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  1. Botude

    Rewording Provably Fair

    What is probably fair lol I didn't use that
  2. Botude

    Whats your biggest ever win?

    In mines 16 bombs with 100k bet
  3. Botude

    1% or 2% house of edge ?

    Primedice only have 1 game and stake games is more fun
  4. Botude

    Road to the 1 BTC

    Good luck
  5. It will stop at 6k I think
  6. Botude

    Favorite Slot Game?

    I love starburst too <3
  7. Botude

    Do you like sound when you play or no?

    Yes I love the sounds
  8. Botude

    How do you pick lucky numbers?

    17 15 25 12 is mine <3
  9. Botude

    Auto Bet Dice Strategy

    It works for me,.try it
  10. Botude

    No Stream few days!

    So sad no stream
  11. Rainbowsheep ?? Username: Botude
  12. Botude

    Faucet Information & FAQ

    Thanks for the information