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  1. joeybatz good luck to all. happy birthday!
  2. JoeyBatz

    Plinko 1000x

    I've had to Chips fly off the board more times (twice) than get a x1000 (zero times)
  3. Congrats to all the winners....oh wait.
  4. No, congrats wilbur you were clearly last.
  5. Blockchain is the future. Even people who are skeptical about BTC affirm that blockchain technology has exceptional potential. If this tech is the future, how do we explain what it is to the less technically saavy? Imagine a 10 year old is endowed with 1 BTC from a relative as an education plan. How do you explain what the blockchain is and why his money will be secure and grow? Banks don't explain anything just sell, yet even a child can understand the basic concept.
  6. They "destroy" it. But some sell or use them. Its a commodity and cops are people.
  7. Thnx for update. Can you look into creating a timer that shows how long till faucet resets? Or how many more claims you have?
  8. I'm just here so that I don't get fined