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  1. yeah you are right, i never understood why players bet at 98%
  2. Hi Jovan, Good luck with your new role. Can you tell me what a community managers responsibilities are?
  3. Stake made changes to their api which broke the bot, it does not work anymore
  4. My understanding with VIP Challenge is that the bets should be posted within 48hrs. The last limbo VIP challenge stipulated a 48hr time limit, maybe it has changed to 24hrs now. I also notice that the server response to api calls does not include the nonce. I'd have thought that would be included considering its importance when generating the actual game result.
  5. Because my bet archive is missing hundreds and sometimes thousands of bets. I can't include them in the VIP Challenges. Even though I placed bets that are valid for the competition they are missing from my archive.
  6. Why does Crash not display the win chance for your target? There is over emphasis on win chance every where else on site, so why not in the crash Game?
  7. Anybody know how to generate the Crash game result history from the last game hash? I've seen online tools for similar crash games that will generate the full result history from the most recent game hash, for example https://jsfiddle.net/Dexon95/2fmuxLza/ And I have some python and js scripts that do it for other sites. But i've never seen one for stake's crash game. thanks
  8. Yes I often look for the adult chat room at stake, there is one on Primedice.
  9. Well I think its time I did this again, but bigger, much bigger muahahahhaha
  10. No confusion at all. I identified a problem, took the time to consider a proposal that addresses the problem, sent it to you. The official rules were changed, in line with my proposal and published for all. End result: the Rules are improved and further confusion and conflict is avoided, everybody benefits. regards Ghostnipple
  11. Feelings are a pretty good way to evaluate security risk and deal with Identity fraud. More feelings everyone.
  12. The average armed bank robbery in the US nets only $7500. If you have 1 btc and your kyc and linked withdrawal/wallet address fall into the wrong hands. You are going to get some unfriendly night visitors.
  13. Honey trap never fails.
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