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  1. I always go random shapes until i feel like withdrawing, i also sometimes go for 5 mines and click 8 random shapes and i actually hit it. It's all about luck to be honest.
  2. Umm.. the only thing stake should is a recovery 2FA code. So if you lose your phone you can enter the recovery 2FA code to get back into your account, otherwise you'd have to contact support and they will ask for ownership proof.
  3. I always keep my 2FA on, whether if it's a gambling site or not. I've seen some youtuber(s) who got their account(s) hacked. And to be honest it's their mistake for not having 2FA enabled nor having a strong password.. And then they start blaming the site on how bad the "Security" is lol.
  4. True, i've been typing for more than 9 years, and trust me if you have ober 80-100 WPM you can easily get a typing job with any online company that can pay you a really good amount.
  5. Hahahah, true. When some people see me type without looking they think i'm typing nothing, but at the end they like " oh ok.. " makes me laugh a little. It's all about memory.
  6. You should definetly check how fast you can type, some people have been typing for way longer than 11 years & they end up thinking they type fast, but after they check they get suprised by how "slow" they type hahaha.. Go ahead test it, and make sure to tell me how fast you type. I really wanna know.
  7. It is possible to even get 180 WPM, highest i ever had was 122. It's all about how much you type, nothing that special about it & you're right, it is very easy to become a professional typist if you get over 90WPM, i was hired a couple times by sites to do some easy jobs since i type fast, it isn't that hard.
  8. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about this besides blocking them. These people ruin the fun for everyone, they think that begging will actually get them money which is kinda sad.. believe it or not, some people beg for HOURS just to get a couple cents. When in reality, if they find a job they can earn 50x what they beg in a day..
  9. I've been using a computer since my childhood, and after years of experience (Not trying to flex🤣) i can type at 100-110 WPM (Words per minute) without looking once at the keyboard. I know some people that have used the keyboard for a long time, and they can't get over 40 WPM with looking at the keyboard. PS: There are alot of sites out there that you can use to see how fast you can type. Example: -https://play.typeracer.com There's alot of different sites you can find, google is your friend.
  10. As of what i heard, it will get re-designed sometime in the future. So far i like everything about wheel, i always bet for a high risk and 10 segments. Makes the game so much fun to play.
  11. OverRaz


    Hmmm, there's no difference. There's a reason they call it "Auto Pick" Because it randomly picks spots for you, so i don't think it decreases your luck by any way.
  12. I don't see anything weird about this, i'm sure you can check the PF (Provably fair) of the games you played on. It's called bad luck, nothing is weird about losing 10 times on 1.10x.. If you wanna see the Fairness of the games you played, you can find them here. https://stake.com/?modal=fairness
  13. Me personally, i prefer doing small bets for very low percents. Example: If i have $1, i'd bet 0.05 cents for like 0.5-1% I like small percents in dice, nothing big. If i had big balance like $50-100 i would bet 20c each time for like a 1% hit & pray for the best. it's all about patience to be honest.
  14. I wouldn't consider myself "addicted" since i don't gamble alot. I personally gamble when i'm bored + i don't gamble with my own money all the time. But i mostly do it for the fun, not the money.
  15. I appreciate your effort in this, but to be honest meditation isn't about gambling, it's about relieving stress & relaxation. Doing a meditation before gambling might sound the funniest thing i've heard, it's not gonna increase your odds of winning by anything. Gambling is all about luck, nothing more nothing less.
  16. Me personally i can't buy or sell in my country, it's restricted from wesbites. However, there's 1 ATM machine where i live, so i'd rather go there and cashout my BTC / ETH for cash, rather than never cashing out.
  17. I'm pretty sure both, like i mentioned below you don't need (KYC) to have a wallet OR store your funds, but you do need (KYC) to exchange.
  18. As of what i heard, blockchain doesn't require (KYC) to have a wallet and store your money there, but it does require (KYC) for exchanging above $10,000 per day, there are alot of wallets that don't require (KYC) so i don't know why everyone is worried about this.
  19. Thanks so much for the information Lilly, i never really exchange my bitcoin, so i doubt anyone can find find me. This information really helped thanks again!
  20. That's actually a pretty good question, this might sound funny but i acutally watched Monsters inc today, but i usually watch youtube videos, or really HORROR movies. Btw if you know any HMU hahaha.
  21. Fact: I used to like trap music alot 3-4 years ago Example: -Trap nation -NCS -Chill nation You guys probably know all these, they still have good music not gonna lie, but unfortunately i don't enjoy listening to them alot anymore. What i listen to now: Well now i'm more into rap music, XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, Joyner lucas, lil peep & alot more. What about you guys? What kind of music do you listen to daily?
  22. To be honest, i never had one. I heard they are a bit expensive not sure about it though. Alot of people told me to get one to keep and use for the future, but i don't seem that interested in them.
  23. That is a very nice win, the fact you won after increasing base bet is insane! I wonder how suprised you were when you won!
  24. Not that i know of, never used firefox or any other browsers beside google chrome it's the best fit for me, even though it makes my laptop lag so much.. Not complaining it's a 5 year old laptop 😂
  25. First things first, let's make this topic something special! How did you guys find stake, and what makes you play on it and like it?! How i found stake: Well, let me take you back to 8/2/2018 when i was surfing through youtube & looking at some gambling streams, i came across a dude where he was streaming on stake i saw him playing either mines or a different gamemode, not really sure! I liked the graphics alot, and the gamemode he was playing so i decided to hope on and make an account and played alot! What makes me like stake: Well.. this is an easy question
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