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  1. Does anyone know how to generate the crash result history using the latest game hash and Salt? The code below is an example of how this is achieved for another website crash game, does anyone know of something similar for the stake Crash game? * @desc Calculates the game result from its hash * @param binary seed - Hash of the game. Ex.: Buffer.from(seed) * @param string salt - Client seed; A bitcoin block hash * @return number */ const gameResult = (seed, salt) => { const nBits = 52; // number of most significant bits to use // 1. HMAC_SHA256(message=seed, key=salt) const hmac = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256(seed, salt); seed = hmac.toString(CryptoJS.enc.Hex); // 2. r = 52 most significant bits seed = seed.slice(0, nBits / 4); const r = parseInt(seed, 16); // 3. X = r / 2^52 let X = r / Math.pow(2, nBits); // uniformly distributed in [0; 1) // 4. X = 99 / (1-X) X = 99 / (1 - X); // 5. return max(trunc(X), 100) const result = Math.floor(X); return Math.max(1, result / 100); }; $.fn.appendToWithIndex = function(to, index) { if (!to instanceof jQuery) { to = $(to); } if (index === 0) { $(this).prependTo(to); } else { $(this).insertAfter(to.children().eq(index - 1)); } };
  2. He signed in with an old account. He had two accounts which is not allowed. So he was banned.
  3. It is with deep regret that I must announce the departure of my dear friend Seoulmate from the forum. He has asked that I post this message to you all. My dear friends, I have been banned from Stake forum. I just wanted to thank you all for the many hours of entertainment I had reading your posts here. I learned a lot from you guys, most of which I learned from those who I disagreed with. The law is black and white but we live in shades of gray. My oversight cost me my existence here. I will miss the forum and all of you. Peace and Love to all. - Seoulmate
  4. no, I'm the one who does the arresting, so watch your step.
  5. basically I will eat any carbon based life form
  6. All people like to Gamble, especially A-List celebrities. Are you a famous movie star or perhaps a recording artist like myself? Reply below so I know I'm not the only one on Stake.
  7. Tell me this... why is it, do you think a clock face is round and not in a straight line? what goes around comes around
  8. when you travel deep in the seed the numbers get heavy, occasionally you can see them in the shallows of an early seed, but for the most part you must go deep to find them. The heavy numbers have a gravitational pull, sucking in many of the mid sized numbers around them. It is how I find them.
  9. Limbo is my game it whispers to me it's secrets, I listen then I win.
  10. Perception is reality for most people and the role of the mind is to continuously perform tricks. If it makes no difference in your reality, that does not mean it makes no difference in someone elses. The original post is in relation to personal subjective experience.
  11. I prefer the circle version of the game its easier for me to keep track of where the dice has hit. In this format I find it easier to remember what numbers have shown already in the game.