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  1. I’m just wondering if any of you guys can tell me, but do you get anything else for hooting Forum Hero. I know that you can get an additional signature, more forum posts and a logo next to your name in chat etc... But, are there any other perks that have not been publically disclosed? I know that there is a page that states what you actually get, but are there any other rewards that aren’t in that list?
  2. I remember going to an IRL casino before and I absolutely hated it. It was as though there were a tonne of cameras on you and everyone was trying to catch you out. This is why I only play online and I would never touch an IRL casino ever again.
  3. I have been told by some people on the site that gold vip is the rank to go for and rewards only improve from there. This is why I’m aiming for gold VIP by January
  4. Whenever I find that I am left with no more money on Stake, I find that going to the forum is a good way to make something back. Yes, my main incentive to make a forum post is to provoke a discussion and learn something for someone else. However, the earning aspect is a really good thing to have and I find that it makes me more loyal to stake. So, so you guys rely on the forum rewards if you lose your balance and do you like the current system that Stake have with it?
  5. I think that this would give strong competition to features like Dinabot. A 5% fee can be a lot of money and possible, Stake would decrease this profit margin, but make it most beneficial for the users on the site, as we get charged a lower amount.
  6. I think that bad seeds do actually exist, like the one that I am currently on. Sometimes, a good seed can simply just have high rolls and give you a nice amount of profit.
  7. As Christmas is approaching, do you guys think that you are going to be on Stake for the 25th December? Throughout the day, I think that I will hop on to the site, just to say Merry Christmas to everyone on the site and to any of the staff that are working. So, are you guys going to be on Stake on Christmas day? Or, will you be doing something else?
  8. It can either be your computer or your internet speed that is causing a problem. Since the site can be overwhelming with the animations on certain game modes, such as slots and mines, it may be too hard for your computer to process and handle. If the problem doesn’t go away, then maybe it is time for you to buy a new computer
  9. You need to move this post to the general chat section. It doesn’t seem to be anything about stake and is more of a general discussion about a little poem that you created. I’m sure that if you call Eddie and read him this poem, he’ll let you off this time
  10. I think that Stake like doing these rewards themselves and I can imagine that the hierarchy decide who the rewards go to. They know how much each staff member has worked and they will give it to the person not all on opinion, but fact e.g. average response time/ number of responses Who knows... Your views might actually be the actual rewards that are given out
  11. It was on crash, not limbo. *facepalm* 🤣
  12. I know othat stake code games on the site for mobile comparability first and then use it on desktop. This is what one of the mods told be before, when the developers were getting sports betting ready. I am happy with the current layout and I think that it is a lot better than many sites out there.
  13. This would be such a bad idea for the site. The sites that usually have these bonuses either require you to wager over 30x your balance, which can be impossible and stressful. Also, these sites usually have games with a ridiculously high house edge. I think that having rewards that aren’t based on your deposit is a lot better for both the customer and the site. After all, they would only be giving out money that they don’t have to, making it pointless.
  14. Ask support and they can permanently delete your account. Also, there is a software that you can use to stop yourself from accessing a site. It you google it, it has helped a lot of people quit gambling before wish you the best and good luck with leaving the site
  15. Well fixing bugs is always in their best interest, so getting a reward for it seems like a good deal for me I have stopped a few bugs before, but they are usually minor and are only effecting a small number of people. Whatever you found, it must have been worth it for them, since you got over $30 for it 😛