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  1. i happened to catch my self counting stuff up in btc amount alot often lately as well......or if someone will ask me lets say..."hey you gonna go buy those new subwoofers or what they are on sale" ...in my head instead of thinking "ohhh the subwoofers are on sale for $100" immm telling myself "thats only .009btc i might as well buy the sub woofers if not imma prolly bust a couple subwoofers worth at stake"
  2. mannn do you think the amount of rake back one accumulates has an affect on how much the rainbot showers you with? because now that i think about it before i started getting rake back i would get rained on by the bot pretty nicely......and now that i claim my rake back more often because i cant seem to win any bets .....now i noticed as my rakeback claims are higher now i get like no rain at alll its pretty damnn annoying though
  3. yea now that its down to 10k its not so bad......just the other day when it was above 12k i was kinda like fuck ......i decided to spend about $150 on btc and another $150 on eth and bch.....i dont know why but for some reason im starting to like playing with bch....i dont know if its just because the green logo catches my attention or just because i dont really seee much other people using it ......
  4. what are hotkeys and how are they used? i also see everybody talking about using the hilo bot and isee them getting massive multiplyer wins......shit i seen etude hit AAAA like twice in one day ...thats just krazy ...i play manuallly cuz thats the only way i know how and i can never seem to get passed like 20x
  5. my favorite thing about stake is its whole concept ..the games are very simple .....nothing really overboard .....simple games ....straight to the point ....either win money or lose money......cashouts are really quick ....i havent had any problems with stake at all......but what i really really like about stake is BOJANA......all the bets ive made are minor ...but if i can win bojana thats a jackpot right there lol
  6. this topic happened to catch my eye ......its pretty interesting how genetics and shit like that work ......so if my grandpa was a gambler then theres a great possibility that my dad would be a gambler which would also have great possibility that id end up being a gambler? my grandparents were actually pretty krazy gamblers....my grandma was an accountant for a cartel in sinaloa and my granpa grew herb out in the mountains of durango...they took a bigger gamble and snuck over to the united states ..the gamble payed off....they started having children here in the u.s...my dad was 3rd born ......as my dad grew into adult hood he resorted to the drug trade as well.....he started gambling and hit the jackpot when he had me.....genetics caused me to follow in their footsteps ....if they gambled and put there freedom and inprisonment and their lives on the line ..i guess fate directed me in the same direction......i live life like one big gamble ......if you dont take chances you dont allow yourself opportunity .....im all in
  7. ive gotten that messege a few times ......right after i make a post i try to immediately reply to another and i get the error message telling me to wait some time before posting another topic ......why does it do that ? too restrict forum spammers or what? its kinda annoying cuz sometimes people may happen to be in a hurrry or a rush so theyre trying to post rapidly but i guess posts are throttled maybe to cut back on satishis rewarded or something ? i dont know
  8. man i love doing the challenges i think who ever thought of the idea of challenges is genius but man i would also like to say who ever thought about having to have a specific bet id to win the challenge is pretty stupid......i hate that bet i.d shit.....theres been times where lets say challenge is place bet on number 11 on roulette first 3 people to land on 11 which is 36x multiplier win but bet id must end in 777.....dude one time i swear i landed on the correct number maybe 5 times within 3 or 4 minutes but none of the bet i.ds matched 777 ...so i didnt win ....total garbage there
  9. thats tripped out ....i hadnt really noticed this but now that youve brought it up i decided to check it out and your observations are about right......what a coincidence though the higher your bet is the faster your tiles appear and the faster the game play...if you think about it ...the higher your bet is the faster stake willl take your money .....i can understand this ......thats just how some places conduct there business.......stake willl still be my choice of entertainment though i love this place
  10. yes eddie is one hella cool person...i had the privelege to speak to him on many different occassions personally and hes such a great person...it seems like hes really into his customers preferences not only does he rain throughout the day thats not where his awesome stops hes great attitude and caring ways carry over ...hes a really authentic dude hes a great owner and better person
  11. Shit i wish that would happen to me ......i can never win those discord giveaways n none of those mods ever hook me up just because......u got a lucky suprise tho thats cool bro
  12. Man cryptocurrency is never gonna be excepted by all stores ....it may be by some but it lets say for instance crypto is never gonna be preferred by sax5th or prada or the belinciaga outlet over the physical dollar bill...... Honestly i have a feeling bitcoin gonna collapse to everyones suprise n the crypto trend will be that just a trend ......soon itll fall off
  13. If stake didnt exist id be a whole lot richer i can tell you that.....if stake didnt exist id be 180lbs chisled n fit....if stake didnt exist my eye sight would still be 20/20 ...if stake didnt exist i wouldnt of stopped buying iced out jewelry n $1000 pairs of custom jordans ......if stake didnt exist id still be sitting in landbaseed casinos blowing way more cash ......if stake didnt exist id still have faith.......but stake does exist n i dont give a fuck .....i love stake n i love living life so imma continue to gamble here n live before its to late
  14. People respect your come up ....theyll look down on u when u fall off .....but if you make a come back...that theres is when the people will respect you n love you the most......when someone losses it all but yet they prove the doubters wrong n rise to the top again .....thats what theyll remember u best for