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  1. so what is the stake allstars? And why can't I join?
  2. Nice article. Good for noobs. There are a range of other strategies which aren't discussed, I think it would be worth mentioning those. But as I say it's a good guide for noobs... oh wait I just noticed you are a noob!
  3. it sounds like you are betting more than you can afford to lose. If you have anxiety while betting then your bet size is too large. I wish that was the situation, but take for example the last 500,000 crash games, 2x arguably the most popular target has not manged to reach the expected win rate. So a player could spend a very long time trying to recover
  4. Are you asking for assistance to circumvent Stake's membership policy restrictions for USA citizen's?
  5. all targets should have the same value over the long run, low value targets have high frequency and tend to be volatile, high value targets have low frequency and I find they tend to be less volatile in the first million bets.
  6. Probability relates to number of games played irrespective of seed change. The longer you play at stake the more catastrophic events you will encounter when you play. The vip system tracks your game play, which ensures you get the appropriate streak lengths for the amount of games you have played. Unfortunately changing seeds will not influence this. If you have made 1 million bets on your account then you are likely to see streak lengths that have 1 in a million odds.
  7. "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties on the site. This has been reported to our developers, and they are actively working on it as we speak." a generic tell the customer nothing response.
  8. Today's strategy may or may not work tomorrow, the seed changes as you bet through it, and in general streaks tend to get longer the deeper you go in a seed. Looking at your graph your target is 1.10x and not 1.02x as the image suggests.
  9. " Feelings hurt.... intense shame... ego bruised.... must score a "gotcha" point to ease pain.... argghh" lol 😂
  10. Again with the personal attacks. If your arguments had any validity you wouldn't resort to such logical fallacies. You are entitled to your false assumptions. I don't challenge you on them because your behaviour suggests possible mental health issues. But you need to accept that the reality you are operating in is of your own creation and its not doing you any good obsessing over my posts on a daily basis or stalking me online. Indulge yourself in that fantasy world by all means but try to understand that it has nothing to do with me.
  11. You are quick enough to accuse me of dishonesty without any evidence. To make personal attacks on a man because you disagree with his arguments is not going to do much for your already poor reputation here.
  12. considering your track record of backing down when I offer to produce evidence, demonstrates how big a coward you are. I can produce evidence, but are you willing to pay for my time in doing so?
  13. Now you have your response from Stake. It seems they have no interest in assisting you. That moves things forward. So now go talk to USDT.
  14. Last week while my friend was sleeping his account balance was drained of all funds by stake, he had left it autobetting. The funds were not lost as a result of bets placed, they were simply taken from his account. Stake's position on this was it never happened. They maintained that stance until my friend produced video evidence. Only then did he receive a refund. How many player's has this happened to? How many didnt have any video evidence to support their claim? We can never know. With any online casino it is best to screen record all interactions. "The customers an idiot" stance by support is understandable, but also we are human and therefore prone to cognitive micro distractions which can lead to errors. My friend got his money back only because he had recorded the incident.
  15. Ok so Tron supports TRC-20 USDT. So on the face of it, it is possible to recover the $30k USD. The problem is that you would need the private keys for that Tron wallet address in order to retrieve the USDT. To resolve the issue Stake can recover the funds for you as they have the private keys, or they can give you the private keys. They are the only two options I can see right now. They may charge a fee for that which is fair enough. A casino could say "its not possible to recover your funds" and at some point later pocket the money themselves. But this would not be a wise move. Please keep the forum updated as to how stake are handling this issue. The more interest in the topic the more likely stake will try to resolve the issue for you.
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