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  1. Haha
    OverRaz reacted to arielg443 in How fast do you type using the keyboard.   
    I used to be the fastest typer in my grade all throughout school. 
    I couldn't honestly tell you the exact number of words per minute that I typed back then, because I don't remember whatsoever.
    I will say that I know that I definitely don't type near as fast now as I used to, but I'm still decently quick.
    I love to type, to be honest. Always have. 
    It was something that just seemed to come super naturally for me.. 
    I don't look at the keyboard much at all when I type.. And it's actually a huge pet peeve of mine having to watch someone "chicken-peck" at the keyboard... Drives me absolutely crazy!! 😂
  2. Thanks
    OverRaz got a reaction from pfodo in Fastest way to ball on Dice?   
    Me personally, i prefer doing small bets for very low percents.
    If i have $1, i'd bet 0.05 cents for like 0.5-1%
    I like small percents in dice, nothing big. If i had big balance like $50-100 i would bet 20c each time for like a 1% hit & pray for the best.
    it's all about patience to be honest.
  3. Thanks
    OverRaz got a reaction from sqecialfx in How did you come across gambling & what makes it fun?   
    Well, let's talk a little bit about gambling shall we?
    When did i start gambling:
    I started gambling 3-4 years around april when CS:GO Gambling was very huge.
    How i got into gambling:
    I came across a recommended video that showed someone winning dragon lores and different items through jackpot with a very low percentage, so i asked myself why don't i try the same thing with my $8 skin..?
    It went pretty well in the start got up to $50 and ended up losing and got upset about it, hahaha. And that is when ladies and gentleman my addiction began..
    What makes gambling fun:
    Well, let's be honest we all like making money don't we? But keep in mind gambling isn't just about winning, people end up losing their business, house, and almost everything cause of this.
    Gladly, i wouldn't consider myself a VERY addicted person, i gamble when i'm bored & obviously always gamble with money you can afford to lose.
    At the end of the day, gambling is all about having fun and wasting time, it's not always about winning money.
  4. Sad
    OverRaz reacted to polor12 in How did you come across gambling & what makes it fun?   
    i started young... even though i didnt know what was gambling really about.. I was about 9,, a bet between brothers.. in basketball., no money involved but it was still gambling.. not till my freshman in high school that i started playing with cash,, shooting dice..not dice as we play in stake. but in craps. 7/11 snake yes., hard point etc.., that is when my gambling antics started.. when you get that win bug.. it will  hard to stop. i even got expelled in my junior year for it.. but made 200 on it . was it worth it,,yup to me it was,, i was never into school,, i did enough to pass by.. my senior year in a new school.. no gambling at all finish with a 3.5 gpa.. but after school i there was a casino allowed 18 and over a couple hours from house. in which i got bitten again..and if not the casino there were scratchers. is the feeling you get spending 5 and end up winning a couple thousands.. no
  5. Love
    OverRaz reacted to barbaris in How did you find stake & why do you like it?   
    I learned about Stake on the PrimeDice forum. I like Stake because it is unique and not like other sites. Stake is served by the best team of professionals and simply good responsive people. Here you can always find a lot of giveaways, streams, challenges and other. This is what distinguishes Stake from others.
  6. Haha
    OverRaz got a reaction from heisa in How did you find stake & why do you like it?   
    First things first, let's make this topic something special!
    How did you guys find stake, and what makes you play on it and like it?!
    How i found stake:
    Well, let me take you back to 8/2/2018 when i was surfing through youtube & looking at some gambling streams, i came across a dude where he was streaming on stake i saw him playing either mines or a different gamemode, not really sure!
    I liked the graphics alot, and the gamemode he was playing so i decided to hope on and make an account and played alot!
    What makes me like stake:
    Well.. this is an easy question! Basically everything, i love everything about stake. The graphics, the gamemodes, especially dice. It's by far the most fun gamemode to play, the sounds it makes everything.. It's just the best.
    What about you guys?
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