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  1. the birthday bonus gave me 60 xrp, which was the most I have ever gotten out of a coupon before and it didn't stay at 60 xrp. With plinko, yes you read it right, plinko I managed to get that 60 to about 5x it's original value so 300 xrp. with this I managed to get a pretty big wager going in the birthday race (over 20k xrp wagered) This is the most I have ever gotten out of a coupon ever.
  2. Coupon isn't working for me although I got 26th in the race and tweeted #Stake2ndBirthday
  3. My most memorable thing was getting into stake almost 2 years ago. I had barely ever gambled and was just getting into the whole crypto scene and they just popped up on my radar and I haven't quit since 🎂
  4. MINES: 7,663,236,897 placed by SirKappa3000 on 05/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000198 Multiplier 277.3269958496094x Profit 0.00054713
  5. I think suggest 2 is already implemented, but only after a week or month of not asking for rakeback. I do believe this will help limit interactions with the support staff, but I don't think they have a means of doing this yet in form of code etc. Hopefully someone like a moderator will see this post and give it some attention next time the big guys upstairs have a meeting
  6. https://puu.sh/DOAod/1cbc6128c8.png Here you go from me
  7. This is exactly how I feel as well about races and other giveaways. Thank you for sharing your point of view. All giveaways are extras for everyone to enjoy. It is about playing the game that is supposed to be fun
  8. I was just thinking this the other day and was wondering if it was my bad memory (might have been another game I was remembering) or if they actually removed the features. Thank you for sharing your insight in this and I second the suggestion to get us our rng back!
  9. Cool story bro, Next time when you're thinking of holding a marketing speech try and have an active and valued member of the community post it since people like myself will never take seriously accounts that have been created for the sole purpose of free advertising.. Good luck on yet another exchange, there are way too many to choose from anyways.
  10. ^this I agree with many others in this thread loans are the most horrible thing to take if you are gambling. I can name enough police series and films that have broken kneecaps in them because the guy couldn't return the loan he got for gambling. Loans are exactly as the guy above me said; for practical use only. Starting a business etc. I hope reading more and more comments about how bad it is to loan for the purpose of gambling will give you a sense of how wrong it is. Good luck with the debt and I sincerely hope you will be able to make a profit for your sake and the one you took the loan from.
  11. Yeah, the coupons they gave out had some pretty big xrp numbers in them which was great, but as with all casino's they need you to actually play with the credits they give you before you can cash out with them.
  12. I feel you man. This is a really interesting subject you brought up and I am in agreement with you that you should only get flames when you win big instead of lose big. I also think a good change to the whole flame thing would be if that particular balance would be 0 your flame is automatically disabled as you're no longer 'on fire' Great suggestion DarkBlood and I hope the devs/mods will see this post and think about the flame! 👍
  13. I think (but mostly hope) this'll be here shortly. I am very excited for any ventures Stake is going to give us! Hopefully it is going to include some strategic kind of nudge since I love to theorize about a good strategy