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  1. ok thanks for update. I have something you may be interested in that relates to that, so let me know whenever you manage to finish that project.
  2. how many times do you need to be told that assumptions are not the same as facts.
  3. The one you made for limbo does the streak finder work now?
  4. lol How convenient for you. Let us not kid ourselves here. We both know that in order for stake to attract new players they need to demonstrate an active user base, this is primarily achieved through the chat box on site but backed up by an active forum. That is why stake initially paid players to make posts.
  5. This is good strategy if your account is relatively new. However the longer you play the longer the losing streaks you will encounter. But on the bright side the longer the winning streaks also. If you start to face long losing streaks then try reducing bet size but compounding your wins for winning streaks example for a seven in a row winning streak: Bet 1: 0.50c at 2x = 0.50c win Bet 2: 1.00 at 2x = 1.00 win Bet 3: 1.50 at 2x = 1.50 win Bet 4: 3.00 at 2x = 3.00 win Bet 5: 6.00 at 2x = 6.00 win Bet 6: 12.00 at 2x = 12.00 win Bet 7: 24.00 at 2x = 24.00 win Total for winning streak is $48 for a 50c risk. The longer you play the longer the winning streaks you will encounter. You may as well take advantage of that.
  6. Ok thank you. Well that's a good point you make, thank for that. You have fallen victim to the logical fallacy of ad hominem. That is dissapointing having read your previous posts I would have thought you would know the difference between fact and opinion. The responses in this thread do not deal with the points I have made in my OP. They are almost all an attack on my character. This is a distraction tactic and also a logical fallacy ad hominem. (ie. we cant counter his arguments, so lets distract people by attacking his character) To attack a man from the position of anonymity is the act of a coward. I do not back down from any attack let alone the attack of cowards. In my view defending your core principles is never a waste of time. well said, thank you .
  7. You may not be aware of this but for every incorrect answer given by a user they must compensate by providing the equivalent amount of correct answers to pass the captcha. Try it yourself get 5 wrong on purpose. Then over the next few challenges count how many you need to do to get access. This I find to be unfair on anybody who suffers from a visual impairment. btw did it ever occur to you that I may suffer from a visual impairment and that this is why the issue is important for me. There are many other things I could be doing right now than fight a cause I am not invested in. I see, I did notice other users used the same words and their response to my post came through immediately. Could you please direct me to this list of black listed words so I can avoid this situation in future. btw did you manage to finish the streak finder for that excellent script you made? last time I looked it was work in progress. It would be great to be able to search for winning streaks if that's not too difficult to implement. btw did you manage to finish the streak finder for that excellent script you made? last time I looked it was work in progress. It would be great to be able to search for winning streaks if that's not too difficult to implement.
  8. That is very useful information thank you very much for that. Sorry but my posts are being censored, some of my responses are being blocked, you may not have received some of them. Thats why I made additional threads.
  9. Yes but I am not allowed post that information here. Sorry about that. Oh there is a website that provides that information, try searching on google for that.
  10. Sorry but you are incorrect I have been aware of that accessibility token for about 2 months. I can prove that to you if you wish. However I would like you to prove your assertions in exchange. lol I would think you of all people would understand the logical fallacy in ad hominem. If my arguments are poorly formed or I am incorrect in some way I would be happy to hear it. The common approach of attacking the person and not their argument is something you have fallen victim to here often enough. You have complained about it, so why do you now choose to use that here? it stinks of hypocrisy.
  11. I am not a fool, please do not address me as one. Stake's biggest investor is the players, they pay for everything. Stake is nothing without the players. To ignore this fact is to disrespect them. I notice at no point do you address my arguments. I take it that you don't find fault with them otherwise you would have produced counter arguments which you have not. "Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board" What part of this sentence do you fail to understand? there is no addendum that states "so long as the moderators are ok with the topic". Incidentally who's view do you represent? your own as an individual or you represent the voice of stake here. I agree. yes and some have admitted to doing just that, I will not point fingers, but they know.
  12. Sorry but that is to misunderstand the nature of the data collected, all of the data is of value both correct captcha's and incorrect, it all contributes. The value is derived from how the data is used and what question is being asked. There will always be somebody with a research question that will find a use for the data collected. Even if it is not immediately apparent.
  13. I dont think it would be wise to remove the captcha. However I do think that those who have considerable difficulty completing captchas should be provided with an option to bypass the captcha. Furthermore when an option is available, which it is, why censor somebody from promoting the availability of that option. How can those who need the bypass learn about it if discussing it is not allowed?
  14. I have no interest in bonus drops. However if I was interested in bonus drops, please tell me how does raising awareness for others of how to bypass the hcaptcha increase my own chances? I fail to see the logic.
  15. To have read my post and comment in such a way reflects very poorly on your character.
  16. Having posted regularly here for two years I have learned that sometimes I have to go the long way around to make sure my point doesnt get lost in the "what did you have for dinner today" posts. The main issue I'm trying to make members aware of is that those with disabilities are burdened disproportionally by captchas. According to the the EU commission's accessibility taskforce up to 20% of all users have either cognitive auditory or visual impairments which make captchas tortuous for them. What is most disturbing to know is that companies using these services profit mostly from those who suffer from accessibility issues as it is that group that are forced to complete more captchas than the rest of the population. I have seen no effort by stake to publish information that allows users to bypass the captcha so I'm raising awareness of the issue. Unfortunately stake is blocking my attempts to raise awareness by censoring my posts. This is shameful behaviour on their part and I await an explanation.
  17. with 10 minute reloads that would necessitate by my calculation 133 captchas per 24hr period. I wonder does the accessibility token allow for such a large number of captcha bypass. Captcha has been described as both cruel and tortuous for those with disabilities and including visual impairment that accounts for up to 20% of all users. @Tristan perhaps you would care to comment in a less flippant way on this issue?
  18. actually my point is really concerning the accessibility process, but sometimes you need to have an audience to have your point heard here. Thanks for your comment, it has helped me to raise an issue here which I think is overlooked by most.
  19. For those who have accessibility problems, such as visual impairment, with websites that use hCaptcha you can bypass the procedure. The following information is an extract from the hcaptcha website: How it works: first, an accessibility user signs up via the accessibility signup page, which is prominently linked in the hCaptcha widget info page. They are given an encrypted cookie that can be used several times per day, but must be refreshed every 24 hours via login. When a challenge is presented to an accessibility user on any site using the hCaptcha service, they will automatically pass. I would very much like to post the link for the accessibility page but the forum rules forbid users helping each other in this way. a google search for hcaptcha accessibility will take you to the appropriate page.
  20. tbh what is frustrating is that I complete correctly 4 or 5 captchas and am then asked to do more. This is clearly an abuse of my time. I'm not interested in the tiny income that stake derive from that but in principle it is nothing less than exploitation to casually waste thousands of players time and effort simply to squeeze out a tiny profit from hcaptcha. Below is an example of a captcha that was rejected by stake as incorrect, it is one in a series of 8 captchas which I completed correctly before being allowed to access my own money:
  21. I have wagered 785btc and am 12btc in profit, you have wagered 0.7btc and are at a loss My reputation score is 170 here, yours is 7 lol I have 33 followers here, you have 2 followers here, (1 is your alt, the other is your boyfriend). Go back to begging from Eddie's stream. You are not worth my time.
  22. would you like me to wear a swastika on my back too?
  23. lol the first time anyone has accused me of defending stake... that's hilarious.
  24. The point is derived from either the response or lack of response, the topic is simply a catalyst. Please list the posts that you have read in which I ask for money from stake. I understand that your mind is focused on this as a quick look at your profile demonstrates that the majority of your posts are attempts to benefit financially from eddies stream. Please supply evidence to support your claim, as this is the basis for intelligent discussion. Only an idiot repeats hearsay and takes it as fact. lol exactly what I did when I found out why I'm doing so many captchas.
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