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  1. Rain is a privilege it is not a right. Stake now has thousands of players so the distribution wont stretch the way it used to. Maybe as you have received rain for 5 years, its time to give other players a chance.
  2. Yeha Im not a fan of it myself. I prefer a payout multiplier martingale. Fixed basebet increase target on loss. I made a lot of money using that strategy muahahah
  3. I think in the long run everything would balance out, but due to variance in the short term its unlikely the result would be exactly the same. If you run just the simulation 4-5 times you will most likely see a different result each time. There are a range of scripts here you can try out https://bot.seuntjie.com/Scripts.aspx
  4. I concur with wry's observations above. In addition I would just like to add Fuck paypal.
  5. Here is a paper produced by some students at MIT on the topic of provable fairness and its implementation in the online casino sector. Those of you who are interested in this aspect of casino operations may find it an interesting read. It identifies ways in which some casinos or some players can take advantage of certain varieties of implementation of the "Provably Fair" model. https://courses.csail.mit.edu/6.857/2019/project/2-Cen-Fang-Jaba.pdf Fans of Dice may find the section 3.4 Reversed Commitment Order, of particular interest.
  6. There are a variety of different martingale strategies. The most common may be used on a coin toss, it is a simple double your bet size on loss and keep doubling it until you win or run out of money. The bet doubling is compounded so the the bet size can grow very high very fast. This table illustrates the strategy: You can see by bet 10 we are risking $1023 for a return of $1. The basic concept is to bet in such a way as to recover all your losses plus one extra bet unit.
  7. Thank you, much appreciated. I take your point here in relation to the dice numbering format. However going forward, I presume the advanced betting facility will be extended to other games such as Slide, Limbo and Crash, these are very much orientated around the payout multiplier as this is central to the theme on which these games are based. You will find that players who play those games will certainly request an advanced betting condition based on payout multiplier. So I think it is just as well to include it from the outset. Thank you for your consideration.
  8. payout 7x = 14.14285714% win chance Players do not specify a win chance when they bet (14.14285714%). They specify a payout multiplier (7x). Could you please tell me how can I implement the following simple strategy using the proposed win chance condition? bet 1 sat target multiplier 7x on each loss add 1x to target until win.
  9. hi, i'm happy to see some development in the autobet system. there is one glaring omission and that is a condition to increase or decrease the payout multiplier on win or loss. player's target multipliers such as 2x or 10x or 100x when they bet because this has a direct relationship to what they receive on a win, and winning is for most players their core objective. the same can not be said for chance, as due to considerable variance in the game seeds, over the short term, chance rarely coincides with actual hit rate . for example the stated chance of hitting 10x is 9.9%,
  10. Reasonable arguments can change unreasonable policy.
  11. Dear myself, Tell me about Eddies new casino, the one he opened after he sold his share in Stake in early 2020. I think his casino must be just newly opened, because if I'm correct I'm sure Eddie has been restricted from opening an online casino for at least 3-5 years as part of the buyout agreement,. Did stake survive Eddies departure? I'd love to know the answer to that. How did the players take the news I wonder? I think many would be shocked, I mean at the moment most players are oblivious, but the signs have been there for several months now. Im guessing Rade took over the strea
  12. Thanks for your response Sean. Have you looked at the archive? I'm not sure if you understand but stake increased the data included in the archive. The additions are of little (or no value) to the players, and they have done this at the expense of data that is of value to the players. Storage on servers is clearly not the reason for this development. The key question is this.. Who Benefits? From my own observations I have deduced that Eddie has sold his share in the casino and is leaving Stake. Because of this and the removal of the bet archive, I see no reason to continue playi
  13. 7500 rolls in Limbo Here I compared the theoretical chance of winning (what stake claim is your chance of winning) against the actual occurence of multipliers in Limbo. Zero on the graph = average theoretical chance.
  14. Update 7th of October Well I spoke too soon, it appears the bet result has not been reinstated in the bet Archive. I think most would agree that it's a reasonable expectation to have the game result included in the Archive. Knowing that it has been removed for no good reason, despite player objections, rings all sorts of alarm bells for me. Without the game result I see no reason to have a bet archive at all. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Update: It seems the bet results will be reinstated in the Bet archive. Thanks to everyon
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