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  1. Would be pretty fun if you dont count bronze vips as vips
  2. Depends if you feel lucky or not, for me personally keno is alot better. Find a pattern that works for you.
  3. heisa

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I would go back to the day i did a 1k$ coinflip with csgo skins and go on the other side
  4. Personally i like keno more because sometimes its really hot and hits all the numbers but sometimes it doesnt hit anything at all, not a fan of stake slots due to them not having sticky wilds and they just seem pretty limited after playing some of the well known slots.
  5. 100% can say that its better playing from PC, because you can multi task , also it doesnt take much time to type in the bet amount, the screen is bigger and the animations are smoother (atleast for me, because i have a shitty phone)
  6. Heisa , i feel like today is my lucky day
  7. I love betting on csgo matches, they have great odds and i've been following the market for a few years now.
  8. Most of the time i do big runs, like 0.1 eth to 1 eth and sometimes i just lose, i wouldnt suggest it for racing, as it is NOT a safe wager method. There are far way better wagering methods.