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  1. result is generated from 1: the server seed 2: the client seed and 3: the nonce.
  2. Does EOS have a future? everything has a future even if that future is extinction. Can EOS go to $1000? It can but will it? Is EOS better than Ethereum? Depends on your metrics? Define Better. Why is EOS so popular? Popular with who?
  3. I dont change seed target multipliers oscillate around the theoretical average occurrence probability (variance). If you plot the occurrence of any target within a fixed number of rolls on an x y axis with expected probability at 0, you will have a sine wave. If you do this you will see that in general good follows bad, and bad follows good. Good being more hits to your target and bad being less. If you rip in a section that has low occurrence of your target. Every bet that you've made in a bad section gets you one bet closer to the section of your seed that is good. Many will abandon the seed when they almost past the rough point. I would not change I have paid for every step closer to the good part of the seed. Changing seed throws that money away.
  4. I've given my time to Stake.com for about a year and a half, mainly I'm interested in the narrative of stake's development. I've watched with great interest all aspects of stakes development particularly the challenges and obstacles that arise due to rapid growth . Studying stakes development is like watching in fast forward an organism evolve, adapt and change to the circumstances in its environment. As challenges arise it is very interesting to see how effectively stake respond or adapt or circumvent those challenges, and how the team at stake iterate through solutions. At times out of curiosity I would test those solutions, to gauge their effectiveness in implementation. I'm not a gambler at heart so my interest in stake is mostly as I have indicated above, however I will try to give some feedback on the Stake 3 changes. Specifically I think the visual language and styling has improved, the timing was just right for a refresh and the designers did a good job on that. With the introduction of so many new games, the site Navigation and information architecture was going to need an overhaul, and again I think the designers did a good job on that aspect. There is a higher level of cohesion regarding the implementation of Brand values throughout stake's core activities and support structures and this is for the most part a good development. Stake have many excellent and competent people on their team who are doing excellent work, unfortunately that good work is being undermined in part by some. I won't go in to detail on the less positive aspects as I've been infomed by a moderator here that that would not be welcome. My time as a player at Stake is coming to an end So I wish Stake best of luck and great success with version 3 and onwards.
  5. I agree, "your credentials do not match" would be helpful if that is what the issue is. That error message is used in a range of contexts, which is what makes it confusing.
  6. I am perfectly chill. The message is condescending and unhelpful. It does not explain what the error is it does help or assist me in any way. Good UI design would state what the problem is and suggest a solution. A computer did not write that message it was written by someone in Stake who decided that, that was an appropriate way to address the players. I was trying to log in. I have professional expertise in UI Design, so I know how to evaluate user feedback. Not everyone has that expertise. Ive taken the time to share my expertise freely, I dont see what the issue is.
  7. I was not muted. Why do you think that? oh the error message. You are mistaken I was not muted and did not receive the error message in that context. But your confusion illustrates my point. So thank you for your comment.
  8. Your guess is incorrect. Try to Separate fact from opinion, its a basic sign of intelligence.
  9. Please do not address me in this tone, it is as condescending as it is unhelpful. At best it is an excellent example of poor UI and it appears to be symptomatic of an attitude creeping through Stake at all levels*. That is an attitude that looks on players as an inconvenient nuisance. I suggest you consider the advice of Friedrich Nietzsche: β€œBeware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche * there are some individual exceptions.
  10. πŸ‘»β€ Ghostnipple
  11. I don't really think players are overly concerned with bet verification, once they know its there, its enough for most. Seoulmate mentioned this previously. However the application you have made is very interesting for me as it shows how a seed result manifests across different games on Stake.
  12. I like how you think lol
  13. eh... no you'd need at least two people to agree a currency has value.
  14. Stake is a game of "when to leave" The real gamble that determines overall profit is when to leave and that is best decided before you play. If you win big take out that money and never bring it back. Put it somewhere or into something so that you don't have easy access to it.
  15. Saw this coming, affiliate commission will be next.