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  1. Umm.. the only thing stake should is a recovery 2FA code. So if you lose your phone you can enter the recovery 2FA code to get back into your account, otherwise you'd have to contact support and they will ask for ownership proof.
  2. I always keep my 2FA on, whether if it's a gambling site or not. I've seen some youtuber(s) who got their account(s) hacked. And to be honest it's their mistake for not having 2FA enabled nor having a strong password.. And then they start blaming the site on how bad the "Security" is lol.
  3. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about this besides blocking them. These people ruin the fun for everyone, they think that begging will actually get them money which is kinda sad.. believe it or not, some people beg for HOURS just to get a couple cents. When in reality, if they find a job they can earn 50x what they beg in a day..
  4. I appreciate your effort in this, but to be honest meditation isn't about gambling, it's about relieving stress & relaxation. Doing a meditation before gambling might sound the funniest thing i've heard, it's not gonna increase your odds of winning by anything. Gambling is all about luck, nothing more nothing less.
  5. Me personally i can't buy or sell in my country, it's restricted from wesbites. However, there's 1 ATM machine where i live, so i'd rather go there and cashout my BTC / ETH for cash, rather than never cashing out.
  6. I'm pretty sure both, like i mentioned below you don't need (KYC) to have a wallet OR store your funds, but you do need (KYC) to exchange.
  7. As of what i heard, blockchain doesn't require (KYC) to have a wallet and store your money there, but it does require (KYC) for exchanging above $10,000 per day, there are alot of wallets that don't require (KYC) so i don't know why everyone is worried about this.
  8. That's actually a pretty good question, this might sound funny but i acutally watched Monsters inc today, but i usually watch youtube videos, or really HORROR movies. Btw if you know any HMU hahaha.
  9. To be honest, i never had one. I heard they are a bit expensive not sure about it though. Alot of people told me to get one to keep and use for the future, but i don't seem that interested in them.
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