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  1. i alwayz gamble when im mad.....whenever im having problems in my relationship i gamble most ....i tend to bet very aggressively and foolishly as well...it may b a good thing as its caused some very very huge wins but it may be bad also cuz ive also lost very huge amounts
  2. 1.i became a part of this community in february of 2019. I was at another site playing and constantly i would alwayz here about this place. Some good things some bad ...till one day i decided hey maybe i should check this place stake out. I first tryed it out only using the faucet just to get a feel for the gameplay n see if it was sketchy or not i actually found it really hard to get my balance anywhere so i told myself neh ill pass so about a year passed n one day i said you know what lets deposite .003btc there anywayz n just take our chances at something different and bamn won like.12btc withdrew n ive been hooked to this place ever since. 2. Ive only played crash a coue of times i actually think its pretty cool to be honest. But what is the difference between crash and limbo ? There pretty much the same game arent they accept for in crash you have other players in the game betting on the same outcome of the same multiplier. Yes its cool that crash may have its own chat line n all but what difference does its personal chat line have to do with the game or gameplay itself? I think something that would have set it apart from all the other games would have been like if maybe the final crash multiplier would be ur actual prize. For instance like lets say you put your multiplier at 500x but the roll actually exceeds your 500x and stops at 2000x why not give that winner the 2000x n not just the 500x that woulda made this game grab my attention n time. I really dont play it much but imma give it its chance shortly n who knows maybe itll win over my mindset. Alltho My anticipation for this game wasnt very high the overall opinion for this game is that its a positive one for the site as a whole.....many people seem to like it more than i now lets see if slots doesnt steal its shine.
  3. The highest payout ive hit on keno was 800x ... .ive only hit it one time ..ive never hit a 1000x though .....8 really want to hit a 1000x payout n ill b happy if i do......if i hit a 1000x ill makesure to keep u updated
  4. I always s3e people talking about changing their seed as well .....so when im ona real big lossing streak ill change mine......id like to think it makes a difference but if it doesnt then i guess im not right or im not wrong for changing mine ....does changing seed really make a difference?
  5. I know most us in this community work hard day in n day out to be successful here at stake...but how many of us in this community have a real 9 to 5 .....id like to know what you do for a career n if ur proud of ur situation ...do u feel succesful ...because succesful can mean different things to people....id like to know if u feel successful and does or did gambling affect weather ur successful in life or not
  6. Since all of us in here love to gamble n some of us like to go all in...do your gambling habits here at stake or any other casino or your gambling instincts ever affect the life decisions you make daily .....do you tend to take high risk on other situations lets say like......relationship(cheating) finances(stealing) lifestyle(selling drugs) etc........do any of u go all in no matter what the situation in ur case may be and if so tell me about the biggest gambles youve made in ur life or continue making at this time
  7. Have you ever been gambling on your phone ....im talking a serious gambling session where if you dont make some money moves with the last $100 u had to your name that u just depod then its gonna b a long week with a lot of explaining to do to ur wife/businness partner/roomate/parents etc. And while in the middle of ur very important session someone calls you for a stupid or irrelevant reason and after you hang up they call back 3 or 4 times because they forgot to tell you some other stupid irrelevent things the first time they called? And after they stop messing with ur phone you just happen to lose which is my case...... If so what do u tell them ....do u feel its their fault for the instant game momentum .....how do u handle the situation?
  8. When ur here playing at stake weather ur having a great day betting wise or the worst day ever......do you have a depositing limit? Per day ? Per week? And if soo what are your limits and are you able to keep yourself from crossing those limits?
  9. Australia Lewis hamilton Manchester united Chelsea
  10. This has got to be tge stupidest idea ever....now tell me how are u gonna wager gold on stake sir? Just for this stupid post im gonna make a post right now thats just as ignorant as this one........
  11. Mannnn lately i been depo more n more n losssin even more n more......shit after stakeshakedown i would usually continue smoking n continue depo n playing......but stakes got me for so much lately that i been having to get my products fronted n i been relying on the forum lol
  12. Welcome to stake homie.....play safe n dont be fooled or ull get ur purse taken.......goodluck with the games n may riches soon be urs .....gamble responsibly
  13. As of right now im on a streak of 182 depos without a withdrawl.......now that shows u how messed up my luck is.......im already at the verge of giving up because i just cant seem to win anymore idk whats going on i think my ex girlfriend did some voodoo on me
  14. I dont really play dice but ive become very interested because ive seen so many people playing dice more than anything its really encouraged me to give it a few more chances maybe the dice might just be my luck changer