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  1. joeybatz good luck to all. happy birthday!
  2. This is cool. I have to a read some more about this offer
  3. Lol didnt mean to ruin it. You should still check it out. It's a good looking film. Leto is awesome on it.
  4. Not really. I just always add 21 to whichever picks I make. I usually look for which part of the board is getting no hits and I gradually bring my winning picks there.
  5. JoeyBatz

    Plinko 1000x

    I've had to Chips fly off the board more times (twice) than get a x1000 (zero times)
  6. This is supremely helpful. Its persuaded me to quit mines! God bless anyone who makes it to 10 diamonds +
  7. I agree with everyone above. This site could become huge! This isn't even it's final form.
  8. Stake all the way. The variety, speed and interface are superb. It also seems more fun here.
  9. May the force be with you...