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  1. It's making me sad seeing that drop. It's a very huge drop that it drop below $300. I hope it will be a huge climb after that.
  2. Han2x

    Stake week-stress week

    I think I will doing it late to help them rest and out of stress. We love support so let them rest.
  3. it's a huge win. Imagine how much luck you need to get into 40 million from a 50$. Karas is very lucky. That's what you get when you don't have fear of losing. He is a Pro gambler.
  4. Han2x

    Is the Wheel the Most Disliked Game?

    Me too. I don't like wheel. It's a long wait for that game but it's just a decoration for me. Just played it for a test and giveaway. It's not what I expected but I think stake can do some changes to that. Let's just see.
  5. Han2x

    Games you hate ?

    I hate chartbet and wheel. It's kinda boring and don't lemme win ever since.
  6. Han2x

    Devastating stake birthday outcome...

    Wow! Happy one year Stake. I don't know what to wish for this site, maybe I will wish that stake will lemme won big here during this celebration.
  7. Han2x

    A Lillyflow Stream

    I already did watch it but the problem is that my connection can't handle the awesome stream I will try to fix my connection first and be part of the awesome stream. Good luck to all that watch it. I know everyone enjoyed it.
  8. Han2x

    Thank you very much stake.com

    Congrats @nhoyasim101. I'm trying it now. I hope I can hit it soon. You are very lucky bro. Good luck for the next one. How much it cost to you to hit that?
  9. Han2x

    Bitcoin for Coffee (starbucks) Says NO

    I love to do a transaction like that. Never tried buying anything with Bitcoin or altcoin directly. I hope it will be available soon in my place. Not for the item but for the experience and to prove to my friends that don't really believe on crypto that it has a value.
  10. I hope that the price will move the like what happen last year. I'm think Bitcoin price will go up to $10,000 this month.
  11. Han2x

    Is there even strategy on chartbet?

    I don't usually play chartbet but I did hit high payouts in this game. What I did was just doing a preroll. Just clicked quick on few rolls and just guess if the next roll will give you high payout. hehehe. It's a pure trusting of luck.
  12. Han2x

    Bitcoin August Prediction

    This August I think after a little drop it will comeback with a huge climb up to $10000 to $11,000. Let's just hope our prediction will come true.
  13. Han2x

    Finally Won 2022550.00x

    Good hit there @Demarkus89. Congrats
  14. Han2x

    Reason for sharing your bets?

    I don't really share any bets but only when I regret that bets I made and let anyone realize not to do any stupid bets.