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  1. Djokovic

    Is Faucet really a waste of time?

    yes my friend waste of time, but why in some countries forbidden to play not only stake.com care and other games of chance, for reasons that may not be fair.because when holding a casino or a game of chance that is fair to everyone he knows. who loves to go ahead
  2. Djokovic

    📢 2017 Stake Awards

    Most loveable Stake member:@Etude Funniest Stake member:@ThugStream Favorite Stake forum poster:@Godloft Favorite Stake chat user:HERA Most intelligent Stake member:Skilful Most influential Stake member:@rack001 Best Stake moderator:@Kargai Funniest Stake support member:Shinjo Favorite Stake support member:@Darko Favorite Stake admin: Edward
  3. Djokovic

    Luckygames - Revolutionary Multicoin Casino

    thanks broo I tray is good
  4. Djokovic

    4412830.00x Payout

    congrat broo nice hit
  5. Djokovic

    Trivia bot!

    sure you're right, I once gave trivia and got muted in 48 hours because of false trivia, and she was right because some of the moderators did not answer exactly why more do not give trivia. and looks to chat and when you write normally muted get what you did not feer.
  6. Djokovic

    Kuleguten Stream #17! Hey! Giveaways!

    good luck brooo
  7. Djokovic

    Mines Tips

    for me the strategy not work I lose every time maybe bed luck
  8. Djokovic

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    i not win hahahaha
  9. Djokovic


    I've had up to 500 Eth the day I started, I now have about 35 to 50 per day