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  1. Ive been at stake for a little over 2 years..... its been one hell of a ride.... its had its highs and its had its lows as well...... met some cool people n met some no good people at the same time....but who am i to judge.....only advise i can give is be careful who u put ur trust into......not only is playing at stake a gamble ...so is the people u meet
  2. casino:27937882151 SLOTS: 27,937,882,151 placed by Kingcashedout on 17/08/2020 Wagered 0.00300000 Multiplier 565.25x Profit 1.69275000
  3. the clippers at #5?!! once i looked at ur top ten i just stopped because ibrely dont agree......its not so bad but it isnt very good....but i woukdnt recommend n i really hope ur power rankings dont influence sports betters to choose their picks according to ur opinions cuz the rankings could be a lil better than what uve posted
  4. yea i think it should be vip only........n segregate the vip only as well...like do bronze vips only then next one do silver vips only n then gold...n so on n so on.....it seems pretty difficult to win the stream giveaway...a great example of people just trying to come up..the last stream someone won... n he didnt even have a stake account but eddie being a great guy he actuallly allowed dude to creat an account quickly n then he tipped him...
  5. i had quite a few flex wins in 2019 but i honestly never save my bets.....i guess if i dont have bet ids its like they never happened tho huh? i tryed to look the bet ids up in bet archive but when i download i just get a page full of numbers n letters.......my biggest wins of 2019 tho consist of. .25btc .21btc .175btc keno wins a 9800xrp keno win and an 11eth n 4eth keno wins
  6. as eddie said today in his stream.....in the upcoming months a new slot game should be avaliable for stake users but the slot format would be a 3-5-5-5-3 format layout with expanding wilds n progressive jackpot ....sounds pretty interesting....but im a big keno fan alwayz have been since i started gambling....since slots is heading in that dirrection why not keno also. how many of you would like to see different types of keno game formats or keno style games? for example multicardkeno caveman keno cleopatrakeno style ggames? id really love to see different keno games avaliable in the futur
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