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  1. Han2x

    Forum Eth React

    Good thinking willy boy. You can suggest anything you want here. But you have the point.
  2. Han2x

    When to sell a crypto?

    Just sell it if you notice that it starting to drop after the highest climb. I don't really know how it works but. I just try to check if it climb 10% then maybe it's enough.
  3. Han2x

    Plinko Lover

    @anonnep a big HAHAHA! Very true.
  4. Plinko:345,908,981 placed by Han2x Wagered: 0.00000300 Payout: 130.00x Profit: 0.00038700
  5. Han2x

    Bagong Laro

    Sana ma dagdag dito ang slot para ma try ko naman. Yong parang na sa real casino talaga. O yong video poker.
  6. Han2x

    Crypto Ng Politiko

    Ingat tayo sa binubulgar nyo. Baka pa tumba tayo ng mga politiko na natamaan dito. Sa alam ko merong Pacman Coin baka si Manny Pacquiao ang founder.
  7. Han2x

    High roller bets

    Soon I will be lighting the board. But not now. ETH transaction from coins.ph to stake and vice versa. I hope It will be fixed. But if stake will change it to .1 to hit flame then I think It will be harder for me again. Poor people can't light the fire. Need to give much effort to have it. Good luck to me.
  8. It's on the side of coins.ph for sure. Experience using it also, transferring funds from MEW to coins.ph ETH wallet and it took 4 days before it pop.
  9. Han2x

    Kung sinwerte. ..

    Bakit mo kami bibigyan ng problema? Puede kahit saan dyan. basta ma withdraw ko lng. Paano kung i.tip ko nlang sayo tapus ikaw magwithdraw. bigyan kita 10%. ,😁
  10. Thanks for providing that info @SuddenlyBroke.
  11. Han2x

    Eth Experience on Stake

    I tried playing stake with ETH from a tip but still the same busted in the end. I will try to depo and play it safely maybe soon I will win something.
  12. Han2x

    Does positivity affects gambling?

    If you mean positive emotion then I agree that it really affect. I always experience that. When you are not in good mode and you are angry you will be on rage and will do careless bet and sometimes end up betting all in and lead you to bust. When your emotion is positive you can play chillin and patiently slowly, which will lead you to winning.
  13. WOW. I'm impress on how you explain it to us @SuddenlyBroke. This a new knowledge for me. Thanks for sharing this. Honestly I really don't know that the smallest unit of ETH is wei. Now I know.
  14. What if you have worth a million of Bitcoin or altcoins and you left the world. No one in your Family knows about bitcoin or crypto but they know you have that thing and where you put that. Can there be any company or institution that can help your family to get that? Or what if 10 BTC left here in stake.com will stake give it to your family? Is it possible that your surviving family can enjoy what you left with just a proof that they are your family.