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  1. Thanks for the reply and info....well looks like that's the only way then.
  2. Hey there Stake members and Admin. Do you guys think that it would be a good idea if Stake could make a official Stake app for Android/IOS devices?? I know that some of you might say that you can play at Stake website via a phone,tablet etc....but wouldn't it be better playing via an official made Stake app for those devices that I have mentioned on top that support stake better?
  3. @Carollzinha and @Stalkerjex that's not a bad idea at all.(But it would be up to Stake/admin to choose)
  4. Thanks for your reply and info.can't wait for the Daily bonus to come.
  5. I would buy a new PC,a new Tablet or an Iphone or maybe both...
  6. @baz07,condolences for you man and your family.And may your father rest in peace,now he won't feel any pain anymore. I have looked at your bill,dang that's a big bill you have to pay mate I sure hope you and your family get everything sorted out in the end.God bless you and your family. I hope you receive the help/funds you need.
  7. Does Altcoins have a future yes and no. As technology advances there would always be more room for new alts or new things to come.(I think there's no limits with technology)
  8. Video one.com,Pornorama.com,Motherless.com
  9. Well for those that wanted to invest in BTC....all I can tell you is that yes you are a lil late...actually you guys should have started invest in BTC around 2009. But in the end better late than never,there are still profits to be made with BTC since it's only going higher in value + price Buy now since it went down and sell it later,you won't regret your choice!!!
  10. CryptoRon


    I knew it was suspicious,and believe it would go scam sooner or later.I hope that there weren't many losses involved...but owell.
  11. @Skywalkee I think you aren't that far off since I kinda believe the same thing.
  12. Wow just wow lol.....you are very very lucky indeed my friend congrats to that big win and I sure hope that you don't lose it all in 1 bet or high risky bets....
  13. Nice to meet you and welcome to Stake hope you have fun and enjoy your time here with us.
  14. it's a scam.The reason is they closed the site.When you went to the link the site is gone.....so yea 100% scam.
  15. Dang dude...I wish if I could ever win such a big amount with a small bet all in all congrats with your win mate!!