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  1. Will definitely give it a try but with very small bet.. For trial.. Thanks for ur suggestion.. I tried it. But I did not wagger that much and lose. Maybe because am not familiar with the game. Yeah’ I noticed Plinko low -8 is very good for waggering. Thank u’
  2. Is there a chance to win something in sport with my 700trx?
  3. You got the point. If we will base directly to reality.. Haay’ Im just feeling more hopeless..
  4. Thanks to both of u for sharing your thoughts and ideas.. Im trying your suggested strat in Plinko.. I hope it will gonna work. @topsmokaz I dont have any strat on how to gamble this amount and reach up to 2000. And if ever I will have that 2k . I will just withdraw it directly and solve my problem.. @Dansliplol rakeback to waggered that amount will be around 1,4k usd and 3200.. I need only atleast 2k profit to solve my current problem.
  5. Please comment and Leave your strat here for small balance. Thanks’
  6. Hi! Stakers, I am 72.51 percent to Plat V. I need to wagger 687,250usd to be exact. I badly needed the 3200usd reward. So I am really dying to reach my Plat 5. As of now’ I just have 700trx. Kindly suggest me ur best strat..😭😭😭
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