think im rich i wish too
  9. Mistake

    [Open] Create a Stake or Crypto Meme and Win!

    So sad but true btw #10yearsChallenge anyone know this challenge?
  10. Im not rich visit me sometime then you will know my life :p, Ijust like share my profit to my friends because theyre is amazing
  11. Yes only few people from indonesia i trust i know
  12. you can trust me davinmark im from indonesia too like you forget me :p i trust only few suport and mod
  13. Hello guys! Who is the person trust for you? Me? -@Paecga129 -@Taytots -@Badger They're so trusty for me
  14. Mistake

    5A or 6A? lol xD

    Daamnnn blxn 6A is rare!
  15. Mistake

    My 2nd 620x with alt

    im not cheater :D Just lucky neich :D goodluck anyway! thankyou :D 1000x is hard af even 1k rolls no 130x :D