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  1. OverRaz

    Discord Giveaways

    OverRaz#0978 thanks in advance!
  2. Wait, i'm confused. Minimum withdraw for BTC is 0.002, are you talking about the giveaway coupons you win from the stake discord server? Example: -$1 -$2 -$3 -$10 If you're talking about those then yeah, i always gamble them away. PS: i never knew you can get coupons through email thanks for letting me know 😂
  3. Oh i see, thanks for the information my guy. Really appreciated.
  4. what's your strategy in keno? I'm not a big fan of that gamemode to be honest. But heard alot of people really like it.
  5. I'm pretty sure both, like i mentioned below you don't need (KYC) to have a wallet OR store your funds, but you do need (KYC) to exchange.
  6. As of what i heard, blockchain doesn't require (KYC) to have a wallet and store your money there, but it does require (KYC) for exchanging above $10,000 per day, there are alot of wallets that don't require (KYC) so i don't know why everyone is worried about this.
  7. So if you didin't know, i'm actually a magician. Been doing magic since i was 7-10 years old not sure, so i would take stake playing card and a stake shirt all day!
  8. Thanks so much for the information Lilly, i never really exchange my bitcoin, so i doubt anyone can find find me. This information really helped thanks again!
  9. That's actually a pretty good question, this might sound funny but i acutally watched Monsters inc today, but i usually watch youtube videos, or really HORROR movies. Btw if you know any HMU hahaha.
  10. Fact: I used to like trap music alot 3-4 years ago Example: -Trap nation -NCS -Chill nation You guys probably know all these, they still have good music not gonna lie, but unfortunately i don't enjoy listening to them alot anymore. What i listen to now: Well now i'm more into rap music, XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, Joyner lucas, lil peep & alot more. What about you guys? What kind of music do you listen to daily?
  11. Not really, my laptop doesn't handle alot of games at the same time haha. i can barely run dice lol!
  12. Damn, that's really sad. I know most of the people with a really bad addiction regret gambling. Like i said in this topic, i don't consider myself a super addicted person, i just do it for the fun. But i actually had fun reading your story, thanks for sharing it with me.
  13. For me it's dice or wheel, they are both really fun. For dice i usually pick 3% and let autobet do the job with small bets while i'm cooking. Sometimes i make profit sometimes i don't. And for wheel, i also go for high multipliers, turn on autobet and leave haha. I just love small percents.
  14. Well, let's talk a little bit about gambling shall we? When did i start gambling: I started gambling 3-4 years around april when CS:GO Gambling was very huge. How i got into gambling: I came across a recommended video that showed someone winning dragon lores and different items through jackpot with a very low percentage, so i asked myself why don't i try the same thing with my $8 skin..? It went pretty well in the start got up to $50 and ended up losing and got upset about it, hahaha. And that is when ladies and gentleman my addiction began.. What makes gambling fun: Well, let's be honest we all like making money don't we? But keep in mind gambling isn't just about winning, people end up losing their business, house, and almost everything cause of this. Gladly, i wouldn't consider myself a VERY addicted person, i gamble when i'm bored & obviously always gamble with money you can afford to lose. At the end of the day, gambling is all about having fun and wasting time, it's not always about winning money.
  15. My guess is 5-7 Good luck to everyone.