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  1. Hope you win some crypto! Good luck! Username: Heyodsadsadsa
  2. Hi, I am trying a challenge with my self. I am claiming the Ethereum faucet a few times a day and i'm trying to make 0.1 Ethereum. I am doing this with limbo x1000, 0.00000050 * 1000 = 0.0005 Ethereum. From 0.0005 is only a 200x mulitply for the 0.1 Ethereum. I think there is a decent chance that someone really could make something from that small faucet, and i hope it will be me Already made 1 time 20k from the faucet but i lost is. Hopefully i will hit it someday, i think that would be a achievement on Stake
  3. Ethereum, only Ethereum. Not really high transaction fees and you can make smart contract and place them on the block chain, that is pretty neat. Bitcoin has pretty high transaction fees so i don't really trade those coins anymore. A month ago i paid 15 dollar to send my BTC to a other address, 14 dollar!
  4. Hay! I always see people talking about strategies, but are there even strategies in gambling? Doesn't it all just depends on luck? Most famous tactic the martingale tactic. Play on a 50/50 chance to win, if you lose double your bet. This is one of the baddest strategies of all i think, there is house edge so it isn't really 50/50. On a long time run everyone will lose except the casino.
  5. Good luck! If you succeed or failed let us know!
  6. From less then 1 cent to almost 1600 dollar. I mean, not bad. Insance hit! How many times did u try, and how did you dare to continue after the 100k?
  7. Someone wagered 1000 Ethereum in 45 min, like wtff.
  8. Hey! I left a honest review, 4 stars. Hopefully it will help Stake!
  9. Haha, that is right. 9900 * 0.00279 = 27.621 Ethereum.
  10. Hello, I won so far 0.4 ethereum, i think its not that bad. I play many different game modes except Baccarat and Keno. Baccarat, i dont know what that is and i never won something on keno. How many did you win or lost, and how? Which gamemodes? how do you play on Stake? Any strats?
  11. Hi! How can i calculate the winning chance of mines?
  12. Hey! When i'm in chat i see many people talking about first winning 1 BTC or a few ethereum and after that busting all of it. When i joined stake i won also 6 ethereum, but of course. I lost all of it. Stupid me. But i see in chat that i'm not the only person. Who else have experienced this?
  13. I want to see both! But i think players VS Stake would be fun to. Like blackjack.
  14. Hi! The Daily Telegram Challange are seriously great, won already 0.2 ethereum. But they got it already back lol busted. But you can win 1 ethereum in the Daily Telegram Challange if you bet for instance 0.00279 Ethereum. The Daily Challange are likely very very hard te hit. Most of the time 0.05% chance or less to hit it. I think that if you are trying to hit it for the 1 ether that you lost much much more then 1 ethereum.