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  1. Seppuku ⚔ Ends: 07/12/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirements: Win a bet on Blue Samurai slots with at least 30x multiplier. Since this is a TIER challenge, users eligible for prize are the ones who post winning bet with at least 30x multiplier, but 3 users who hit highest multiplier are going to get much larger share of the prize pool. All bets are counted, with bonus spins or without them. You are allowed to edit your post, if you get higher multiplier thean previously posted one. Do not save your bets. If you get hi
  2. Hello there. This is promotion offered to certain users only, exact details will not be revealed here for security reasons but please read that e-mail with offer once again, where it is clearly stated that you can claim bonus "up to $50" which is totally correct and legit, as bonus is given in form of a Reload that can be claimed in 10 minutes period. The intention of marketing team nor Stake was to harm the bettors, I am sorry if you misunderstood what is stated in e-mail and how promotion works, as for a few months our monthly bonus was also given in form of a Reload, our users already
  3. Congrats to the winners, this was great hunt! Thanks to all of you who took part in this and contributed to our B-day celebration, I hope you all enjoyed. Now let's wait for other fun stuff to come, and spam that birthday command on chat.
  4. Congrats to the winners, all users who fulfilled all requirements are payed up, this is the list of site users who got the prize. All others are not eligible, thanks for participating ones again. Prize pool was equally shared among following users: fourPfive2 Raikage Rille07 Hilo20 ahmeddz cheesecakeytt limbo20 Ajelp JacksonPalmer wowa24 Dice2020 seanwattson williamshennie9 KevinS1994 Viksen lEscanore See ya all next time and take care!!!
  5. Day by Day 🌞 Hi, guys! 😎 Requirements for this challenge will be little more complicated then usual: almost every day I will update this topic with specific requirement that you should post about on Discord, screenshot the reply, and post here on forum. You need to edit your post, not make a new ones Day 1: Imagine that you work as Stake marketing manager, what new campaign would you design in order to bring new users to site? Original ideas only, crazy ideas will be accepted too Day 2: Give me an idea how the next Discord challenge should look like. Make sure to be cre
  6. What Goes Around - Comes Around 🚀 Ends: 25/05/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirement: Win the following bets on Limbo, with exact multiplier and in the exact order: 99x > 189x > 279x > 189x > 99x OR Win the following bets on Crash, with exact multiplier and in the exact order: 49x > 99x > 169x > 99x > 49x You are allowed to change seed, but I will mention once again, that bets need to be won in the exact order as listed above. Minimu m bet: 0.00000100 0.00003900 0.00004600
  7. Well lisinjo I always keep my promise, make an appeal after 3 years and we will consider to allow you to use chat, until you break rules again. Take care and best of luck. 🍀
  8. Hey guys, congrats to all winners, prizes are already distributed. To all of you who were asking in support why prizes are not equally distributed, answer is simple, only few of you answered on the correct requirement that I have asked here, all others missed the topic, since I was asking for complete layout redesign, not Stake logo, BUT who ever participated got a prize, I thought it is better to give you some small piece of prize as motivation to improve yourself in future challenges, then to give you nothing. If you think that's not fair, I do not know what is. Once again, thanks to a
  9. Exactly, am not telling am satisfied with this, but it seems that users are more comfortable with using software to draw then pencil and paper. Awards are shared equally to all users, I do not want to have first, second place etc based only on my judgement.
  10. Exactly what I was asking for. Redesigning the layout, moving elements or even adding new, or redesigning the old ones. Computer and software is not what I wanted, it will be accepted, but I prefer old school drawings. When I say layout, yes, of course it is Stake's home page. Criteria is already given, and it is simple, as long as user puts effort and time into developing idea for this, and then of course, transfers that idea on paper or makes some computer image, he will get the prize.
  11. It's time for Redesign! Hello and welcome to another Discord challenge! 😊 You know how every week some support member makes new topic about specific subject, then you write on Discord and get some BTC as a prize for that and so on? Well, I am not a fan of routine! Why shouldn't we try something different this time, I am going to kindly ask you to show your creativity in another way? I would like you to draw, and post it on Discord, how would you like to see Stake, I want you to draw new Stake layout, and use a few sentences to describe it a little better. Only quality draw
  12. Happy Easter, Stakers! 🐇 Ends: 20/04/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirements: Win a bet on Slots with at least 150x multiplier, as simple as that. *Note: If you wish to speed up the rolls, you can enable Instant bet, which you can find below the game's board. Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00003000 0.00004400 0.00017000 3.50000000 0.03700000 0.54000000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hi
  13. After a whole night without a sleep, and hard decisions he had to make...our judge Shinjo has brought us winners of this funny contest So, let's take a look: 1.Cheetz 2.maxpayne25 3.sugam And one more place because it was extra funny to Shinjo: 4.Thepug I hope I will manage to do more of these giveaways in the future with some similar creative topic, thanks to all of you once again.
  14. Spoiler: This is not a joke! Contest is real! 😇 Meme contest ends in: Greetings, Stakers! Since I guess pretty much all of us are in total or at least some kind of lockdown due to this situation happening lately, I decided to add some positive energy and I really hope you are going to help me. So, what's the deal? New Stake memes contest. There is no better way to stay positive and be in good mood then to laugh a bit. Or laugh a lot, depends how this contest works out. I encourage you to use as much as Stake related stuff to make funny memes and jokes - like chat, Rakeback,
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