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  1. I dont think any casino would suggest that the outcomes are random, because they know that is not true. You may hear the term pseudo random used by some casinos. You can take that as meaning 'not random' as that is exactly what pseudo random means.
  2. Stake have the server seed, the client seed and the nonce is sequential. Therefore stake can know the result before a bet is placed. No reasonable person would suggest that a bet is fair If one party knows the result before a bet is placed.
  3. I'm not sure who are the chat team. But I would accept Eddie's word, but certainly not the word of a support agent as they have no authority, nor would I accept the word of a moderator or community manager. Not because I think they are dishonest, I dont, but they don't have any authority when it comes to making decisions. They can only pass on or interpret something they have been told.
  4. Good point. Most assume Eddie is the owner. He is not. Stake.com is owned by Medium Rare N.V. Who are Medium Rare N.V.? or more to the point who are the directors of Medium Rare N.V.? That information is not disclosed. Eddie has a history of transparency regarding his involvement in stake.com if he was a director of Medium Rare N.V. he would not hide the fact. As the directors of Medium Rare N.V. have gone out of their way to actively hide their identity. We can therefore assume that Eddie is not a director and therefore not an owner of Stake.com. The Players trust Eddie b
  5. KYC is essentially a process of you handing over highly sensitive personal and financial records to anonymous individuals. What they do with that, you don't know for sure. However what is absolutely clear is: They will never guarantee the security of your personal and financial data. Why is that? Because they can't guarantee it. All centralized databases containing valuable data act like a honey pot to both hackers and criminal organisations, such a database will eventually be compromised. It is not so much a matter of "if" as a matter of "when" this will happen. If you are unawa
  6. I spoke to Eddie for clarification on this issue. He has informed me that the official communication from stake is incorrect and the 30 days specified is a mistake. He confirms that the bonus includes all days since the last bonus was issued. This is good news. I would hope that those involved in the actual calculation and distribution of the monthly bonus disregard the official communications sent to players. However I don't know of any way to confirm that this is the case.
  7. If this is true then this is disgraceful behaviour. The largest bonus given by stake is the monthly, therefore those two days following are going to have the highest wager volume by players. This would suggest that Stake intentionally exclude the 2 days of the month that have the highest wagering volume by players. If this is true then it also explains why the bonus is often late, as it appears stake may be cherry picking the date of the bonus intentionally to reduce the payment made to the players. We can never know stake's intentions and they are never going to admit to such action b
  8. Think about it from a business perspective. Stake have a lot of expenses, they are paying for; salaries of support team, the devs the server costs the affiliate payments promotion and marketing admin staff, legal compliance staff etc These are all vital functions and are going to take priority over the paying out of the monthly bonus which is a very large expense/payout. When stake have taken in enough money to cover everything they will release the monthly bonus. They wont know exactly which date that will be each month.
  9. Nice to see someone make a thoughtful post> Speaking of which you may be interested in this Topic
  10. If you use basic strategy the casino knows exactly how you will play every hand you are dealt. That is not something I would advise at all.
  11. mods have no authority to grant requests like that I'd speak to support and keep a record of any discussion.
  12. I would advise you not to make an alt account unless you have clear permission to do so from stake. I spoke to a player yesterday who said he was locked out of his alt account and was also told he could not access his funds amounting to 1LTC which he had put there himself. Stake do not specify what you can and can't do with an alt account. However you will find out when you have crossed the invisible line, as you can no longer access your account.
  13. A few issues here Max, Sean. 1: Stake have chosen to delay the archive by 24hrs. This policy means that players who are entitled to enter time sensitive competitions may not be able to do so as they may not have access to qualifying bet records until 24hrs after the competition deadline. 2: Aside from the above the archive is incomplete and therefore unreliable. 3: All requests I made to support over the last 7 months, for missing bet records were ineffective. 4: Betsesh is no longer being developed, it may work it may not, but I expect it will be taken down soon.
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