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  1. i left my review my emails ezmoneyortiz11@gmail.com stake username kingcashedout https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5dcba662a380ed657e7d3471
  2. daaamnnn bro 1000th post thats alot of posts...i think ive onky made like maybe 5 or 6 of my own posts....im not much of a talker i like to sit back n observe
  3. nahhh i dont like the idea......i guess because i like to be true to myself....i dont worry about what other people do with their life or their daily routine....i got my own issues n lifestyle that id like to better......why be fake n be someone else that ur not.....that says alot about the person that brought this topic up
  4. i hate the 30 minute govorner shit.....i think its rediculous...rake back should be like before you can ask for it at any time......say ur a high roller and u bet a whole btc in 5 bets but u lose......of course ur gonna want ur rakeback immediately...... but no u hafta wait 30 mins pretty dumb
  5. i mainly only play keno so i wouldnt know about dice.....but when playing keno i noticed theres great amount of pattern.......n the pattern of gameplay i can usually tell if its gonne be a good session or not
  6. i tripp out because i noticed only when i have a good balance lets say like. .018btc or so i start to get alot of lag like way more than usual..and when it happens it just losses consecutive bets over n over till my balance is drained
  7. thats weird i entered my c3llphone number and i didnt recieve anything.....
  8. i love xrp... since it came out i been using it......the last 4 times i withdrew they were all xrp.....1600xrp 850xrp 450xrp 3200xrp and i also won 9500xrp but i didnt withdrawl it i ended up busting but to me it seems like its easier to win with xrp
  9. there was one day i deposited a little under $1000 not all at one time but in many different deposits....i believe i made a total of around between 22 and 25 deposits.....i ended up lossing it all...... on another occassion i made 15 depos for a total of about $400 and on my last $10 depo i hit and i ended up winning around a lil over $1000 so i ended the night with extra money in my pocket
  10. your better off depositing everything at one time.....lets say you have $100 and you stil need to purchase coins....if you only buy $50 worth and lose and decide to use the other $50 your having to pay for the fees twice...youve already lost a little bit before u even start gambling
  11. i usually only play keno...but latelly ive been playin. slots msybe about a third of my time spent on stake....every once ina while ill play other games but its only when i get this feeling that i should just go for it... i go off my instincts i guess
  12. lately i havent been feeling vip at alll.....thats just my opinion.. i may be just actin like a lil girl ......but hopefully things get
  13. ohhhhhh i really like stakes new efforts n additions +100 for stake
  14. i alwayz gamble when im mad.....whenever im having problems in my relationship i gamble most ....i tend to bet very aggressively and foolishly as well...it may b a good thing as its caused some very very huge wins but it may be bad also cuz ive also lost very huge amounts