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  1. Welcome to the stake community, bruno. Enjoy your stay here!
  2. 16th wish you the best of luck my friend!
  3. This might sound funny, but i actually never hit 1000x in plinko or any other game-modes. I feel like it's hella hard, and you might need some really big wallet to be able to hit that unless you have some insane luck.
  4. I always go random shapes until i feel like withdrawing, i also sometimes go for 5 mines and click 8 random shapes and i actually hit it. It's all about luck to be honest.
  5. Ehh.. like once or twice a day, sometimes i don't even get it. I feel like it's kinda hard making faucet to a good withdrawable amount, so i just claim to have some fun when i'm bored.
  6. Umm.. the only thing stake should is a recovery 2FA code. So if you lose your phone you can enter the recovery 2FA code to get back into your account, otherwise you'd have to contact support and they will ask for ownership proof.
  7. I always keep my 2FA on, whether if it's a gambling site or not. I've seen some youtuber(s) who got their account(s) hacked. And to be honest it's their mistake for not having 2FA enabled nor having a strong password.. And then they start blaming the site on how bad the "Security" is lol.
  8. Well, that's the best decision you always HAVE to make. Whether you want something or not, find a way to spend the money on something rather than losing it all in gambling and then after you lose you question yourself "Why didn't i withdraw?" i either go to the only ATM machine in my place and sell them, or use them to buy stuff online through a third-party website. Example: You wanna buy a headset for $60 in crypto, you make the purchase and they order it for you through amazon, which is a great way to spend your bitcoins / ethereum.
  9. This might sound funny, but i actually never changed my seed 😂 don't even know how to do it, would you mind guiding me through it, will make sure i change my seed the next time i gamble haha.
  10. Depositing & receving faucet is actually not a bad idea, but increasing faucet is very risky, some people can use multiple accounts to abuse it, which is kinda stupid.. Some people got banned for abusing faucets, so i think it either should stay the same or get removed.
  11. This type of post shouldn't be here, instead post it in (Stake support), and i don't think i understand what you mean by this lost haha.
  12. I get my faucet like once or twice a day, mostly in doge just cause it gives the most, i always bet in dice for a low percent like 0.10 or something. Never hit one yet though. But i know some of you guys made a good amount from claiming them, highest i got was.. Hmm. like 30 cents 😂 Which isn't bad, since i had fun lmao..
  13. I actually prefer DOGE or LTC just cause you get more, and you have the opportunity to decide how much you really wanna bet in a "big" amount, makes the game more fun and a bit more satisfying when you bet big amounts.
  14. I'm pretty sure some people use it to save their profit there, lets pretend you bet $10 and win $20. You put the $20 in vault as the "profit" balance, and when you feel like you want to withdraw it to you wallet you just do it
  15. Nothing, simply move on.. like if you're gonna get mad over losing money in gambling you should stop xD.. gamble money you can afford losing.
  16. I predict 5th my lucky number, good luck shin!
  17. Personally, i'd love being in the support team. Since i have a really good experience in that role specifically, worked for a couple sites in the past & it actually was a really fun experience, i like helping other(s) so it's the best one for me
  18. No it doesn't suck, anyone can respond to different posts just to farm "forum rewards" which is sad, so that idea is actually nice. I spend most of my time here, mostly read topics and not responding to them if they're not necessary, and it's good cause some impatient people will learn patience slowly..
  19. So, i'm pretty sure some people don't know what "Jackpot" is nowadays, it's a game-mode where people can join with any amount of money. Example: -$1 -$5 and as much as you want.. I personally like this game-mode alot, obviously the lower you bet the lower your percentage is, let's there's 5 people in the jackpot highest bet was $10 and the other people bet like $2-$3. So that means the person with $10 bet has the highest percentage of winning. When the jackpot starts rolling a spinner will spin around everyone wherever it lands the winner takes all! And also if i had the power to do that i would, and also add mac & cheese orders through the website 😂
  20. True, i've been typing for more than 9 years, and trust me if you have ober 80-100 WPM you can easily get a typing job with any online company that can pay you a really good amount.
  21. Hahahah, true. When some people see me type without looking they think i'm typing nothing, but at the end they like " oh ok.. " makes me laugh a little. It's all about memory.
  22. I wish you the best of luck! I predict rank 5 which is my lucky number.
  23. You should definetly check how fast you can type, some people have been typing for way longer than 11 years & they end up thinking they type fast, but after they check they get suprised by how "slow" they type hahaha.. Go ahead test it, and make sure to tell me how fast you type. I really wanna know.
  24. It is possible to even get 180 WPM, highest i ever had was 122. It's all about how much you type, nothing that special about it & you're right, it is very easy to become a professional typist if you get over 90WPM, i was hired a couple times by sites to do some easy jobs since i type fast, it isn't that hard.
  25. Well, i tried my best.. 😂 -These are my memes, good luck & have fun everyone!