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  1. @Sped Can 100% confirm it will not be Friday they don't release things on Friday cause no support is around to patch it on weekends if there is a issue
  2. Yea pretty excited for slots to be released publicly
  3. Man. Whenever you give anyone some crypto on stake consider it a gift even if they say they will give get you back.... But that being said yes I do trust 1 person on stake to gamble my deposit cause I got my GF to sign up and she occasionally spends some of my money
  4. Yea was a pretty lucky day I got 4 1000X in the same day
  5. I'm curious what was your best day on stake??? Like how much did you withdrawal me personally it's 100 eth over the day
  6. My first bet would be on boxing I'm actually new to sports betting but I want to learn more about it so pretty excited cause I never have time to do it in person
  7. When I start a hunt I put a set amount on stake and then go tell green or bust it has bitten me a few times but when it works it works.
  8. When I am betting big money then yes cause everything is a calculated decision betting for fun then not at all
  9. I primarily play plinko on stake and slots in real life
  10. This is considered an all or bust strategy it works most of the time but eventually you will bust and for allot losing most if not all profit
  11. Congratulations man I am down about 9 eth ATM trying to hunt a 260X but that's plinko for you
  12. I am betting it's going to continue to drop all the way into December
  13. Pretty excited I haven't done a ton of sports betting but I wanna learn
  14. 99th I think that was 4 races ago ? Right ?