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  1. I need urgent 300K

    Thank you @GodLoft. You are always there when I need it. I don't know what to say more. But thank you. Will pay you immediately when I have my salary. Thanks! Thanks! A million thanks buddy.
  2. I just need to have something not for gamble but for urgent need of my family. Will pay it immediately when I have my salary. Thanks Amount: 300K Payback: In 3 - 5 days. it's up to you if you how much do you want to charge per day but don't put too much.
  3. I don't know if it's a bug or it should be like that. I don't know if it is link or not. I see my stake stats avatar in forum, which different from what my avatar in stake. Is it really link from stake statistic to forum? I don't really know how it work but I just want that avatar to look what it look in the other window. Is it a bug that can be fix? Or that's the way it is? Just a question but can be a suggestion.
  4. Blockchain Course

    RMIT a public research university in Australia, has launched Australia's first University blockchain course, according to Business Insider Australia. Sounds great news to me. It just taught it will just be in my imagination but it is real now. This will be the start of what I think of mass adoption. I don't think I talking about the right word. But what I mean it will be the start that crypto will be brought to the human life. Let's just wait that it will be in the whole world wide. I will be waiting for it to be here in my country too. I will be enrolling again if ever it will be here. Check the news source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/rmit-university-launches-australias-first-blockchain-course
  5. What's your dream car?

    Any of the top 7 is awesome when you are talking about speed and design. But when you are talking about family use. These are the choices
  6. Anonymous bitcoin buyer buys $400m worth of btc

    I think that's one reason of the Bitcoin price change now. I am not really sure but in my own opinion it affect the bitcoin price. We really don't know who that person is, and what his/her purpose.
  7. Learn to make Money in Crypto Currency Trading

    It's an advertisement to promote his channel. Let just try to learn it by asking and joining other group. Or here you can ask someone to post on how to be successful in crypto trading.
  8. 0.02 giveaway Fun Filipino Stream💗

    Auto Fill. Support to all Pinoys. Good luck Team. Username: Han2x
  9. Stake chat muteeee

    what happen? @SuddenlyBroke brings so much fun in stake chat.
  10. Get Free Vendio

    We all love free. Just sign-up and earn up to $100 in free VENDI. Plus You’ll earn 10 VENDI for each friend you invite to Vendio. Up to 1,000 VENDI, valued at $100. Click on the link below to sign up: http://www.vendicoins.com?mref=Han2x http://vendicoins.com
  11. roulette lucky number

    15 is my lucky number ever.
  12. Free ETH for Invites

    Thanks @Unknown1. So this is a risk I will just close this.
  13. Walk and get paid

    WOW. That fits to me. I love hiking. Will definitely have that apps if it will be available here. So it will be determine with speed if the user is walking or riding?
  14. Walk and get paid

    How is that @Unknown1? They will count your steps? So need to have an apps for counting steps? That's cool. You earn something by just walking. For sure that will help a person who don't have car.
  15. Free ETH for Invites

    Sorry for that @Crypto Grapher I don't mean it to be that way. I already edited the Non-ref link. So far I didn't receive any in my registered wallet addy. Buy I will update you if ever I receive to prove that it's legit. But one of the purpose I'm posting it is for everyone to review it. So that we will know if it's legit or scam.