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  1. Yeah, I've tried to get some information on cloud mining as well, but exactly as Hui says. If they aren't scamming right now they will use the exit scam eventually, which sucks of course.
  2. In the forums I would say try to be as natural as possible. There are enough people here who post just to get the forum reward and that's never gonna be constructive in any way. In the casino I would say try out the games with small amounts, learning how to play and ultimately how you want to go about getting some profit You just have to figure out your own strategy, but there are enough posts on here which can help you find your way of playing the games.
  3. This is actually a good thing in my opinion since this way the site will always be in need of upgrades and the customer will always want more. This is how entertainment stays alive
  4. This is exactly what I would be going for. I'd prefer to get as close to 10x as possible, but when I get a 6/7/8 when I'm over 5x I just stop.
  5. Since there are so many other ways of getting tokens while playing, it is my opinion the faucet is a great way of getting a tiny bit of resources to be able to at least get into playing. If, however, they are ever going to reduce the amount of giveaways and other forms of income I believe the faucet should get back to what it used to be when I joined back in '17
  6. heh, oof. that's a rough one actually. I did one angry deposit and lost a whole lot of money (a few thousand) and have been slowly trying to build it back up with cashing out 110% of my deposits every time I reach it and it's been going steady (10 bucks a week). so I know not much, but it's a start ^^'
  7. oof, I have done this too many times... only small deposits to test out ofcourse, but it still sucks when nothing gets returned Last one was a few weeks when I put 14-15 dollars worth of btc into blackmining (I know it already sounds sketchy ^^") 2 weeks ago I tried to withdraw something from there and to no surprise I am still waiting for it
  8. Ripple is indeed confirmed to get on stake. More variation in currencies hopefully means a bigger playerbase, which will lead to more giveaways! I also completely agree with Darkblood069, this is the first coin that's actually gonna be easy to do some real value equations on!
  9. Amazing! I used the old one a hell of a lot and am eager to see a new one appear. Keep up the good work mate and give us a poke when you finish it! I would gladly test it for you
  10. My strategy is short betting streaks, changing games often and of course have luck on your side. But in all honesty the best thing you can do when you put down money for a casino is thinking you already lost it or paid it to have fun in the casino, that way you can play more relaxed and won't have a mental breakdown when you bust
  11. Welk since my employer has very high privacy standards I am not even allowed to have my phone in the workplace, so I would like to of I could but am unable to play while working 😢
  12. Thank you for notifying us of this and keep the upgrades coming guys! We love it!
  13. I believe it's an interesting piece you got there, but more of a hobbyist device for those who want to try out for themselves what the hype is all about. As you've said it will not be profitable in any way for a long long time, so I don't really know what their customer base will be like, but I don't believe it'll get much attention (I might be wrong of course) Thank you for posting this and helping me understand a little bit more of what is going on in the crypto world
  14. when you need to get through your post count and you can't find anything else to post at I, however, am delighted by some form of great representation of what to do when you hold certain cards! I love the detail and attention that was put into making this. Would you be willing to explain the difference between soft and hard, since the double up option seems to differentiate a lot between those two options.
  15. I really like the idea of using a playlist/song that is the exact length of the session you want to have. I don't really have that much time at once, so I spread it out over a day, so my strategy mostly comes down to playing an 'x' amount of bets or winning 'x' bets before I would stop. The one thing I do know is that you have got to tell yourself that every penny you put into stake or any sort of gambling is already gone, so you are not going to deal with anxieties and ragebets etc. I am certainly going to combine my strategy with the music one and thanks again for this quick peek inside your mind!