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  1. I know most people here are from Europe. Most love to attend conventions or conferences to learn more things about blockchain and new technology. I love to attend an event like this. I hope it will be here in my place soon. I just want to share this one and maybe some who don't know and love to join. Check this: https://blockshoweurope.com/
  2. Han2x

    Typo in Stake!

    It's not that big problem when you have that problem. hahaha. What is big is when you are restricted.
  3. Han2x

    Blockchain Phones

    What else blockchain can bring? It can be in automotive, finance, politics and economics. There are lots of sectors that benefit the blockchain technology. The new updates is that there will be a blockchain phone. I don't know what can this phone can offer more compared to the normal androind and iOS phone. You can have a crypto wallet on androind and iOS phone by just downloading on playstore or appstore. Maybe security in your wallet is more in this blockchain phone. We will see it after it will be launch by some phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. I think most of the manufacturers are planning to be having that kind of phones in the future. Let's just see it when it's out already. Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-phones-calling-the-future-of-telecommunications
  4. I think Dimon already see what will happen again. He expect that the price of bitcoin last quarter of 2017 will be back again or more than that.
  5. Han2x

    Samsung accepts crypto payments using CopPay

    It's a good news to everyone because we know that it will be a start to worldwide implementation of that I guess.
  6. Han2x

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    Noone can hit that like Faris. He is a legend in mines. Congrats
  7. @DreamStage created a new topic about having a crew in stake forum. I replied and interested of having that too. I like the idea of having a group or club. An exclusive group for your friends and people with same interest you have. @Dan granted it and added it on the top navigation menu. I feel so excited and wanting to create one crew or club. But after accessing the new feature or update https://forum.stake.com/crews/ I become empty and don't know how to start it. I don't know what club to create. What interest of my club will be? Maybe I need someone to start it for me. I know some of my friends who already done this kind before. Some already create a lot of groups in several platforms. @Grifter can you create a club first and I will be one to recruit and promote this. You already created a group in Discord and in Telegram. Come start and create a club here. Good luck. @Kargai I know and I believe in you. You have lots of ideas you shared to us and you are brilliant in influencing members here. So why not create a club of your interest I'm sure I will be interested and will be one of your club members. @ravenyvolle2 you can create a club of pretty, sexy and hot girls here. I know all girls in Stake are hot with different strength and characteristics. @SuddenlyBroke my friend you can created you own club for drinkers club. Sounds cool for all who love to be drunk and play. @GodLoft you can create you club for traders and lenders club. @wilberthh you can create an investors club or traders club also. @ThugStream you can create you gang. A club of gangsters. Just kidding man I know you are not. @Shinjo how about a rainbowsheep club for the supporters of you rainbowsheep stream. Don't forget to include me there. @Jesse for the crazy bet club or Awesome guy club. @Neverever for High Rollers club. Lots of club with different interest. I need you guys to start it. You will be my guide in creating my awesome club in the future. I don't know if I created this topic in the right board area. But just move it if don't fit here.
  8. I am not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this. But live stats don't show the wagered and profit. See Screenshot:
  9. Who want to have a painting? Bitcoin price cost of the paintings are $70 and $60 only. But if you solve the puzzle and get the private key to a wallet you will earn $9000. The painting represents the private key of the wallet and you need to buy that painting. But there is a hint the creator will give you. I don't know if you can solve it and get the private key by just seeing it here. Try to solve it here if you can or purchase it if you want.
  10. Do you have mobile phone? Are you using SMS? Most people now who used mobile phone especially android phone don't use their SMS and turned out their SMS into nothing. Why not sell your SMS if you don't use it and make money from it. Let me introduce to you Birdchain. Birdchain is a decentralized application (Dapp) similar to instant messenger. The big difference is Birdchain will allow its users to make a monthly passive income. Simultaneously, Birdchain will provide companies with higher quality and better-priced services: A2P SMS distribution, content engagement, personal data marketplace and others. The main goal of the Birdchain app is to create internal economics, where its users can earn, transfer (to exchanges), or spend their BIRD tokens, without leaving the app. Birdchain will be developed exclusively for Android devices. Birdchain is DApp that rewards; The intelligent features system creates internal economics and allows people to earn and spend money on the app; Dapps are the future of the blockchain. Everyone at the moment invests in protocols, rather than actual applications. A comparison: whether to invest in HTML protocol or an Uber app? All features of the Birdchain create strong BIRD token. It stands out with low initial cost and token flexibility as a unique currency with favourable viability. A team of the Birdchain is not a start-up. It is part of a parent company, named Vertex. Vertex is a profitable company with a team of experienced professionals, whose professionalism and skills were tested in action. The founding team has successfully co-launched several businesses. The team behind Birdchain has been a part of the European-based company JSC “Vertex”. In 2009, Vertex started our A2P SMS aggregation business, called VertexSMS. Since then, VertexSMS has delivered more than 2.6 billion SMS messages globally for various international brands, including Western Union, SalesForce, TransferGo, and many others. The project was already been reviewed by Suppoman. He said that Birdcoin has the potential to be worth $3 or more in a very short time. Watch and check it yourself. Plus you can join daily airdrop and secret games to win Iphone X https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1y4z64J8G4Qaf6Pifed9Xg ICO started already last March 1, 2018. Try MVP and check how the Dapp looks like and how it work. https://mvp.birdchain.io/ Join and Invest in Birdchain now! https://www.birdchain.io/?r=6d1284cd Useful Links: Whitepaper: https://github.com/Birdchain/whitepaper-business Website: https://www.birdchain.io/ Telegram:
  11. @Dan I know you are the most powerful person I can contact when it comes to the world of stake forum. I hope you can do some favor to me. I don't know if it's possible but I hope it is. I regret it when I already reached a huge amount stock in my forum wallet but ends up busted when transferred to stake. I just wanna ask you if you can put my minimum funds transfer from forum to stakes to 200k? I just want to store as much as I can before transferring it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Han2x

    Playing Bitcoin or Ethereum?

    Hey guys. I just want to ask everyone about the new altcoin, ethereum added in stake. Which do you prefer to use and will bring you good profit? Why do you think?
  13. I am looking for some good ICO that will be sure a good reward in the future. I will try to do bounty and invest some for a sure income in the future. Can you suggest and tell me why I should trust that. I'm doing some but I'm not really convince for now if this will be big soon. I'm trying to get the opinion from more people. I hope I can hit a good prize for bounty effort.
  14. Han2x

    Factors For Good ICO.

    After the high popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum of which we regret not being in it before the boom of it's price, we are now looking for something like that to invest on. We are hoping that someday there can be something like BTC and ETH that will make us earn a lot or even make us millionaire. And one of the popular thing that can be the way to what you dreaming of, is Initial Coin Offering (ICO). But what is ICO? ICO is a fund raising for a certain project that will allow anyone to invest on regardless of your status. It's either you are rich or you are poor as long as you can something little or big amount to invest on, you are qualified. You just need to wait for the time and wish that your currency will raise it's value. But what can be a good factor for ICOs? Business Plan, Whitepaper and/or Strategic Outline ( Industry/Market Problems with Proposed Solutions) - It's all about the project aims, goals and ways to solve problems. Roadmap and specific plans on how they plan to run the business. Blockchain, Token Utility and Crowdsale Structure - Which blockchain they are running the business. How they run crowdsales before he the launched. Team Behind - it's important to know if the people behind the project can keep the business going after the launch. There should be a person/s on the team that knows and expert on the business. ICO Listing Sites - it's the effort of the project to be listed on a listing sites and how the people will support it to make it on list. Github repository (Code) - it's not that important because not most of the investors can understand it. I hope this can help you guys. It help me in choosing what to invest and to participate in bounties. Good luck.
  15. Han2x

    Steemit Network

    Hey guys in stakes. I'd like to ask who else have steemit account here? I know there are lots in here who already earn some in that site. I'm just new to that site and still don't have anything in my wallet. So I plan to create a network of friends and followers from here in stake forum. Just follow me and give me an up vote if possible. But for those who still don't have account. You can still create but need to be verified first. Just give a try. Here is my steemit.com account: https://steemit.com/@abaidudez Just follow me and I will follow you back. Thanks. By the way if anyone here have more tips and effective tips on how to earn on steemit, kindly guide me. Thanks you.
  16. Han2x

    Bitcoin White

    Bitcoin White is a Decentralized Application Platform. Bitcoin White makes it easy to create and deploy decentralized applications on application store where normal users can download. Check the simple video that will make you understand how it work. Does anyone here own or invested on Bitcoin White? The coin was newly added to the list in coinmarketcap. I’m so amazed how the coin prize climbs up so rapidly. It climbs up, up to 200+% after its being added. I wonder what’s in it to move like that. My curiosity leads me to checking if I have some of that coin in my list. Checked my mail and found something with a subject Bitcoin White Master Secret. I do remember that I registered on an airdrop of that coin. Logged in and I’m so happy I have a little amount of that stored on my wallet in their site. It’s ICO and airdrops were already completed but I like to show you this and give a review and check it yourself; maybe this coin will give you something in the future. Its current price in coinmarketcap is $0.897987 USD and maybe will still reach $10 in the future. I can’t assure you that the price will go that way but I believe on its potential. The only exchange it's listed for now is https://bitflip.li/trade/BTW-USD
  17. I am playing roulette with 5120 sats as bet. I bet the birthday of my daughter, my partner and mine and boom I won.
  18. Han2x

    [Lending] True Finance

    need extra 100K. Will pay it 250K in July 15th.
  19. Han2x

    [Lending] True Finance

    Thanks for lending me. I need 100k again.
  20. Han2x

    [Lending] True Finance

    Sent 100k @truemeng. Paid.
  21. why @wilbur. Are you planning to hack it? I'm curious too, how much BTC in that address and what transaction made and when.
  22. Han2x

    [Lending] True Finance

    Amount: .001 Return Date: July 15, 2018
  23. Mines:530,872,880 placed by Han2x Wagered: 0.00000400 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00006606 Mines:530,877,429 placed by Han2x Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00001652 Mines:530,880,448 placed by Han2x Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00001652 Mines:530,888,641 placed by Han2x Wagered: 0.00000800 Payout: 17.52x Profit: 0.00013212
  24. Wheel:530,863,804 placed by Han2x Wagered: 0.00000800 Payout: 6.00x Profit: 0.00004000
  25. Han2x

    Martingale in Keno

    I tried to do a martingale in Keno and at first it worked. I managed to reached 700K from a 30K. But after few minutes playing the Keno luck faded and started to eat my balance. Here is the list of my bet in martingale. Keno:236,143,158 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00310272 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00310272 Keno:236,143,062 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00155136 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00155136 Keno:236,142,951 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00077568 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00077568 Keno:236,142,857 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00038784 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00038784 Keno:236,142,769 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00019392 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00019392 Keno:236,142,676 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00009696 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00009696 Keno:236,142,592 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00004848 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00004848 Keno:236,142,511 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00002424 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00002424 Keno:236,142,431 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00001212 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00001212 Keno:236,142,364 placed by Anonymous-3593046937 Wagered: 0.00000606 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00000606 That is a rage bet in martingale. Don't ever try that. Sad story.