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  1. We have all done stupid bets and bets which we wished that we never did, but that is gambling for you. You can’t a lot of money without risking anything (most of the time), meaning that those all in bets do come around and you either win or lose them. If you win them, then it just increases your bank roll. If you lose the bet, you end up learning a lesson and at least you had a bit of fun.
  2. I’m not playing in the mega race today. I recently went on a wagering mission and I was so close to getting gold VIP and I got it. This required many mega races and I think that I’ve had enough of them for a while I’m just going to have an extra 2 hours now and just enjoy the weekend, without worrying if I will get top 50 in the race
  3. Stake = ThePug Twitch = ThePugAddict *don't play slots this stream*
  4. I'm just using it to socialise with people, make improvements to the site and make a small side hustle with forum rewards and the challenges. I also like looking at what other people think and responding them is important to make a valid discussion
  5. Yeah I was thinking that there would be a couple people that have done that. I’m glad that you are looking out for multi accounts too, since cheating shouldn’t get you an advantage over others. Looking at it now though, it’s a bit optimistic to enter after 200 entries
  6. The prize goes to the first 100 posters, and people keep entering it even though the it is clear that already 100 people have won, as shown below So please, if any of you are amongst the people that posted after 100 people won, could you explain to me why you are still entering? Is it because you still think that you have a chance in winning, or you didn’t know that there were only 100 winners?
  7. I don’t care if there is or isn’t a chat room. As Faris already said, you can just close the chat by clicking the button that he has shown. I have seen people complaining before how just the presence of the chat room is creating lag for them, even if they don’t have the chat open. I’m not sure how true this is, but if this is the case, just keep it shut and there isn’t much that you can do
  8. Stake will end if the owners see a decline in profits and the site is no longer profitable. It would be a point where there are other sites that people are playing on and there is very small traffic to the site. At this point, they will shut down the site and you will be given a specified time to withdraw. OR The site keeps going for the future and it will never shut down. We will be playing here until we are 100 and we will keep having fun here
  9. There is no actual secret to winning. Deposit anything that you are will and able to lose, cross your fingers and hope that you win. Then, you need to cash out any major winnings and enjoy the money.
  10. They removed it because people were spamming in the chat, in order to get an entry in to the rain bot. This resulted in multi accounts and regular users couldn't get anything from the rain. Stake isn't a charity and people need to remember that. Any money that they give away is strategic and it should result in an overall increase in profits.
  11. He obviously didn’t wager that much on the account that he is using for the forum. Maybe, he just had an alt account on the site and he doesn’t want that one to be on the forum. I’ll be interested over how he’ll explain this too tbh
  12. I totally agree with you. The challenges come out daily and they aren’t fun for everyone. There are factors that mean that sometimes we can’t even attend the telegram challenge, such as being in work/going out somewhere. I know that there isn’t a lot that they can do for this, but the time that they do the challenge every day isn’t realistic and suitable for everyone. But, I just guess that people have to deal with this as there isn’t a lot that Stake can do about this. Also, the idea that only 10 people can win a day isn’t up to date and should be adjusted to the number of people participating in the challenges. I personally believe that it is nearly impossible to win a tele challenge these days, when so many people are taking part. I have seen some diversity with the questions, but the main reason why we aren’t getting any new ones is because most of them have already been put out. Due to the number of game modes on the site and the amount of telegram challenges that they have done, It was inevitable that this would happen. There is only a limited number of realistic challenges that they can put out.
  13. They did give a yearly bonus and it was over the Christmas period. They gave out a whopping total of $250,000 to players on the site, and it was spread out to all the players that had at least 1 raffle ticket. I got $10 from this and so did many other people. If you played on the site and wagered just $1k, you too would have had this bonus!