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  1. maybe someone is playing here from Poland and would like to talk or add me to friends nickname in the game: Cadman2006
  2. Cadman2006


    cześć i dziękuję za wszystkie rady, które czytałem wiele dobrych artykułów na forum teraz moja gra będzie niższa i wygrana w milionach
  3. thank you for all the suggestions I change to chrome today, 2-00 of the messenger time by firefox or mine, I lost all my capital
  4. Hello, does anyone have a problem with firefox and I have a problem with a certain time that the amount of the bet and the amount of winning are the same and I have not noticed a few times and lost the whole I think I reduced and in fact was a large rate I wrote with the help of them is ok I do not give you anything yesterday at night, I lost so 0.04BTC, maybe someone has encountered such a mistake, because I sat long at night and I can not solve the problem. I apologize for the English I wrote from the translator, if someone plays from Poland, I invite you to other friends, of course too Thank you to the administration for the tip, I hope that the day will be a good day
  5. Cadman2006


    Hello, I am a new member here, I play a few days and I would like to say hello and wish everyone a lot of winnings