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  1. What was the highest x u ever hit on limbo? For me it was 50k it was telegram challenge and that limbo went up to 500kx xd but i was hunting 50kx for that telegram challenge What was your biggest multiplier on limbo and how much u won?
  2. What do you think, would it be possible that bitcoin one day drops to like 500$-1000$ ? And would u be sad about that or u just dont care about bitcoin and u love ETH or some other crypto? In my opinion Bitcoin cant really drop to that low amount, but anything is possible. And i would not be shocked if that would happen some day
  3. Have You or someone you know, ever thinked about suicide after busting HUGE AMOUNT of money? This is probably topic for highrollers, have anyone of u, ANYONE ever busted that much of money that u started thinking about suicide? This is serious topic because i know few ppl that had this problem with depression after busting like 1 bitcoin. So how did u defeat this stress and forgot about it?
  4. Wich crypto have u waggered the most? Like in ur stats, who is the most waggered crypto for u? For me its ETH And why u play with that crypto the most?
  5. We all prob play 2 or more gamemodes on stake. But wich gamemode u never play? Wich gamemode is less played gamemode for u? Gamemode that u would never play to hope to profit For me its Diamond poker and Video poker What about u?
  6. Doge coin..... The chepeast coin in stake, would u imagine that doge coin would get to like 1 coin - 0.1$? Imagine one day on stake u just withdraw some 10000 dogecoins and u are like ''Nice some 30$ right here'' and then next morning u wake up and see that dogecoin is something like 0.1$ per 1 coin? Tell me what would been ur reaction? Would u sell them as fast as u can or u would pray it goes even HIGHER? i would just sell it not gonna lie
  7. There is some coin that isnt popular right now, but i think that TemTum have pretty big chances, but the most chance i think is for ripple
  8. i just busted yesterday 1 eth, the feeling was so bad... for some time i was like ''fuck this whole shit, im gonna leave'' but then did some day break and got some fun and now dont get that big of depression, even tho still have it. Most of the time when i lose alot and get big depression i eat or fap haha
  9. What do you think about new type of telegram challenges? Normal user gets 3$ and like platinum gets 15$. Im fine with that, because free money is free money and i dont complain, but what u say?
  10. Yup, i made 0.0044 bitcoin to 2 eth , cashedout 1 but then lost 1 (not on stake) so it was really good atleast for me gl to u tho
  11. So as some people know i won eddies bday giveaway for 50$ pretty much, 0.0044 bitcoin. So today after like 2? idk like 2 days i made it to like 2 eth i got 400 euro thanks to eddie and stake! And plus with that money i waggered like 25 eth and finally become a bronze vip! My first time. This was one of the best days in crypto gambling for me . First time become Flame (highroller) like 5 times and profited over 1.5 eth from -0.4 eth on site! Thank you so much Stake, Support, Eddie, Moderators, Admins! ❤️ Raffe1324 ❤️
  12. There is no needins to rage, i wasnt spamming, im muted on stake atm, it was on eddies stream, he made nighbot gw. -.-
  13. Admins/mods u can delete this post if u want. But i would love to say HUGE THANKS to @Eddie and Stake.... You made my day, Thanks for the 0.0044 bitcoin giveaway win wich i made to 0.006 bitcoin wich i was really indeed after ripping 0.2 eth, (thats 0.31 eth what i won). Stake birthday was nice and it is Eddies party, stakes party but i got gift i feel so nice rn, and again Huge huge thanks to eddie and all his support command for making this site and for making theese giveaways and gifts to everyone who is part of this nice site named STAKE! ❤️ best of luck and love, Raffe1324 ❤️
  14. Dont remove private messages, i have alot of friends on stake with wich i only chat in stake while we are racing but if u remove the private messages i wont be able to chat with him anymore.... becuase he dont have discord/twitter or anything. So please keep the pm. I had like 2 times ppl sending me scam site links and im not that dumb to get scamed like this, if people really have brains they wont deposit on random site that random guy gave them