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  1. GokuHF Live Stream | Contest | OffTheBus

    Count me in GL
  2. Ghost mode allows you to hide your wagers. You can turn it on in your account settings and when you play your bets will appear in the all bets tab as HIDDEN
  3. since I don't really have big wins anymore I don't get many pm beggers.. lol I must say though, when you are on a winning streak and those pm begs begin it gets really annoying. I don't mind a friend asking for help but if you don't know the person then don't bother them. I am grateful for the new ghost mode though, it has cut down on the begging a lot.
  4. Carnival hits Stake!

    These are so cute
  5. Thank you for the information monolotto. I will try it
  6. Zoomdice!!!!

    Macky the site is looking really good now. Looking forward to visiting again very soon
  7. I feel it is a no win situation for an Admin of a site to have to remove a popular Mod from their team. It is easy to judge when those tough decisions are not your responsibility or you are not armed with all the facts. In any case, the choice is usually made in the best interest of the site and to maintain the integrity of the Moderation team. Whatever the reasons are for the demotion of 77kdub, she will be missed.
  8. Support Hilo Stream - plan and program

    sounds like a really good time Looking forward to it
  9. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    Hilo:202,882,222 placed by HERA Wagered: 0.00016384 Payout: 8.58x Profit: 0.00124240
  10. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    Hilo:202,869,591 placed by HERA Wagered: 0.00001024 Payout: 52.25x Profit: 0.00052479 Hilo:202,876,181 placed by HERA Wagered: 0.00004096 Payout: 23.21x Profit: 0.00090955 Hilo:202,879,650 placed by HERA Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 25.87x Profit: 0.00203738
  11. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    I clicked that first?? Hilo:202,855,655 Hilo:202,855,655 placed by HERA Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 210.96x Profit: 0.00107497
  12. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    Hilo:202,852,112 placed by HERA Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 29.67x Profit: 0.00014680
  13. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    Thank you oleg, I will try gl
  14. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    just busted 200k trying for high multiplier so, that is the best I have to enter sadly
  15. HILO stream is finally here! :)

    So, is that not a qualifying wager?